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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 82: Kurta Clan’s Survivor

Killua gave Allan two badges, one was Amori’s, and the other was Umori’s.

As for Imori’s badge, it was his target, so he kept it for himself. With this, Killua had six points and can pass this phase of the Exam.

However, there are still three days and a half left before the end of this phase.

During this time, no one is guaranteed to pass the Exam.

Furthermore, Killua suffered a gunshot wound and a few fractured ribs, which is why Allan suggested that he should take a rest and tend to his injuries.

On the other hand, with the badges he had now, Allan accumulated 9 points, so he planned on giving Gon the extra three points he had if Gon couldn’t take his target’s badge.

Although Allan didn’t know who Gon’s target was, he believed that Gon could keep his badge.

This way, as long as Allan gives him the extra three points, Gon would pass this Phase of the Exam.

However, the most challenging thing now is finding Gon on this island.

If he were lucky, he would need half a day.

If he wasn’t lucky, he might not find him till this phase ends.

“I hope I can find him before this test ends.”

Time passed, and the last day of the test arrived.

There were less than 8 hours left before the end of this test. However, Allan still wandered around the island. He was moving for about three days without finding Gon, which made him worried.

“Did something happen to on?”

Although he didn’t want to believe this speculation, he still couldn’t deny the possibility of that happening.

After all, Gon was the same Gon from the show; there are a few things that weren’t the same as the show as the plot deviated from Allan’s interaction.

At this time, about ten kilometers away from Allan, a blond young man was running through the forest as a fierce man was rushing toward him.

No matter how fast or agile he moved, the man behind him was getting closer.

Everyone should’ve guessed already, Uvogin was chasing after Kurapika.

Suddenly, Uvogin leaped ahead of Kurapika and blocked his path. Kurapika coldly looked at Uvogin and said: “Why are you attacking me?”

“Well, I’m here to hunt you. Of course, I will attack you. By the way, my name is Uvogin. If you beg for mercy, I might let you go!” Uvogin grinned like a beast.

“I’m not interested in knowing your name.” The blond said coldly.

Uvogin sneered: “Before I attack, let me confirm, you’re Kurapika, candidate #404, right?”

Although he didn’t know where that guy heard about him, there is no denying it at this point.

Uvogin grinned as Kurapika stayed silent: “Hey, are you afraid?”

“Damn it!” Kurapika took a fighting stance facing Uvogin. This was the greatest challenge he encountered so far.

He already obtained the six points needed to pass this test. If no trouble found him in the last hours, he would have passed this test, but Uvogin intervened.

He already saw the fight between Uvogin and Allan, so he directly turned around and ran as soon as he saw Uvogin.

However, he underestimated Uvogin’s determination, as the latter eventually caught up.

He was fortunate enough to witness Allan and Uvogin’s fight and knew very well that no matter what he does, he won’t be able to fight against Uvogin.

But now, there was nothing else he can do except fighting Uvogin.

But Uvogin was like a beast playing around with its prey.

“I will let you escape for ten seconds and then start attacking. How about that? I’m very compassionate, aren’t I?”

Uvogin started to count, and at that moment, Kurapika realized that this would be his last opportunity to escape.

He started running without hesitation, which made Uvogin touch the back of his head and mutter: “What the hell, he run away?”

But Uvogin didn’t catch up and just waited for ten seconds.

“I remember the Kurta clan weren’t so easily scared; this kid seems like a wimp.”

Uvogin looked at Kurapika running away with disdain…

He remembered when they slaughtered that clan. No one ran away even after knowing they would die in the end. They all chose to defend the tribe with their lives.

Although they died in the end, the way, they fought left a good impression on him.

However, Kurapika didn’t hesitate to escape just now, which made the Kurta Clan’s heroism in his eyes diminish greatly.

“Did the leader make a mistake? Is this kid a survivor of the Kurta Clan? He doesn’t have many similarities to those red-eyed people.”

Initially, when he gave Kurapika ten seconds to escape, he expected him to feel humiliated and angry, which will make him rush forward and get beaten to death.

But Kurapika ran away without hesitation.

Uvogin didn’t plan on letting him go, and as soon as ten seconds passed, Uvogin followed after him quickly.

Because Kurapika running away made Uvogin want to torture him even more.

Kurapika was the only remaining member of the Kurta clan. His only goal in life after that day was to avenge his family.

After investigating for some time, he found out that the ones who murdered his clan were the Gen’ei Ryodan.

So he started to train and train, and after five years, his body was healthy, while he didn’t have any excess muscles to hinder his movement.

In those ten seconds, Kurapika ran 500 meters in one breath, which gave him some hope.

“If I can pull the distance, even more, I will be able to get away and find somewhere to hide. I must pass this test; I must not give my badge away.”

Kurapika suddenly noticed someone approaching him fast.

He couldn’t help glancing back, only to see Uvogin almost right behind him, there were about 20 meters between them, and the distance was gradually shrinking.

“Damnit!” Kurapika cursed as he ran as hard as he can.

“You’re quite fast.”

Uvogin said with excitement.

In his eyes, Kurapika was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, and when that lamb run away, it made the hunter very excited…

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