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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 40: Fighting Again

Allan recognized the voice and also knew who said those words. It was Uvogin’s voice.

Allan already expected a conflict with Uvogin from the start. Because of the battle on the Ship, Uvogin wouldn’t let it go.

And although Allan found it troublesome, he wasn’t afraid of fighting Uvogin at all.

If he backed down here, it means he will get eliminated.

His power improved slightly from when he fought Uvogin on the Ship, so even if he can’t beat Uvogin, he can survive without injuries.

Uvogin saw Allan’s calm look and directly released his Aura.

“Come, let’s fight again. This time, I will use my full power.” Uvogin showed a ferocious smile.

“Although you are strong, you can’t beat me by yourself.” As he said this, Allan looked at Chrollo and Pakunoda and said: “I suggest that your comrades help you here.”

Uvogin was arrogant, and even though Chrollo was his leader, he wouldn’t let anyone fight with him.

So, Allan’s suggestion seemed like an insult to him. And Allan was betting on this all along. He didn’t want Chrollo to join the fight, or else he didn’t have any chance to survive.

And he was right. As long as Pakunoda and Chrollo don’t interfere, he can deal with Uvogin.

At this moment, Uvogin’s punch was already in front of Allan.

With Allan’s recent experience, he dodged easily, and as soon as it landed on the ground, it exploded.

“What? You want to play hide and seek as you did on the Ship?” Uvogin failed to land a hit on Allan, but he wasn’t angry. Instead, he sneered at Allan.

He was implying that Allan was a coward that can’t face him head-on.

“Well, since you want to fight head-on, let do so.” Allan’s words made Uvogin smirk: “Huh, fighting me, head-on? Okay, I will beat you to a pulp then.”

“Humph!” Allan snorted coldly. He knew that Uvogin was strong, and he was nervous fighting him.

As soon as Uvogin started moving for the next punch, Allan already made an Icicle in his hand that directly collided with Uvogin’s fist.

In an instant, a shockwave brutally spread all around them, almost knocked down the other candidates.

Seeing this kind of fight made the other candidates shocked speechless.

Satotz didn’t stop the conflict at all. He just stood by the side like a bystander.

He glanced at the time and said: “I have no right to intervene in your fight, but I have to remind you that if one of you died because of a fight, then the other person will be eliminated no matter what.”

The implication was simple: if this is a life and death battle, then it didn’t matter if either of them won since elimination is certain for both of them.

This was not good for both of them, but for the others, it was great news.

If those two powerful candidates were eliminated, they would have a higher chance of passing the exam.

Allan and Uvogin, of course, knew this, but neither of them stopped fighting at all.

Upon seeing this, Satotz shook his head and said: “Listen well, everyone, we will pass through the forest to the second exam next. Whoever lags behind and doesn’t get there in time will be eliminated. Remember that well.”

At this time, the tunnel’s exist slowly closed.

Dozens of candidates who were still climbing were desperate as they saw the light at the end of the tunnel disappeared.

But no matter how much they cry or shout, they won’t make it in this exam.

At this time, Satotz started moving forward and leading the Candidates toward the second Exam location, Visca Forest Preserve.

In the blink of an eye, only a few people stayed behind. After all, even though Allan’s and Uvoging’s fight was worth watching, they were here for the Hunter Exam.

They didn’t want to miss this opportunity to see a mere fight between two people.

The people who stayed behind were Chrollo, Pakunoda, Hisoka, Illumi, Hanzo, Kurapika, Leorio, Gon, and Killua.

Allan and Uvogin were extensively focused even to look away.

Kurapika and Hanzo were both amazed by this fight, especially since they didn’t train in Nen.

Allan and Uvogin released their Aura without restrains.

The momentum alone made Kurapika terrified.

Allan helps half a meter-long icicle in his hands as he attacks Uvogin’s fists.

If this were a normal Icicle, it wouldn’t even withstand one hit from Uvogin, but he used Shu to strengthen it.

The collision between the two was akin to two angry beasts fighting for their territory.

At this time, Uvogin’s mind was really in turmoil. He felt Allan’s current power, which was much stronger than he was before.

The current Allan can face him head-on even though he isn’t an Enhancer.

“Did this guy hold back when we fought on the Ship? Impossible! This is impossible!”

Uvogin’s Aura erupted like a volcano as he decided to end this fight quickly.

Nen rushed to his fist as he prepared his most potent attack.

Allan’s eyes narrowed as he frowned. ‘You think I’d let you use your big bang impact that easily?’

Allan used most of his Aura to condense a five-meter-long ice pillar and threw it at Uvogin without holding anything back.

This blow can’t be underestimated at all, and Uvogin knew that.

“Damn it!”

Uvogin’s Big Bang Impact was interrupted by the ice pillar, which angered Uvogin much.

After a loud bang, the ice pillar burst open. Allan took advantage of the cold Aura in the air and directly used another original attack.

Ice Storm!

In a blink of an eye, Uvogin was frozen in the Ice.

Crack! Crack!

A moment later, Uvogin used hi Aura and broke through the Ice. His eyes held his wrath as he looked at Allan.

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