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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 318: Inviting Netero

Before setting off to Bilgai Desert, Allan thought of a person, so he suggested to Menchi: “Going to the outside world is a very risky thing, we don’t anything about those places.

If we get someone who traveled to the outside world before, it should be safer.

Hearing this, Menchi thought of someone.

The person she thought about is obviously the same one Allan thought about.

Because only a handful of people actually went outside the world and returned.

Isaac Netero, the former Chairman of the hunter association, was someone who traveled to the Dark Continent and returned back safely.

He is one of the few that knows the outside world.

Menchi looked at Allan and said: “Are you going to look for Chairman Netero to go with us?”

Allan smiled and nodded: “Chairman Netero is retired now, and he has all the time to adventure.

Since he doesn’t have anything to do, I think he is currently very bored.

So, we might as well invite him to go with us.

Furthermore, Chairman Netero is someone who returned safely from the Dark Continent. He should know about the other places better than we do.

I also think the chairman Netero wants to see the outside world again, so let’s take this opportunity to invite him. He should agree.”

Menchi thought for a while and agreed with Allan. If it was someone else, she wouldn’t agree, but it is Netero, he would be of great help.

“Okay.” This meant that it is up to you to convince him.

“Rest assured, Chairman Netero will agree.”

If it was someone else, Allan wouldn’t dare guarantee this, but Netero will definitively agree.

Netero owed him his life since he saved him using the Senzu Bean.

Furthermore, Netero appreciated and admired Allan’s strength.

Allan contacted Netero and the call was quickly connected.

Netero was curious and surprised by Allan’s call.

Because he knew that Allan wouldn’t just call to ask about his situation, and there must be something important for the call.

Through the conversation, Allan learned that Netero is living a secluded life alone deep in a mountain.

Although life was plain, it was comfortable enough.

After talking about the situation briefly, Allan invited Netero.

Hearing that Allana and Menchi were going to the outside world, Netero said strangely: “Going to the Dark Continent is forbidden by the V5, even if you are a professional hunter, you can’t go without their permission. Furthermore, even if you want to go, I’m afraid you won’t know the route toward the dark continent.”

Facing Netero’s doubt, Allan smiled and said: “Chairman, you have misunderstood, we aren’t going to the dark continent, but to other continents in the outside world.”

“What, other continents?”

Hearing this, Netero was silent for a moment before he said: “It looks like you know a lot, you actually know about the other continents besides the dark continent.”

Hearing Netero’s answer, Allan was overjoyed. This meant that Netero knew about the other continents.

Netero thought for a few seconds before he said: “Well, I will meet with you first, then we will talk in detail.”

This way, Allan told Netero his current location and waited for him to come over.

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