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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 86: Scarlet Eyes

Suddenly, a figure appeared and blocked Uvogin’s fist.

“It’s you?”

Uvogin’s pupil shrunk as he saw Allan block his punch with one hand.

Allan looked at Gon while ignoring Uvogin and said: “Sorry, Gon. I’m late.”

However, Gon could no longer respond. He lost consciousness and was dying from all the broken bones and internal injuries.

Allan frowned as Icy cold Killing Intent emanated from him, making Uvogin’s expression change as he snorted: “He tried to provoke me by showing me my badge after he snatched it from me.”

“So, you ignored the rules and wanted to kill him, Right?”

“Yes, if you didn’t come, I would’ve killed him already.” Uvogin snorted as he was unhappy that Allan stopped him.

“Very well! I will remember this.” Allan raised his head gloomily and warned: “You will pay dearly for this. I guarantee this.”

“Huh, as if you have the ability.” Uvogin grinned.

He wasn’t afraid of Allan’s threat. Instead, he felt excited.

Allan knew that he can’t fight right now, or else Gon will die. He looked at Uvogin coldly before he said: “I don’t have time to fight you now, so I will just take Gon away.”

“As if that’s up to you.” Uvogin took action and punched Allan.

Allan didn’t want to fight, so he directly avoided Uvogin’s punch with Flash Steps before using it once again and punching Uvogin in the face.

This punch was filled with Allan’s anger. Even Uvogin, who is hailed for his defense, was sent flying back with a nosebleed.

The anger behind that punch was evident. Allan was furious that Gon was in his current state.

Allan ignored Uvogin and directly took Gon and retreated as he knew that he can’t deal with Uvogin right now.

If he fought against him out of anger, it would take a while, and Gon can’t wait that long.

If Gon isn’t treated as soon as possible, he will die.

That wasn’t something Allan wanted to see.


Allan escaped while holding Gon while Uvogin roared.

[Ding! You have successfully rescued Gon. Reward: One Sword Style (Ittoryu) swordsmanship (Novice)]

On the way, Allan heard the System’s notification, and immediately, his mind was flooded with information concerning swordsmanship.

However, he wasn’t in the mood to pay attention to it. Gon’s situation was getting worse, and if he doesn’t receive help as soon as possible, he will die.

If it weren’t for his strong body, he would be already dead by now.

Allan was thinking about how to help Gon. It was impossible to ask for the Association’s help because they won’t help while the Exam is taking place.

Gon won’t recover alone, his natural recovery was monstrous, but at this point, there is no way it can save him.

The only option now is to find Leorio. Since Allan knew that Leorio was a medical student, he should stabilize Gon’s injuries for now.

As for why the Association won’t help, because casualties were usual during the test. Otherwise, if every candidate were injured to ask for help, the test would be meaningless.

The only person that can help right now is Leorio.

But finding him will take a while.

“Gon, I hope you can hold on.” Allan looked at Gon as he accelerated.


At this time, Kurapika, who secretly followed Allan because he was worried about Gon, spoke.

When he saw the state Gon was in, anger flooded his heart.

His eyes turned scarlet red as he knew that Uvogin was the one who did this to Gon.

Allan didn’t notice Kurapika’s change as he asked: “Kurapika, do you know where is Leorio?”

Kurapika didn’t answer, and Allan couldn’t help glancing at him only to be taken aback: “Kurapika, your eyes?”

Seeing Kurapika’s Scarlet Eyes, Allan was surprised as he didn’t expect Kurapika to be that Angry.

Kurapika realized that his eyes were scarlet and said solemnly: “I’m from the Kurta Tribe. When I’m emotional, mostly angry, my eyes will turn red.”

Allan knew about that already, but he didn’t expect that Kurapika would be that Angry for Gon.

Kurapika clenched his fists as he blamed himself: “Gon is like this now because of me.”

Allan said coldly: “Of course, you’re slightly responsible, but you can’t be blamed. After all, Gon’s target is Uvogin, so he would’ve angered him, whether he helped you or not.”

Kurapika said with a voice filled with Killing Intent: “I will go kill that bastard.”

Kurapika was so angry that his sanity was disappearing.

Even though his power will increase when his eyes turn red, Allan knew that no matter how strong he is now, there is no way he can face Uvogin.

Kurapika thought that he could kill Uvogin in his current state.

Looking at the situation from a bystander’s point of view, Allan is sure that Kurapika’s current power is far from enough.

His current chance of winning is less than 0.01%.

[Ding! Make a choice]

[1: Prevent Kurapika from going after Uvogin to avenge Gon. Reward: Increase Nen by 1,000 Points.]

[2: Let Kurapika go after Uvogin to avenge Gon. Reward: Increase Nen by 800 Points.]

[3: Talk to Kurapika and calm him down. Reward: Increase Nen by 1,500 Points.]

Unexpectedly, the System decided to jump out now of all times. It seems like Kurapika is an essential character to the System.

Allan immediately chose the third option.

“Wait, Kurapika.” Seeing him moving away, Allan directly put a hand on his shoulder and stopped him.

“Don’t stop me!” Kurapika shouted in anger.

Allan said coldly: “I’ll say this only once, if you go after, then it’s your choice.”

“What do you want to say?”

“Even if in your current state, you will not be able to fight Uvogin, don’t lose your sanity because of anger, or else, you’d die.”

“If it weren’t for me, Gon wouldn’t have been in that state. All I can do is kill Uvogin and avenge Gon.”

Kurapika said with clenched fists.

Of course, he knew that Uvogin was strong, but he felt guilty about Gon’s current state, and he couldn’t forgive himself.

Allan patted his shoulder and said: “I understand how you feel. Gon is also my friend, and seeing him like this hurt. But you can’t just throw your life for nothing. Is your life worth nothing? Don’t you still want to avenge your people?”

Hearing the second sentence, Kurapika looked at Allan in surprise: “How do you know that I want to avenge my family?”

Allan didn’t expect Kurapika to notice this, but he already has an explanation.

“As far as I know, the Kurta Tribe was annihilated a few years ago. Since you are a survivor of that massacre, it’s only a matter of facts that you would seek revenge.”

Hearing this, Kurapika was silent.

Indeed, he wanted revenge. He is living right now to seek revenge.

If he died, his efforts over the years would be in vain.

After thinking about this, Kurapika calmed down and said: “I won’t go after that guy now, but I won’t forget this. I will definitively avenge Gon.”

Seeing his red eyes disappearing, Allan heaved a sigh of relief and said: “Don’t worry about that, I will take care of Uvogin.”

Allan paused slightly and glanced at Kurapika: “But you will meet them sooner or later. Until then, you need to get stronger.”

Kurapika couldn’t understand Allan’s words and didn’t know who he meant by ‘them.’

After calming Kurapika, Allan received his 1,500 Nen points, but he didn’t pay attention.

“Kurapika, you haven’t answered me. Do you know where is Leorio?”

Kurapika understood why Allan asked. Leorio is a medical student, so that he can help Gon. He immediately said: “The last time I saw him was on the southeast of the island. We parted ways yesterday afternoon. I think he should be still there.”

Allan nodded: “It’s not too late. Let’s go find him.”

Two hours later, Allan and Kurapika finally met Leorio.

Leorio didn’t take his target’s badge and was sitting down below a tree. He looked depressed as he looked at the sky.

Seeing Allan appearing in front of him with Gon on his back, Leorio was taken aback.

“Why is he like that?”

“There is no time to explain. Leorio, you’re a medical student. Please help Gon.” Kurapika urged.

“Put him down. I will try everything I can.” Leorio said with a solemn face.

Allan put Gon on the ground, and instantly Leoiro took his med-kit and started treating him.

A few minutes later, Leorio’s forehead was full of sweat. Apart from a few scratched on Gon’s face, there were no other injuries that Leorio didn’t take a look at, but his rescue stopped as he clenched his fist.

“What’s the matter, Leorio?” Seeing him like this, Kurapika was a little puzzled, but he could guess the reason and hoped he was wrong.

“I’m sorry I can’t save him.” After a moment, Leorio said.

“Why…” Kurapika’s face changed.

“Gon’s internal injuries are too severe. At least a dozen bones are broken, including hands, feet, ribs, spine… They’re all out of place and broken a few times over. Even with a professional doctor, this kind of injury is almost impossible to heal.

Moreover, Gon’s internal organs are damaged, this no longer treatable.”

“How could this be…” Kurapika couldn’t believe this.

Leorio’s words were equivalent to a Death Sentence for Gon.

“Dmanit!!” Kurapika shouted as his eyes grew red once again.

His killing intent radiated from him as he couldn’t take it anymore.

Leorio was taken aback as he said: “Kurapika, what wrong with your eyes?”

Kurapika didn’t answer but said solemnly: “Take care of Gon. I’m going to kill Uvogin.”

At this moment, Allan, who was silent, said: “Wait a moment; I have a way to save Gon.”

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