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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 81: Reward

The System’s notification suddenly echoed inside Allan’s head as soon as Pakunoda left.

[Ding! You attacked Pakunoda and successfully took her Badge. Reward: Black Sword Shusui!]

Suddenly, a black sword appeared in front of Allan out of thin air.

Shusui is one of the 21 O Wazamono swords, and he is one of the few black bladed swords.

This Sword was extremely tough. Even if a giant step on it, it won’t bend even a millimeter.

When Allan touched the Sword, a strange feeling spread through his body.

He first felt heaviness, but the Sword itself wasn’t heavy. The weight he felt was some kind of pressure released from the Sword.

Without a certain amount of power, it is impossible to wield a black sword.

The second feeling he got was life, not the from the Sword itself, but its existence.

Allan clearly felt that something was inside the Sword.

It was emitting a presence that didn’t belong to the Sword.

However, Shusui itself wasn’t an ordinary sword, so even if it had a sword spirit, it wouldn’t be surprising.

However, Shusui didn’t mean anything to Allan because even when he got a good sword, he didn’t know how to use it. He wasn’t a swordsman. To be able to use Shusui, he at least had to learn the Rhythm of All Things.

So, for now, Shusui was just a weapon in his possession.

With his Nen, he can make Icicles whenever he wanted after all.

Allan tried waving Shusui a few times, hoping to send a flying slash easily like Zoro.

‘Who am I kidding? This is the first time in my life that I held a sword, and I want to be like Zoro? Did Gon rub on me that much?’ Allan thought sarcastically before comforting himself.

He won’t become a master overnight.

Zoro started training from when he was a child in the Dojo after all.

“So, should I try to take the swordsman path?” Getting Shusui made Allan think about it.

If he wants to become a swordsman, then regular training won’t be enough.

Allan thought for a while and concluded that he needed a master swordsman to help him train, and with his knowledge, he could only think of two people that can be described as swordsmen.

The First one is Nobunaga from the Ryodan, and if we can consider Feitan Portor as a half swordsman and he is also a member of the Ryodan.

But even though they are swordsmen, they have no honor, which means they aren’t real swordsmen.

Allan decided to let it go. He doesn’t need to train as a swordsman.

For him, Shusui was just a weapon. It made no difference if he had it or other weapons.

Allan directly stored Shusui into his storage ring.

He will put it there until a time when he needs it.

At this time, another notification echoed in his head.

[Ding! You have scored five points before the time limit. Reward: Senzu Bean x1]

Senzu Bean

Origin: Dragon Ball World

Effect: Heal any kind of injury and restore stamina.

Special Reminder: If you eat this when you’re on the verge of death, you will be ‘resurrected.’ In other words, it can save you as long as you are still breathing.

Allan looked closely at the abilities of the Senzu bean and was quite satisfied with its power.

With a Senzu Bean, it was like having two lives.

Allan decided to cherish this Senzu Bean because he didn’t know when the System would give out another one.

Allan was in an excellent mood at the moment. He had the #118 Badge that Hisoka gave him, the #53 badge he took from Pokkle, the #18 that belonged to Pakunoda, and Killua’s Badge along with his own.

Now that he had Pakunoda’s Badge, his total points were enough to pass this part of the exam.

“Ano, Allan?” Allan suddenly heard someone calling out to him and turned around to see Pokkle.

“Why are you still here?”

Pokkle sweatdropped and said: “I want to go already, but Allan, you didn’t give me my badge as you promised yet.”

“Oh, I almost forgot about that.” Allan didn’t need the extra points as he already got the reward from the System, so he directly returned Pokkle’s Badge.

Pokkle directly thanked him and left.

He was hiding far away, observing the fight, and after seeing Allan’s power, he didn’t want to provoke him at all. He didn’t know Allan’s personality that well, so he wasn’t sure that Allan would return his Badge.

‘Oh, now that I think about it, what happened to Killua?’ Allan suddenly remembered Pakunoda’s words. Although he wasn’t that close to Killua, he can’t ignore him now.

“Let’s look for him.”

After using Observation Haki for a while, Allan felt something weak but alive, not far away.

“That should be Killua.”

Soon he found Killua lying upside down with blood over his mouth.

Fortunately, he wasn’t dead or heavily injured.

Allan admired this guy. He should’ve been the original protagonist instead of Gon.

“Do you want help?”

“No, I can handle this.”

Allan only asked as a courtesy anyway.

And he also knew that Killua didn’t accept help because he didn’t want to owe favors, just like his brother.

“By the way, what happened to that woman?” Killua asked as he sat up.



Looking at Killua’s surprise, Allan burst out laughing: “Just kidding. I didn’t kill her, just a few wounds here and there.”

Killua then asked instantly: “Then, you got her badge?”

“Yeah.” Allan nodded and threw a badge to Killua: “This is yours, right, she also gave it to me, but I don’t need it. You can have it back.”

Killua was surprised: “Is it okay to give it to me? After all, she took it away because I’m weak, and you took it from her because you’re stronger than her.”

“Don’t worry about the details.” Allan smiled: “I don’t have any need for it anyway. You’re not my target, so there is no point in having more points.”

Killua took his Badge and smiled bitterly before saying: “Okay, I will remember this favor.”

Like this, Killua owed Allan a favor because he knew that no matter how much he would’ve tried, he won’t be able to snatch his Badge back from Pakunoda. So, he had to accept.

“Well, maybe I will have something in the future that would require a professional Assassin.” Allan laughed.

Pakunoda already promised to take revenge on him, so he can’t let an opportunity to get the Zoldyck’s favor go to waste.

Of course, Allan didn’t fancy Killua’s favor, but the Zoldycks as a family, because Killua had his family behind him.

If he needed something and asked Killua, the latter would do almost anything to return the favor, even if it means to ask his father or grandfather for help.

Moreover, when Pakunoda left, she said she would come back to take the Badge from him, which means she planned to do it herself without involving the Ryodan.

If that was the case, Allan could sigh in relief because he would still be safe from the Ryodan.

Allan patted Killua on the shoulder as he threw all of those ideas to the back of his head: “Then, I will go find Gon first. You can find a place to rest.”

“I will go too,” Killua spoke.

Allan nodded: “I don’t mind, but is your injury okay?”

“It’s just a small matter.” Killua smiled.

But Allan could see that Killua was trying his best to endure the pain.

“You’re seriously injured, aren’t you? Find a place to take a rest. I will go to Gon by myself.” Allan said with concern.

Killua realized that Allan saw through him and nodded.

He took two badges and threw them at Alan: “I don’t need those badges, give them to Gon if he needs them.”

Allan didn’t say anything. He just accepted them and said: “Well, I will tell Gon that you’re the one who gifted those two badges then.”

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