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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 41: Battle!

Allan frowned slightly. He didn’t expect Uvogin to free himself in less than three seconds.

His Nen was too strong.

“Hu~.” But apparently, it wasn’t easy for him to do so.

Uvogin breathed heavily. He forcefully broke the Ice, but the cold Aura already invaded his body.

Even if his body was more robust than steel, the low temperature caused some bodily functions damage.

The low temperature weakened his strength, speed, and reaction.

Seeing this, Allan clenched his hand, creating an Icicle, and launched an attack.

Uvogin instantly poured Nen into his fist and punched the Icicle.

As soon as he met the fist met the Icicle, the coldness penetrated Uvogin’s hand, directly moving toward his heart.

Uvogin was shocked and instantly used his Nen to drive away from the coldness.

Once again, Allan attacked.

Uvogin poured even more, Nen out to strengthen his body’s offense and defense.

As time went by, the onlookers each had a different thought.

“Are you a Transmuter?”

Allan slammed his Icicle once again at Uvogin and stayed silent.

The Aura around him turned into sharp Icicles and launched at Uvogin.

Uvogin coldly snorted and faced them with his fist.


The sharp Icicles shattered due to the impact.

“By changing the nature of Nen into Ice, the offense and defense improved a lot. The Ice can restrict the enemy’s movement, and forming projectiles, such as Icicles and spears…”

“So, are you scared?” Allan sneered and interrupted Uvogin.

“So, I will use my fist to destroy your Ice. No matter what shape it takes, it will break facing my fists.”

Allan laughed as he heard Uvogin’s words.

Indeed, Uvogin is strong; however, he wasn’t the strongest.

Allan’s palm radiated his cold Aura as the air’s moisture immediately condensed and turned into Ice crystals and blasted out toward Uvogin.

Uvogin readied his fists, and both hands punched toward the Crystals.

Shortly after, a strong wind erupted out of his fists and directly smashed hundreds of crystals.

“As I said, I will crush your Ice,” Uvogin said with triumph.

In the next second, his pupil contracted as a thick Icicle fell at him from the sky.

Under Allan’s controls, the Icicle fell on Uvogin’s head, causing a massive explosion.

After the dust and the small Ice crystals dispersed, revealing Uvogin whose blood fell on the ground.

Even though his body was as hard as steel, the last blow from Allan penetrated his defenses and injured him.

At this moment, Uvogin was standing motionless with a gloomy face.

It was like a behemoth about to lose control.

“This isn’t good.”

Allan felt Uvogin’s anger, and instantly looked at Gon and said urgently: “Gon, you should go. First, there is an exam going.”

Gon hesitated.

Killua felt that this fight was about to get dangerous even for bystanders, so he directly pulled Gon and said: “Let’s go, Gon. That guy named Allan is pretty good, so he should be able to deal with the big guy, so let’s keep up with the Examiner.”

“Well, Allan, be careful.” Although Gon wanted to stay, he knew that this was a one on one match between Allan and Uvogin, so he had no way of helping here.

Illumi saw Killua and Gon leave, so he quietly followed.

“Ah~, well, I will leave as well.”

Hisoka, who was a good friend with Illumi, naturally followed him.

Kurapika, Leorio, and Hanzo also took their leave when they saw the others leave.

After all, their purpose was to take the Hunter Exam, not watch this fight.

If the Examiner gets too far away, they will risk elimination.

But the main reason for their leave was the Aura Uvogin was radiating. They felt threatened, just staying there.

If they stay here, they will also get dragged into this fight.

And they knew very well that this wasn’t someone they could hope to fight.

“Chief, Pakunoda, you go ahead first as well,” Uvogin said while controlling his anger with incredible difficulty.

Chrollo didn’t say a thing. He just looked at Allan deeply, then took a step forward, and Pakunoda followed after him.

Seeing that everyone had left, Uvogin looked at Allan with a grim expression and said: “Okay, let’s see how you’re going to die? Will you be squashed like an ant, or will you be blown away without leaving a body behind?”

Allan coldly said: “Idiot!”

As a wise man, he didn’t want to fight Uvogin right now, and it’s meaningless to fight him now as well.

Uvogin wasn’t someone the current him could kill. So he knew his limit.

Besides, Allan angered him too much when he drew the first blood.

Therefore, Uvogin won’t give up with just beating him up now.

“I will kill you!”

Uvogin violently shouted as he punched at Allan, who was already highly alert. An ice wall rose and blocked Uvogin, but it couldn’t resist even a second before it shattered.

Allan instantly flashed forward and slashed with his Icicle at Uvogin.

Uvogin reacted quickly and sent a fist toward the Icicle shattering it, while Allan already expected this using Observation Haki and sent a kick at the unguarded chest of Uvogin.

Uvogin moved back a few steps.

“Come again!” Uvogin rubbed his chest, which was aching, and shouted.

A Crimson red aura enveloped him as he was ready to unleash everything he had.

“Idiot, I’m already one step ahead.”

Allan didn’t want to fight anymore, so he directly used Moon Walk, stepped over Uvogin’s head, and went toward the Forest.

With his current speed, it won’t be hard to catch the other candidates.

Uvogin gritted his teeth in anger, and although he was stronger than Allan, he couldn’t do anything to the latter when he was flying.

Allan was escaping, and he could do nothing about it.

He could only watch Allan bitterly as he left and give up.

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