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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 319: Netero’s Amazing Appetite

Three days later, on the same small island, Menchi and Allan were roasting a beast on the fire.

“It’s been three days, will Chairman Netero really come? Did he stand us up? That old man!”

While cutting off a piece of the Beast’s leg, Menchi complained.

Allan on the side was much calmer.

“This place is very far and remote, even if he took an aircraft, it would take him two days and a half at least. If he is coming by boat, it will take several days. Just wait patiently and have some trust in chairman Netero.”

Menchi said: “I don’t have your patience, I will just wait another day, if he doesn’t come, I will ignore that smelly old man.”

“Okay, no problem.”

Allan was confident that Netero will come soon, so he agreed with Menchi to appease her.

At an altitude of several Kilometers, a huge bird was flying in the clouds.

On the back of the giant bird, two old men stood.

The first old man sat cross-legged on the head of the bird, looking down to the ground under the clouds.

The old man wore a blue and white Kimono, he had a thick beard like a goat and a ponytail. His earlobes were long and he seemed like a peaceful buddha.

The other old man stood on the back o the giant bird with his hand behind his back. Although his hair and beard were white, his eyes were sharp.

He was wearing a shirt that had the words one kill in a day, Never Retire.

“Well, Chairman, the island you’re talking about should be the one below.” Zeno reminded.

“Okay, let’s go down,” Netero said.

When the giant bird started descending, Allan and Menchi noticed it.

Allan had sharp eyes and directly noticed the two people on top of the bird, one was Isaac Netero, and the other was Zeno Zoldyck.

As the giant bird landed, both old men jumped off.

Allan and Menchi greeted them and the latter said: “Old man, you’re too slow.”

Netero scratched his head and smiled: “Sorry, Sorry!”

He knew Menchi’s temperament and that his tardiness will cause Menchi’s dissatisfaction. So he could only laugh it off.

At this moment, Allan said: “Chairman, Mr. Zeno, it’s been a long time since we last met.”

Netero glanced at Allan up and down before he said: “I haven’s seen you in a year and it seems like you’re still as energetic as before.”

Zeno asked: “I heard that you’re a gourmet hunter now?”

Allan nodded and said: “The pursuit of food is also a type of training.”

Zeno touched his beard and said: “Well, it’s good to be a gourmet hunter, but if you come to learn to be an assassin, it would be better.”

After chatting for a while, Allan turned to Netero and asked: “By the way, Chairman, why did you come with Mr. Zeno? Is he going with us?”

Hearing this, Zeno shook his head: “I’m an assassin, I can’t just go as I want I still have my family’s business and can’t travel far away Besides, this old man is not interested in the outside world”

Netero explained: “I just asked Zeno to bring me over because it’s more convenient than taking an aircraft”

“I see”

Allan glanced at the giant bird behind Zeno, it didn’t seem smaller than the guard dog of the zoldyck

At this time, Netero’s nose twitched as he sniffed: “It smells so good What are you guys cooking?”

“Red-haired pig” Allan said

Zeno said: “That’s a beast with a very harsh temperament, you actually eat it?”

Allan replied: “Although it’s fierce, it is also very delicious. It’s a very high-end ingredient.”

Zeno sniffed and said: “Well, it’s really fragrant.”

Netero asked: “Do you mind sharing some food with us two old men?”

“Enjoy yourselves.” Allan smiled lightly.

After eating so much of the red-haired pig, Allan and Menchi don’t find its meat attractive anymore.

But Netero was different, it was his first time eating this type of meat which directly hit the spot for him.

In less than ten minutes, most of the red-haired pig was eaten, leaving only its skeleton.

Zeno only ate a little bit.

Netero said: “This meat is really delicious.”

Netero ate faster than Allan and Menchi together even the latter was surprised: “Chairman, you eat too fast, and you have such a big appetite, you really opened my eyes.”

Netero laughed and said: “When I was young, I could eat more than this, my best record was eating ten wild boars.”

Allan and Menchi really admired Netero’s amazing appetite.

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