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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 85: Chase

Feeling Uvogin approaching, Gon looked at Kurapika: “Kurapika, hide here. I will go and lead him away. You take that opportunity to slip away.”

Kurapika flatly refused: “Gon, I won’t leave you behind.”

“Kurapika, you’re injured. If Uvogin finds you, he will definitively kill you.” Gon explained.

Kurapika had nothing to refute. Indeed, he was useless right now. Even if he stays, he can’t fight Uvogin and will drag Gon back.

“But, Gon, this is too risky. If you become the bait, Uvogin will kill you.” Kurapika said worriedly.

Kurapika knew how strong Uvogin was. Gon won’t be able to fight him.

“Don’t worry, Kurapika.” Gon looked at him with confidence: “Although he is powerful, I was raised in a forest, and no one can find me inside.”

“Well, Gon, please be safe.” Kurapika knew that Gon won’t change his mind no matter what and could only pray he will be safe.

He was slightly hopeful that Gon could get away from Uvogin.

“Cool, I will go out now and lead him away. You need to go as far as you can.” Gon stood up and got ready.

Kurapika lowered his head and said: “I know, I won’t run away. I will find Allan. He’s your friend, so he will come to help you.”

“I don’t know where Allan is, but if you can’t find him, then you should hide and wait till this phase ends.”

“Don’t worry, but Gon, please be careful and avoid going head-on against Uvogin.”

Gon nodded before rushing out from the bushes.

When Uvogin saw Gon rushing out, he shouted: “Little kid, so it was you.”

Uvogin was slightly stunned before shouting again: “You took away my badge when that kid drugged me, right?”

“Well, yeah, I did.”

Gon took out Uvogin’s badge from his pocket and showed it to him.

“Damnit! You dared to take what is mine.” Uvogin growled.

“Now, even if you give it back to me, I won’t let you go.”

“Who said anything about giving it back to you? I just wanted to let you know that I have it.”

After saying this, Gon provoked Uvogin by sticking his tongue out before running away into the forest.

Uvogin was about to chase him, but Suddenly, he stopped and glanced at the bushes: “Don’t think that you can hide there. I know that the kid is trying to lure me away; however, he succeeded in angering me. You can wait for me to come back and kill you after killing that kid. You just wait in fear, Kurta Tribe’s Survivor.”

Uvogin directly started moving toward Gon at full speed.

Kurapika clenched his fist and thought: ‘If that’s the case, I don’t have to run. I must find Allan instead. Otherwise, Gon will die.’

Kurapika instantly moved, but to his surprise, he saw Allan appear in front of him.

Allan was following Uvogin’s aura and happened to stumble on Kurapika.

Kurapika never thought it would be that easy to find Allan.

Allan looked at Kurapika in surprise. ‘Was Uvogin chasing Kurapika?’

However, he quickly denied that suspicion as Uvogin was going further away from here, which meant that he was chasing someone else.

At this moment, Kurapika reacted and stepped forward: “Hello, although we never met before, I’m Gon’s friend, my name is Kurapika.”

Although he didn’t expect Kurapika to take the initiative to greet him, Allan nodded politely, and replied: “Well, I know you, Kurapika, you also should know my name, so I won’t need to say anything.”

“So, what happened?” Allan asked.

“Gon is in danger. To help me get away, he led Uvogin away. Uvogin is now chasing him. I was about to look for you. Please help Gon.”

Allan frowned, ‘so Gon was the one being chased by Uvogin?!’

Allan couldn’t feel Gon’s presence because Uvogin’s presence covered up the entire place.

As Allan was ready to move to help Gon since he was in danger, the System gave him two choices.

[Ding! Please Choose an option.]

[1: Agree to Kurapika’s request and rescue Gon. Reward: One Sword Style Swordsmanship (Novice)]

[2: Reject Kurapika’s request, Ignore Gon’s life. Reward: Increase amount of Nen by 10,000 points.]

(T/N: Either the Author changed his mind about Mental strength, or it is another attribute that can increase Nen.)

The second reward was more attractive to Allan, but he won’t ignore Gon’s life.

Sacrificing a friend’s life for the sake of profit isn’t his thing. He isn’t a scumbag.

Allan immediately said: “I’m going to find Gon now, don’t worry.”

“Thank you,” Kurapika said gratefully.

“Don’t thank me, Gon is my friend, and it’s natural for me to save him if I can. And I made a promise to keep him safe.”

After saying this, Allan directly rushed forward in the direction of Uvogin’s aura.

‘I must save Gon.’

‘I promised Mito to keep him safe, and I won’t forget that Gon was my first friend in this world and also my benefactor who took me in when I had nothing.’

Gon was rushing through the forest with all his might, using Nen to accelerate.

However, Gon was underestimating Uvogin, who soon overtook him quickly.

Uvogin directly punched Gon, who didn’t dare face it head-on as he felt the power contained in that punch.

Big Bang Impact!


The punch destroyed the ground forming a huge pit. The terrifying shockwave sent Gon skidding several meters away.

Gon was slightly injured, but he was shocked by the difference in strength between them.

“This is dangerous. If he strikes at me with that fist, I will die.” Gon looked at Uvogin solemnly.

Gon maintained [Ten] to defend himself even slightly.

Although he can’t go head-on with Uvogin, he can improve his power and speed, and defense when he wraps his body in Nen.

No matter how strong his enemy is, he will not give up even if his chance to win is 0.01%. That’s Gon.

Seeing the Nen around Gon’s body, Uvogin was slightly surprised: “Oh? You can use Nen.” Although he said this, Uvogin was more surprised that Gon could avoid his Big Bang Impact.

“It seems that Allan thought you some tricks.”

Uvogin narrowed his eyes and looked at Gon.

He fought Allan a few times and was quite impressed by him, but Allan wasn’t here, so he can kill Gon easily.

“I will kill you, kid.”

Uvogin directly rushed at Gon like a beast and punched. Gon couldn’t block or resist at all, and in the next second, three ribs broke, his left arm broke, many bones all over his body fractured without any resistance.

Gon fell on the ground, dying.

“It looks like this is your last moment.” Uvogin looked at Gon with an evil smile as he cruelly held his hand high and prepared to end Gon’s life with one last punch.

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