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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 88: Nen Teacher

Allan nodded as he felt Gon’s power: “Yes, it seems you fully recovered.”

It was a good thing that Gon recovered, but Kurapika and Leorio were puzzled.

Leorio couldn’t help asking Allan: “It’s so weird, Allan. Please tell me, how did you heal Gon completely like that? It’s incredible.”

Kurapika was curious as well but still didn’t ask: “Leorio, even if Allan tells you, you can’t understand.”

“Kurapika is right.” Allan thought for a bit before continuing: “I can understand that you doubt your medical knowledge, but rest assured, the method I used isn’t by any means related to medicine.”

“It’s not related?” Leorio was shocked before asking: “Is it a special ability or something?”

“If it was, then I can understand why Gon recovered,” Kurapika said.

They were aware that treating Gon in that state was impossible.

“Is it a Nen Ability?” Kurapika asked curiously.

Allan shook his head and said: “It wasn’t Nen, but I used something. It can be called an elixir which can heal anyone as long as he is still breathing.”

“Is there such a thing in the world?” Leorio and Kurapika asked in a daze.

“What is it?” Gon asked.

“A Senzu Bean,” Allan said.

“Senzu Bean?” The three of them stared blankly as they never heard of such a thing before.

Leorio was interested int as he said: “Do you still that Senzu Bean? Can I take a look?”

Allan looked at him as if he was stupid and said: “Do you think such an elixir grows on trees? I only had one and used it to heal Gon.”

Leorio didn’t expect the Senzu bean to be so precious and looked at Allan apolitically without asking further.

“So that thing was Allan’s trump card when your life is in danger, right?”

Allan shrugged: “There is no such thing as a trump card. For me, it’s enough that it saved Gon.”

Leorio and Kurapika fell silent when they heard this.

Gon stood up and said: “I’m sorry, Allan, you used something so precious to save me.”

“Don’t worry about it. What are friends if they don’t save each other.” Allan smiled.

Kurapika and Leorio could only admire Allan from the bottom of their hearts.

Gon already regarded Allan as his life savior.

At this time, Kurapika asked: “There are less than three hours till the exam ends. Have you collected your six points?”

“Someone already took away my badge.” Leorio was the first to speak with a gloomy expression.

“Who took it?” Gon asked.

“It’s Gittarackur. That guy is terrifying.” Leorio sighed.

“So, it’s him, huh.” Allan’s mouth raised as he didn’t expect Illumi’s target to be Leorio.

Allan patted Leorio’s shoulder and said: “He is a top-notch assassin. You should be thankful that you’re still alive. He only took away your badge. You can come back next year.”

“What kind of Assassin is he, Allan? Do you know him?” Kurapika asked.

“I know his detail,” Allan said.

“Who is he?” Leorio asked.

Allan cleared his throat and said: “It’s okay to tell you, he is Illumi, Killua’s brother in disguise.”


“He’s Killua’s brother.”

Kurapika, Leorio, and Gon were surprised. They didn’t look anything alike.

Allan smiled: “Of course, it’s not his true face. His face isn’t scary.”

“So, does Killua know that his brother is here?” Gon asked.

Allan shook his head: “He doesn’t.”

“By the way, Allan, you already have enough points, right? I have enough points as I snatched Uvogin’s badge.”

“What about you, Kurapika?”

“I have six points,” Kurapika said.

Leorio sighed: “I envy you. It seems that I’m the only one that doesn’t have six points.”

“Don’t be disappointed, Leorio. There is still a chance next year.” Gon comforted.

“If you don’t get stronger, next year you might not be able to pass as well,” Kurapika warned.

Leorio couldn’t refute Kurapika’s words.

“Gittarackur didn’t do anything this time. He just made him hand over my badge and let me go. I may seem like a fool that handed over his badge when asked, but… but at that time, I was so scared that I couldn’t even say a word of refusal. I couldn’t control my body.” Leorio said with lingering fear.

“You didn’t learn Nen yet, so it’s impossible to do anything against him,” Allan said sharply.

Illumi must’ve used his Killing Intent to make Leorio submit.

“Allan, what is that Nen you’re talking about?” Leorio said puzzledly. It’s the first time he heard of the term.

“Yes, Allan, why don’t you show us what it is,” Kurapika asked curiously.

Both of them want to get stronger, and it seemed that learning Nen could improve their stronger.

Allan is not a selfish person. Since he can help Kurapika and Leorio, he would indeed help them.

Moreover, it is useless to know Nen if you don’t have the potential and hard work.

Allan knew that Kurapika had monstrous talent and his specialist ability that manifest with his scarlet eyes, which makes him a master in all Nen types.

With such talent, it wasn’t a problem for him to learn Nen early. As for Leorio, his talent wasn’t as good, but it’s not bad either. In the election of the Zodiac, he relied on his technique of Nen punch to defeat him.

At this time, the system’s notification made its appearance.

[Ding! Please select an option.]

[1: Teach Kurapika and Leorio Nen as a friend. Reward: Increase Nen by 5,000 Points.]

[2: Teach Kurapika and Leorio Nen as a teacher. At least make them teach them the basics of Nen. Reward: Increase Nen by 12,000 points.]

Allan doesn’t mind teaching Leorio and Kurapika, but judging from the reward, it’s evident that being their teacher is better.

Immediately Allan looked at Leoiro and Kurapika and asked: “Kurapika, Leorio, I have to ask. Do you want to learn Nen?”

Hearing this, Kurapika and Leorio were surprised. Kurapika said excitedly: “Could it be that you will teach us Nen?”

Allan shrugged and said: “I will.”

“This is great,” Leorio shouted happily.

“However, you will have to listen to me.” Allan smiled slightly.

“What do you mean?” Kurapika frowned.

“Do you want teaching fees?” Leorio scratched his head.

Kurapika said hurriedly: “If it’s money, I can pay.”

Leorio also said: “Well, although I don’t have much money, if I can become stronger, I’m willing to pay.”

Allan stopped the two of them: “You misunderstood. I mean, I’m not teaching you as a friend, but as a teacher, do you get it?”

The two suddenly realized what he meant and respected him even more because of it.

Indeed, they weren’t close friends, so if Allan thought them Nen as ‘friends’ won’t feel sincere.

But if he thought of them as a teacher, it would be more reasonable.

Kurapika looked at Allan and said solemnly: “You will teach me Nen, so it’s normal for me to teach you.”

Leorio directly shouted: “Allan-sensei, Leorio greets you.”

Allan was dumbfounded for a bit and said: “Okay, you don’t have to do that, we are about the same age, so just call me by my name.”

“No problem.” Kurapika and Leorio nodded.

Seeing that both of them accepted, Allan looked at Gon and said: “Then before teaching both of you, I need both of you to feel Nen. Gon use [Ten].”


Allan knew that they would understand Nen only if they experienced it first hand.

Gon obeyed Allan’s request and started using [Ten], and suddenly an astonishing amount of Nen was released from his body.

“Wow, this is amazing,” Leorio shouted.

“Is this Nen?” Kurapika muttered as he felt the Aura radiating from Gon.

It wasn’t the first time they felt this, but since it was released by Gon without any purpose behind it, they could feel how powerful it was.

Just as the two of them sighed, and oppressing, Aura quickly approached them.

Both Kurapika and Gon knew who this Aura belonged to, and they were terrified. Only Leorio didn’t know it as he asked sluggishly: “what’s the matter, what is this?”

“Be careful, that guy is here,” Kurapika said solemnly.

“Uvogin is here.” Gon frowned.

“Uvogin?” Leorio was taken aback before his face changed: “Is it the guy that almost killed Gon?”

They fought against Uvogin and could perceive his Aura.

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