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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 83: Death Road

After ten minutes, Kurapika stopped running. A fifty meters cliff appeared in front of him, leading directly toward the sea.

Although he won’t die if he jumps down, he will be seriously injured.

His last option now is to fight against Uvogin, as jumping down was his last resort.

“It seems that you’re out of luck.”

Uvogin stood eight meters behind Kurapika with a sneer on his face as he looked at the latter playfully.

Kurapika looked at Uvogin vigilantly.

“If you have given me your badge honestly, I would’ve let you go, but it won’t be easy now.”

Uvogin said excitedly.

Although his goal was getting the badge, he is more interested in hunting others as he was a sadistic bastard.

With Kurapika hitting a dead end, Uvogin was looking forward to the former’s reaction.

Will he jump down the cliff, Surrender, or fight back?

Kurapika gazed at Uvogin coldly and understood that he was crazy.

When encountering those types of psychopaths, showing weakness can guarantee your death.

There is just one way out, and it’s fighting back.

“Although he looks strong, I didn’t train those past few years to die easily. I endured what normal people can’t imagine, to reach where I’m now.”

Seeing Kurapika taking a fighting stance, Uvogin was surprised: “Weren’t you running just now? Are you going to fight because I drove you to a dead end? You’re weak.

You can’t defeat me, so just give up and kneel, beg for mercy, and I will let you go.”

Uvogin looked at Kurapika in contempt, which made him angry.

“Who do you think you are? I’m not weak. What I have to endure is something that you can’t even imagine.”

Kurapika pulled out two blades from under his clothes and clenched them tightly.

“I will let you see if I’m weak or not, you bastard.”

Kurapika rushed forward with swords in hand before slashing at Uvogin fiercely.

“Good power.”

Uvogin showed a slight approval, but he still didn’t make any movement as if he looked down on Kurapika’s attack.

When the blade made contact with Uvogin’s shoulder, Kurapika felt that he struck a steel plate.

Kurapika was taken aback because his full power attack couldn’t even scratch his opponent’s skin.

Instead of hurting his opponent, his hand felt numb from the impact instead.

His blade cracked before breaking in half.

“What the hell is this guy?” Kurapika was shocked and quite shaken by Uvogin’s power.

He thought that even if he can’t deal with his opponent, at least he can trade some injuries.

However, he was naïve. He overestimated his power and underestimated his foe.

Uvogin’s body was as strong as a steel wall. It was almost invulnerable.

“Is this your power? just so so.”

Facing someone like Uvogin, Kurapika started doubting everything he experienced and the result of his training.

Uvogin grinned as he raised his fist and slammed it at Kurapika.

“Try not to die. If this punch hits you, your dead.” Uvogin grinned as he bought his fist down at Kurapika, who was terrified now.


At the last second, Kurapika managed to retreat and avoid Uvogin’s punch.

The fist slammed on the stop he was at before, and the ground split open like a spider web of cracks spread on the rocky surface.

Kurapika regained his balance as he sighed in relief.

However, he didn’t relax. Uvogin was too strong. He wasn’t a match for this monster.

‘I used all my power in my attack, but he didn’t even raise a hand to block, and when he randomly punched me, I could’ve died.’ Kurapika realized the gap between their strength.

Kurapika tried looking for a path he can escape from, but he could only think of the cliff behind him.

But if he jumps down, he wasn’t sure he could survive the fall.

Jumping down was his last choice.

Kurapika clenched his fists before he remembered his revenge.

“You’re seeking revenge,” Uvogin said suddenly.

“What?” Kurapika looked at Uvogin in surprise as he wondered how the latter knew this.

He never told anyone about his origin, but Uvogin knew about his secret.

This guy knows about his origin and the Kurta Clan massacre. That is the only explanation.

“Who are you?”

Uvogin moved his index as he provoked Kurapika: “If you want to know, come defeat me.”

“Damn it!! This guy definitively knows something.”

Kurapika finally drew another weapon from his clothes.

“I have one chance to succeed. If he let me attack like before as the first time, I should be able to pull this off.”

Kurapika took a deep breath and launched himself toward Uvogin.

He swung the new weapon at Uvogin with all his might.

As Kurapika expected and hoped, Uvogin ignored his attack. However, when the dagger was about to hit him, he sent a backhanded punch at Kurapika’s head.

Kurapika avoided this punch in the last possible moment, as it was about to blow his head off.

At the same time, Kurapika swung his dagger and slashed Uvogin’s arm fiercely.

When he succeeded in his attack, Uvogin once again attacked.

Kurapika couldn’t dodge the second punch, and in desperation, he placed his hands in front of him and blocked with all his might.

The power behind the punch blasted Kurapika away toward the cliff. Fortunately, he stopped before falling.

Uvogin ignored Kurapika as he looked at the three-centimeter cut on his arm and frowned: “You scratched me? That dagger is sharp.”

“You reap what you sow. You shouldn’t have allowed me to attack you.” Kurapika stared at Uvogin coldly.

“Huh?” Uvogin was surprised that Kurapika was able to get up: “After receiving my punch, you can stand up? You definitively surprise me there. However, I guess your hands are currently useless, at least for some time.”

Indeed, Kurapika blocked Uvogin’s attack with his hands, which broke them.

He couldn’t even move his hands right now.

However, Kurapika didn’t care at all, as he sneered at Uvogin.

“Although my hands are temporarily useless, I achieved my goal.”


Uvogin frowned.

In the next second, Uvogin felt numbness spreading all over his body.

“What?” his complexion changed slightly as he suddenly realized: “So, you coated your dagger in Anesthetic.”

Kurapika sneered: “It seems the effect has finally kicked in. I have to say. Your body is too strong. It took more than ten seconds for you to feel numb.

Fortunately, you’re an arrogant guy. If you attacked me before, then you most probably would’ve killed me. Contempt is the most stupid act you can do when facing an unknown opponent.”

“What the hell are you talking about, don’t underestimate me. Some Anesthetic can’t affect me…”

Before he could finish speaking, Uvogin knelt on the ground with a bang as he put his hand on the ground.

Kurapika sneered: “Do you think that the Anesthetic I used was just a normal one? It was extracted from the Black Queen Bee’s sting, an endangered species with a super Anesthetic. 0.5 gram of it can render an elephant unconscious in seconds, and I put five grams on the dagger. It’s enough to put down dozens of elephants.

Even if your body is strong, you can’t be immune to it.

In another half a minute, you won’t be able to move at all.

“Bastard!” Uvogin started feeling numb all over his body and realized that Kurapika wasn’t exaggerating.

Thinking that his body would be unable to move just because of a three centimeters scratch on his skin made Uvogin almost boil in anger and shame.

“I will kill you.” Uvogin glazed at Kurapika as he roared viciously.

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