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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 87: Super Powerful Senzu Bean

Both Leorio and Kurapika looked at Allan in surprise as they heard his words.

Leorio was stunned, he knew Gon’s condition best, and there is no way he can be saved out here without any medical equipment, and even that would have its risk.

‘How will Allan save Gon? And if he can save him, why did he wait till now to talk?’

Kurapika had the same thoughts as Leorio, but he knew that Allan wouldn’t talk big like that without reason, so he asked: “You have a way to save Gon?”

Allan nodded: “I do have away, but I’m not sure if it will be effective. But since Gon has reached his current state, then I can only try it.”

“How sure are you that it will work?” Kurapika asked.

“In theory, 100%, but I didn’t experiment on it before, so I’m not sure.”

“Is there a way that will 100% make Gon recover?”

If there is such a way, Leorio as a Medical student would doubt his life.

Allan glanced at the two of them and said: “May I ask you two to leave me alone with Gon for a bit?”

Kurapika and Leorio nodded and temporarily left without saying anything.

“Kurapika, do you think that Allan has a way to save Gon?”


“You don’t believe it, do you?”

“Well, someone like you said that Gon couldn’t be saved, and we are not in a hospital, so if Allan managed to save him, then he has an ability that transcends the boundaries of modern medicine.”

“That’s hard to say,” Leorio said.

Allan sighed and looked at Gon.

He took out a thumb-sized green been from his storage ring. A Senzu bean can heal and almost revive anyone that is still breathing.

It’s a cheat like an item in the Dragon Ball world.

Allan hesitated before reluctantly feeding Gon the Senzu Bean.

He made his mind to save Gon, his first friend in this world, no matter what. Even if he doesn’t get another Senzu Bean later, it will be worth it.

If the Senzu Bean can save the life of his friend, then it served its purpose.

No, saving Gon was more valuable than a Senzu Bean.

Allan nervously looked at Gon, waiting for him to recover, then suddenly Gon’s eyes opened as he sat up.

Seeing him jumping up, Allan was stunned for a moment before he smiled and said: “Great!! It worked.”

Gon saw Allan and surprisedly asked: “Allan, why are you here?”

Kurapika and Leorio heard Gon’s voice and hurriedly ran back.

When they saw him standing up, their eyes almost fell from surprise as if they were looking at a Ghost.

“Kurapika? Leorio? Why are you guys here?” Gon looked at them puzzledly, not sure what is happening.

“Gon, you’re alright?”

“Um, what’s wrong with me?” Gon scratched his head.

Seeing Gon confused, Kurapika explained: “Gon, you went to bait Uvogin away, did you forget?”

Gon remembered all of a sudden and was startled: “I was beaten to the ground. That Uvogin is too strong, I’m not his match at all. I felt all my bones break with a single punch from him.” Gon thought for a bit, then said: “I thought I was dead.”

“If Allan didn’t save you, you’d be dead.” Kurapika said in a deep voice: “He saved you from dying.”


“Yeah, Gon, even someone studying Medicine like me couldn’t save you, but he did,” Leorio said.

Gon knew that he almost died, and from what everyone is saying, Allan saved him.

“Thank you, Allan.”

Although he said only three short words, Allan could feel his gratitude.

Gon wasn’t someone good at expressing himself, so just that thank you is enough for Allan.

“You’re welcome Gon, after all, we are friends, right? And friends help each other.” Allan smiled.

Although the loss of a Senzu Bean made him feel pity, he wouldn’t have forgiven himself if Gon died. He didn’t regret using it to save Gon.

[Ding! Congratulations for triggering a hidden Quest: reach the highest level of friendship with Gon Freecess, the world’s protagonist. Reward: Golden Treasure Chest x1]

Allan was stunned for a moment. There were Hidden Quests in the system?

Allan didn’t save Gon expecting any reward, but unexpectedly, the system gave him a treasure chest…

System: [Do you want to open the Golden Treasure Chest?]

‘Open it!!’

Allan didn’t hesitate at all.

[Ding! Opening Golden Treasure Chest… Congratulations, you obtained three Explosive tags.]

Allan didn’t expect that at all. He thought that he’d get something like a Devil Fruit or a Saijo O Wazamono sword, but the Explosive Tags were good as well.

At this time, the knowledge about the power and their use of the Explosive tags flowed in Allan’s mind.

The Explosive tags were advanced Seals that can detonate after some time from using them. The Explosive tag produces a small-scale explosion close to a fire release Jutsu.

Allan needed to use half ram or tiger seal to detonate it.

Allan put the three Explosive tags into the Storage ring and smiled.

Those tags were equivalent to small bombs.

No one would care about a piece of paper so that it will take them by surprise.

Allan thought of the only person that would make him use those three tags right now. It was Uvogin.

Even if Uvogin’s body was as strong as steel, he wouldn’t be safe from that explosion.

At this time, Gon asked: “Allan, what are you thinking about? Why do I feel that you’re thinking about something bad?”

Kurapika and Leorio were also suspicious.

Allan smiled and shook his head: “I was just thinking about something interesting.”

Kurapika curiously asked: “Allan, what was in your hands just now?”

“Secret weapon.” Allan smiled mysteriously without explaining further.

“Secret weapon?” Although Kurapika and the others were curious, they didn’t ask much.

Alan patted Gon’s shoulder and asked: “Gon, are you alright now?”

“Well, I’m good.” Gon nodded.

“Really?” Allan smiled and punched Gon.

Gon was taken aback, but he reacted quickly and blocked the fist.

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