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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 42: Mist

Allan walked in the air and quickly distanced himself from Uvogin. He quickly caught up with Gon and his group.

Gon and Killua were in the front, while Illumi and Hisoka were silently following them six or seven meters behind.

Behind them were Hanzo, Kurapika, and Leorio.

Chrollo and Pakunoda were at the end, and since Satotz and the other examiner were the first to move, they were some distance ahead of the rest.

Allan didn’t go down to meet Gon, but instead, he overtook him and directly went toward Satotz’s group.

Even though he was moving high up in the air, the Mist still followed. This fist was the most dangerous part of the Forest, because it’s full of traps.

All the creatures of this Forest use this Mist to ambush people.

Once you step in, you will be attacked. At this time, Satotz led the candidates into the thick fog, and instantly as he did, the systems gave him a choice.

[Ding! Please make a choice!]

[1: Take the opportunity to eliminate 50 candidates in the Forest. Reward: Mysterious Treasure Chest x 1]

[2: Kill 50 forest creatures and eliminate 50 candidates. Reward: Shunpo (Flash Steps)]

Flash Steps from the world of Bleach?

Allan’s eyes lit up. Flash Steps is more advanced than Soru.

Moreover, it was definitively better than relying on Nen to augment his speed.

As for the first option’s reward, Allan already had a Mysterious Treasure Chest that he still didn’t open yet.

Therefore, it’s natural that he chooses the second option.

His current target: Kill 50 Creature from the Forest, and Eliminate 50 candidates.


Allan suddenly heard a scream coming from the fog, he easily decerned the source of the scream.

They were the candidates who fell into the traps of the monsters in the Forest.

However, even when trapped, they could deal with it; after all, they weren’t average candidates at this point.

It wasn’t easy for the creatures to eat them.

Allan instantly used Observation Haki to increase his senses.

Whether it’s a monster or a candidate, no one can hide from him in ten meters radius.

Now, all he had to do was eliminating 50 candidates and killing 50 monsters.

One, two, three…

Allan started finishing monsters quickly. He will eliminate anything that enters his perception.

If it’s a monster, he will kill it. If it was a candidate, he would knock them out.

After all, no matter what, he couldn’t kill candidates. After all, he wasn’t someone who can kill innocent people.

If it were a quest from the system, he wouldn’t hesitate, but he wouldn’t do it since there is no need to kill.

For his goal, he wouldn’t spare any effort.

In just ten minutes, he killed 20 monsters and eliminated 30 candidates, and the number was still growing.

All of this was for the Flash Steps.


He knocked out another two candidates.

Suddenly, Allan felt the ground under him tremble, and in the next moment, a huge mouth emerged from the ground, trying to swallow him.

It was the Frog in Waiting!

Because it was too big and slow, this monster hides underground, waiting for anything to pass above it and directly swallow it.

But this time, it met Allan, who swung an Icicle at it killing it without mercy.

“Wow, help, can someone help me?”

Several meters away, a turtle was attacking an examinee.

This turtle had a few flowers on its back. When it meets a prey, it will directly open its mouth, swallow it, and then digest it slowly.

But in a flash, Allan flashed in front of the turtle, killing it in one swift attack.

“Thank you. You saved me.” The candidate who was rescued thanked Allan.

“You don’t need to. I’m not here to save you.”

Allan sneered and directly kicked the man knocking him out on the spot.

Fainting here is the same as being killed. The huge monsters here would love a prey like this one.

But Allan didn’t care; he had been merciful and only knocked him out, so if he lives or dies, it’s his fate.

The Candidates who were moving at the front noticed something strange. He soon concluded that besides monsters, there are candidates attacking others under the cover of the Mist.

‘This is too much! This is just pure evil,’ they thought.

‘They want to reduce the number of competitors’ others thought.

Although the Satotz noticed this, he didn’t care. After all, his task is to lead the candidates, not protecting them.

Right now, the Mist blocked their vision, and only those who reach the second Exam’s venue had a chance to be hunters. This is the harsh truth of the Exam; after all, everyone participating in this Exam should be ready to lay his life down from the start.

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