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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 84: Anger

Unfortunately for Uvogin, the Anesthetic was beyond his imagination.

He was losing all feeling in his body quickly. As time went by, most of Uvogin’s body lost the power to move.

He couldn’t move and attack Kurapika, but he refused to let him go like that.

“Don’t… Think… You… Can… Get… Away…” It was extremely difficult for him to open his mouth.

“What a terrifying guy! He can still talk, what a monster!” Kurapika frowned as he stared at Uvogin coldly.

“However, no matter how strong his body is, he won’t be able to stay up for long. The effect of the Anesthetic will get stronger as time pass. As long as he loses consciousness, I can leave.”

At this time, Uvogin raised his left hand and clenched his fist.

A large amount of Nen concentrated on his hand. Even though he can’t move his body, he can control his Nen easily.

He injected a large amount of Nen into his hand that could barely move.

Kurapika’s expression changed as he felt the sudden change in the atmosphere,

Although he didn’t learn Nen yet, he can feel the terrifying energy Uvogin emanates from his body.

“If I’m hit with that attack, I will definitively die. I need to get away from here.” Kurapika became anxious.

“However, I’m at least seven or eight meters away from him. He can’t attack me from this distance with his paralyzed body. In other words, he is aiming at the ground to throw me off the cliff?”

Kurapika instantly wanted to get away from the cliff, but Uvogin was on his way and will attack him as soon as he gets closer.

At this moment, Uvogin already brought his fist down.

“I won’t let you run! Take my Big Bang Impact!” Uvogin thought.

Uvogin poured at least 20,000 Nen point in that Big Bang Impact.

Instantly, the ground was destroyed. The impact threw Kurapika into the air and toward the sea, fifty meters down.

“Damn it! Is this how it ends? I will probably die after I fall into the sea.”

At this moment, something moved from the Forest and attached itself to Kurapika’s clothes before yanking him back toward the ground.

But he already fainted due to the shock from the Big Bang Impact.

When Kurapika woke up, he found himself lying on the grass inside the Forest.

“What happened?”

As he slowly opened his eyes, Kurapika saw a Hedgehog hair wearing green clothes and holding a fishing rod.


Gon nodded: “Kurapika, you’re finally awake.”

“You saved me?” Kurapika couldn’t believe this.

Gon nodded again: “Well when you fell off the cliff, I caught you using my fishing hook and pulled you back the same way I pull a fish.”

“So, that’s what happened,” Kurapika remembered falling toward his doom before feeling something pulling him back. He definitively didn’t expect a fishing hook to save his life.

Kurapika thought for a bit before asking: “By the way, Gon, how long was I out?”

“About four hours. It’s 2 Pm.”

“That long huh…” Kurapika murmured.

He knew that it was due to Uvogin’s attack, but not to that extent.

“What kind of power was that? How can a human have such power?” Even though he was rescued, he was still afraid of such power.

“That’s Nen.” Gon answered, even though Kurapika was muttering to himself.

Kurapika was taken aback: “How do you know that, Gon?”

“Because I learned Nen, although I’m considered just a beginner.” Gon replied honestly.

Kurapika frowned and said: “Gon, I didn’t think you were that strong. Can I ask you what is Nen?”

“Hmm…” Gon thought for a bit before he touched the back of his head and said: “Nen is just the life energy we have inside our bodies. When we learn how to harness it, we call that Nen.”

Kurapika understood the main point: “So it’s life energy? This means that everyone can learn it, right?”

“Well, yes, but I don’t know too much because I haven’t been training for long.” Gon looked down as he felt slightly ashamed about his inability to help.

Kurapika smiled: “Gon, you’re really amazing, you are younger than me, but still much strong. I’m envious of you.”

“Hehehe, do you want to learn Nen, Kurapika?” Gon smiled.

Kurapika clenched his fist unconsciously: “Well, if I have a choice, I would like to learn because I need to avenge my family.”

“Well, after the Hunter Exam is over, you can ask Allan to teach you.” Gon said.

“Allan? Is he the one that participated in the exam with you?”

“Yeah, you should already know him.”

“I have an impression. Although I didn’t talk to him, he seemed quite strong.” Kurapika answered.

“Allan is great.” Gon exclaimed.

“So, Gon, you learned Nen from Allan?”

Kurapika asked curiously.

“Yes.” Gon nodded vigorously.

“So, if I asked Allan, will he teach me?” Kurapika asked.

Gon thought for a while then said: “I think he would because Allan is a good guy. As long as you become his friend, he will teach you unconditionally.”

“Just become his friend…” Kurapika smiled and said: “I can rest assured after hearing your words, Gon. I will ask Allan after the exam. Let’s keep quiet for the time being.”

“Okay, no problem.” Gon gave him a thumbs up.

Suddenly, Kurapika realized that his arms were bandaged.

“Gon, did you do this for me?”

Gon nodded: “Yeah, I have set them back in their place, used some herbs I picked nearby to heal them, and then bandaged them. It shouldn’t be a big problem anymore. But you can’t move yet. You should rest for some time.”

Kurapika was grateful: “Thanks a lot for your help, Gon.”

“Hehehe, don’t worry, we’re friends.” Gon waved his hand shyly as he wasn’t used to anyone thanking him.

“By the way, Gon, why were you there?” Kurapika asked.

Gon didn’t hide anything from Kurapika. He told him about Uvoign being his target and how he followed him secretly for days but couldn’t attack since he knew that he wasn’t Uvogin’s match.

“When I found that you were his target, I knew that my opportunity is coming. So, I waited in the Forest.”

Gon then apologized: “I’m sorry, Kurapika. I didn’t come out to help you instantly.”

“It’s okay, Gon. That guy is too strong. Even if you came out, the two of us wouldn’t have any chance against him. Hiding in the Forest and waiting for an opportunity is the best choice. You helped me in the end, and that’s what matters.” Kurapika smiled.

Gon shyly touched the back of his head and said: “You’re welcome. We are friends, after all.”

“Gon, did you take that guy’s badge?” Kurapika asked.

Gon nodded: When you were attacking him, I used my fishing rod to steal his badge from his chest.”

“That’s good then, Gon. You can pass this Phase of the Exam now.” Kurapika sighed in relief.

Gon said: “There are still four hours before the test is over. We should wait till then.”

Kurapika frowned at this moment: “I don’t think Uvogin would give up easily. That guy is a maniac.”

Gon smiled and said: “It’s okay, as long as he meets Allan, Uvogin won’t be able to do anything to us.”

However, as soon as Gon’s voice fell, both heard a roar not far away.

The Roar was full of anger, which made their expression change.

“It’s Uvogin.” Gon said.

“How is that possible? Did he recover from the Anesthetic that fast?” Kurapika was surprised: “That is a super Anesthetic, you know, I can make dozens of elephants sleep for hours, one a few hours passed and he already recovered?”

“Kurapika, although your Anesthetic is strong, a guy like Uvogin won’t be affected by it for long. His will power is extreme, and his body is above that of a human, and an Anesthetic can’t affect him for long.”

Sure enough, just as Gon said, after the roar, the astonishing aura was approaching them.

At this moment, Uvogin was extremely angry. He woke up and realized that someone snatched his badge.

He was already angry when Kurapika tricked him and paralyzed him, but now, he was dead furious.

“A$$holes, you dare to snatch my badge and escape. No matter who you are, I will find you, and I will kill you.”

Although Uvogin didn’t see who took his badge, he sensed Gon in the Forest.

“There are two presences in the forest, one is the Kurta’s Survivor, and the other should be the one who took my badge.”

Feeling Gon and Kurapika’s presence, a cruel smile appeared on Uvogin’s face.

At this moment, Allan, who was looking for Gon, felt Uvogin’s Aura.

“That’s Uvogin, and he seems angry. I will go take a look.”

Allan immediately turned around and went toward Uvogin. He already fought him three times and was very familiar with his aura and presence.

“That guy is as violent as ever. I don’t know who angered him this time.”

On the other side, Gon and Kurapika were hiding as best as possible, but Uvogin was still getting closer.

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