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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 89: Challenge

Seeing Gon and Kurapika nervous, Leorio suggested: “I think we should run away.”

“Leorio, you can go first. I’m staying to settle the account.” Kurapika said coldly.

He never forgot the fact that Uvogin almost killed Gon to save him.

If Allan weren’t here, Gon would’ve died.

In other words, Uvogin was an enemy who almost killed his friend.

Kurapika decided not to run away.

“I want to stay too.” Gon said.

“You two…” Leorio sighed helplessly before firmly announcing: “Since both of you are staying, I won’t leave.”

“Hey, you three…”

Seeing the three stupid guys and their bromance, Allan was speechless: “Relax, will you. I’m here. Calm down.”

Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio finally remembered that Allan was with them.

All of them panicked and totally forgot about Allan due to Uvogin’s Aura.

As soon as Allan spoke, the three of them relaxed a bit and felt relieved.

There is no doubt that Allan was the strongest out of the three of them. He is the only one who can fight Uvogin.

Kurapika instantly said: “Let’s put learning Nen aside, for now, Allan, what are we going to do?”

“What else can we do? We can only face danger head-on.” Allan shrugged and said: “You won’t die as long as I’m here.”

Hearing such reassuring words made the three of them relax a lot.

However, Uvogin’s Aura was getting closer, and their hearts tightened again.

Allan knew that it’s impossible to make them relax with such a foe in front of them.

[Ding! Please make a choice]

Allan wasn’t surprised as he expected something like this from his understanding of the system.

Whenever an original character encounters an event, he would have to make a choice.

[1: Protect Gon and the others and defeat or behead Uvogin. Reward: Swordsmanship Rhythm of All Things. (The ability to cut steel)]

[2: Lead Gon and the others away and avoid fighting Uvogin. Reward: Ryo Wazamono Sword.]

The options were within Allan’s expectation, and both rewards were good, but it paled in comparison to the Rhythm of all things.

Because he already had a great weapon, which is Shusui.

So, any other weapon didn’t pick his interest currently.

If he defeats Uvogin this time, he will get Rhythm of All Things and advance his swordsmanship, which he just got as well.

If he uses advanced swordsmanship with Shusui, the result will be devastating.

In this world, using Nen to defend was expected, and the stronger the Nen of the user, the stronger his defense will get.

For example, if someone is defending using Ken and concentrates around 10,000 Nen points into his defense, to break that defense, the attacker’s power needs to exceed 10,000 Nen Point.

The bigger the gap between two fighters, the smaller the chance for the weakest to win and vice versa.

If we want to calculate the amount of Nen Uvogin had, we can assume that it reached 90,000 Points, and if he was pushed beyond his limit, he could break 100,000 Points easily.

As for Allan, he currently had 70,000 Points, which means the gap between their Nen is about 20,000 Points.

Allan wasn’t worried because, in addition to Nen, he had other techniques, such as Moon Walk, Flash Steps, Leaf Taijutsu style, etc.

Those techniques didn’t need Nen, as they relied on stamina.

Allan now had two methods to break through Uvogin’s defense. The first one is the Explosive Tags.

The Explosive Tags problem is that they need about a second to detonate, which Uvogin can use to avoid the blast. However, Allan knew that Uvogin was too confident in his defense to be concerned about it.

The second thing is Shusui. With that sword, Allan was confident in breaking through Uvogin’s defense.

After all, it isn’t an ordinary sword. It’s rumored that Ryoma used Shusui to kill a dragon.

Allan believed that this sword could kill Uvogin. However, that is if he can use it.

The Meito (Famous swords) need corresponding strength to show their powers.

After getting One sword style swordsmanship (novice), Allan can now swing a sword.

He is now a beginner swordsman.

Allan took out Shusui from his storage ring and held it in his hands.

Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio looked at Allan in surprise as the presence around him changed.

“Allan, what with that sword?” Kurapika asked: “It’s a black sword.”

He could feel that Shusui wasn’t normal. He could feel something inside it.

Gon, who had the most honed instinct between them, said: “Allan, that sword seems mighty.”

Leorio interjected: “Yes, it has a black blade and some unique pattern on it.”

Allan said in a deep, inspiring voice: “This black sword is Shusui. It once killed a dragon. I will use it later to kill Uvogin, as it should be enough to break his defense.”

The three were surprised hearing about the dragon as Gon exclaimed: “It killed a dragon. That’s so cool!!”

Kurapika looked at the sword again before saying: “Indeed, this sword looks sharp. I think it should be fine.”

Allan nodded. He stayed silent for a bit, then said: “I got a plan that will help us get rid of that guy quickly. I will hide there, and you three deal with him as best as you could and get his attention. When that opportunity arises, I will behead him from behind.”

“I’m in!” Gon said, and the others nodded.

They didn’t find anything wrong with his proposal.

Soon after, Allan hid as Uvogin approached. Finally, he fell from the sky with a boom as he cracked the ground.

As the dust dispersed, Uvogin’s figure appeared to all of them.

He relied on his senses to find them. At first, he couldn’t pinpoint their direction, but as soon as Gon used [Ten], he sensed him and came here as fast as possible.

“Hahahaha, Kids, let’s see how you will run this time.” Uvogin cracked his neck as grinned furiously.

Kurapika said coldly: “We won’t be running away.”

“Yes, we aren’t running away.” Gon exclaimed loudly.

“Me too, I’m with them,” Leorio shouted boldly.

However, he was almost shivering from fear as he thought: ‘What a terrifying guy, his Nen is astonishing. It’s several times greater than Gon’s.”

“Hahahaha, you just made this easier.” Uvogin snorted as he waved his hand.

Suddenly, a strong wind rushed toward them, which made them even more fearful. Just a wave of his hand generated such a strong wind.

The only thought in their heads currently was: ‘Uvogin was extremely strong!’

It’s definitively not an opponent they could fight. Gon was doing his best as he resisted Uvogin’s oppressing Aura while Kurapika was slightly worse, but even so, he couldn’t somehow resist it.

Leorio almost couldn’t breathe. He was the most ordinary of the three, after all.

“Hehehehe, Let’s see how long you can hold for.” Uvogin wasn’t planning on killing them directly. Instead, he wanted to play around with them first.

He wanted to torture the three of them first, before killing them.

As Uvogin released his Aura, even more, the pressure got stronger by the second.

Gon made a move and stood in front of Kurapika and Leorio before releasing his Aura to protect them.

“Oh? Not bad kid.” Uvogin looked at Gon and sneered: “Kid, you are lucky you didn’t die previously, but who will rescue you now.”

As he said this, Uvogin’s doubts were aroused.

Because Gon was severely injured previously, but nowhere is he standing without any injury after one hour.

This made him puzzled and curious at the same time.

Of course, he knew that Allan was related to this.

However, Allan wasn’t here.

He didn’t rule out that Allan was using Zetsu and hiding right now. His gaze landed on Leorio, and as soon as he saw him holding a medicine box, he assumed that he was the one who saved Gon, which made him angry.

Suddenly, Uvogin raised his fist and violently attacked Leorio.

“This is bad!”

Gon and Kurapika knew that Uvogin wanted to attack Leorio, and it was too late to dodge, so they could only stand in front of Leorio and block this punch for him.

Leorio was in the back, with Kurapika in the middle and Gon in the front.

Gon released all of his Nen to defend against Uvogin’s punch, while Kurapika held Gon as hard as possible to absorb the impact as best as he could.

As soon as the punch was released, the three of them flew in the air. Simultaneously, a figure suddenly appeared from behind and launched an Attack at lightning speed.

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