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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 316: Gourmet Hunter

Time flew by and a year passed.

On a small island somewhere, a red-haired pig was being roasted on fire.

In front of the fire, a young man was staring at it waiting patiently to try this delicacy.

This young man was of course Allan, and next to him was a young woman.

This woman was short, wore a black transparent short sleeves top, and had a starfish-like hairstyle.

She of course wasn’t an ordinary woman, but a single-star gourmet hunter, Menchi.

One year ago, Allan and Gon went each their separate way, and two months ago while Allan was adventuring around, he met Menchi, who was looking for some exquisite food.

Menchi’s former partner was Buhara, but he died facing the Chimera Ants.

After that accident, Menchi didn’t look for a new partner and instead started journeying by herself.

After meeting Allan, Menchi felt that it was fate and invited him to join her in looking for delicacies.

Allan agreed to be Menchi’s temporary partner.

Menchi also felt safer with Allan around, since he was quite strong.

There is always danger around rare ingredients and exquisite animals, so bringing Allan along with guaranteed safety.

As for Allan, he was bored traveling alone, so he decided to join Menchi in her adventure to find food.

In fact, whether it was Allan or Menchi, adventuring alone would get boring and make them feel lonely sometimes, so they can share the joy of traveling when they are together.

In the past two months, Allan gained a new understanding of food.

For example, the red-haired pig that was being roasted was caught by him.

In the eyes of a gourmet hunter, this pig was a level one capture target, which meant that even ten strong men couldn’t capture it.

To capture it, you need ten hunters with powerful skills.

The habitat of the Red-haired pigs was generally the jungles, cliffs, canyons, and other places.

The meat was soft and juicy, it only needed to be grilled on the fire without adding anything. It’s a premium ingredient that can only be found in a five-star restaurant.

“Hey, Menchi, it has been roasting for more than an hour, can I eat now? I’m hungry already.”

Hearing Allan’s words, Menchi raised her head and said: “Not yet, the red-haired pig’s body is huge, it needs two hours to roast at least, you should bear it for now.”

“Okay, I will wait.”

In order to eat delicious meat, Allan could only hold back and wait.

During the two months with Menchi, Allan was spoilt too much and ordinary food can’t entice him anymore.

Only high-quality delicacy and satisfy him now.

The fragrant smell of the meat attracted many small animals.

After some time, Allan finally tore off a large piece from the Pig’s leg and ate it.

Menchi said: “The Red-haired pig is a high-quality ingredient, 100 grams of it can be sold for 80,000 Jenny. This Pig weighs at least 300 Kilograms, so it’s not affordable for most people and priceless in the market. We are lucky to find it on such an island.”

“Unexpectedly, the price of this pig is so high. It seems that I won’t have to worry about food following you.” Allan said.

“That’s for sure, as long as you follow me, you can eat delicacies 10 times better than this…” Menchi boasted.

“Being a gourmet hunter is really good. I think I will convert into one as well.” Allan said.

Hearing this, Menchi said: “If you want to eat delicious things by becoming a gourmet hunter, then it’s impossible to be an excellent one.”

Allan was puzzled: “What do you mean? Does it need other conditions?”

“Of course, if you want to be Gourmet Hunter, you must have enough knowledge of the ingredients and have decent cooking techniques. If you just want to eat, that’s not Gourmet hunter.”

“I understand. Although I don’t know most of the ingredients, I will study hard to be an excellent gourmet hunter.”

Seeing that Allan was enlightened, Menchi patted his shoulder and said: “Just follow me, you will be a great gourmet hunter just doing that.”

Allan nodded. Menchi was a single-star gourmet hunter and is an expert.

He would learn a lot about food by just following her.

Half an hour later, the red-Haired pig was eaten by Allan and Menchi.

Menchi said: “In fact, High-end ingredients are not only delicious, but they also have some effects that ordinary ingredients don’t.

For Example, some high-grade ingredients can enhance physical power, some of them can even prolong life.”

Allan was surprised: “Is it that magical?”

“It’s true, but those kinds of ingredients are very rare. You can’t find them easily and most of them are in highly dangerous areas.”

Allan curiously asked: “What do you mean? There are some areas with those kinds of ingredients?”

Menchi nodded: “Yes, I know some places that have those ingredients.”

“Where?” Allan asked curiously.

Menchi didn’t answer directly, but instead asked: “Allan, have you been to some places outside of the world’s map?”

Allan frowned and said: “Outside the map? Do you mean the dark continent?”

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