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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 315: Departure

After the Election, Botobai Gigante became the thirteenth Chairman of the hunter association.

The Vice-Chairman was still Pariston, and the former Chairman, Netero, officially retired.

At the Succession ceremony, Botobai Gigante declared that he will manage the association to the best of his ability and won’t disappoint everyone’s expectations.

The next day, most hunters were leaving, and at this time, Gon saw Ging again.

This is their second meeting and it wasn’t as awkward as the first one.

After Ging and Gon chatted casually, Gin asked Gon about his next plan.

Gon said that he will go train for the time being.

Ging nodded and expressed his support.

After that, Gon asked about Ging’s plan, Ging explained that he will visit new places on the dark continent.

Since he was talking about the dark continent, Ging explained that Gon needed four things to prepare before he can go there.

The first is the license, which was a special license issued by the V5.

Because, the Dark Continent isn’t a place can go as they please, they needed permission first.

Following that were the means, qualifications, and contracts which Ging didn’t explain.

Because the license wasn’t something easily obtained.

The conversation between Ging and Gon was head by Allan, who was interested and said to Ging: “When are you going to the Dark Continent? Remember to contact me before you go, I will come with you.”

Hearing this, Ging said: “No problem, you even eliminated the ant king, which shows your power.”

After that, Ging left.

Allan, Gon, and the others were going to part ways, before that, they each talked about their next destination and plans.

Kite said that he would continue his previous work and look for new biological creatures and prevent other Chimera Ants-like creatures from emerging.

After hearing this, Gon wanted to go along with Kite to train.

Kite agreed to this and decided to take Gon along.

Gon later asked Killua if wanted to join him, but Killua refused, saying: “I’m sorry, Gon, I have to go back home, I can’t accompany you to train for a while.”

Gon didn’t force this as Killua’s family was special.

Killua then added: “I will look for you and Kite when I’m done.”

Gon nodded then asked Leorio and Kurapika about what they will do next.

Leorio explained: “I have obtained a medical certificate and I’m a doctor now, I’m ready to help people and make a lot of money.”

Kurapika on the other hand said: “I will continue to trace my tribe’s eyes and look for Chrollo’s whereabouts.”

Allan then said: “If you want to find Chrollo or the Spiders, you can go to Meteor City, that is their hometown.”

“Meteor city, I will go there then,” Kurapika said.

“Allan, where are you going?” Gon asked.

Allan thought for a while before he said: “I’m going back to The Heaven’s Arena, because Killua’s brother, Kalluto is waiting for me there, I’m going to see him.”

Allan took Kalluto to The Heaven’s Arena to train, and it has been a while so he didn’t know what’s Kalluto’s situation now.

After that, Everyone went their separate ways.

The Heaven’s Arena was hundreds of Kilometers away from the hunter association, but Allan didn’t have to take any means of transportation, as he just casually teleported there in less than five minutes.

After arriving at The Heaven’s Arena, Allan directly went to look for Kalluto, but he didn’t find him there.

Allan directly contacted Zeno to see if Kalluto returned home, but he replied that Kalluto didn’t return and he couldn’t even contact him.

This made Allan anxious since he was the one who took Kalluto away.

He felt responsible for this, so he tried to search for Kalluto till one day, Allan was finally able to reach Kalluto’s phone.

Kalluto explained that he joined an organization and was training in that organization, so Allan didn’t need to worry.

Kalluto didn’t specify which organization he joined, but Allan guessed it was the Phantom Brigade.

It must be that Chrollo attracted Kalluto’s attention and made him curious about the Phantom brigade.

Since Kalluto said there is nothing to worry about, Allan didn’t intervene.

As long as the Phantom Brigade didn’t provoke him, Allan wouldn’t care about them.

After leaving The Heaven’s Arena, Allan decided to go to some restricted areas around the world.

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