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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 90: Beheaded

One Sword Style (Ittoryo): Dragon fangs (Ryuu no Kiba)!

Allan appeared like a ghost behind Uvogin while swinging Shusui at full force toward Uvogin’s head.

Uvogin’s face changed as he felt the crisis.

It was too late to avoid, and all he could do was turn around and block with his hand awkwardly.

The black Sword flashed with cold light and passed through Uvogin’s block.

Instead of his head, his hand, which he raised to defend, flew in the air. Blood splashed on the ground.

His entire arm was sliced off.

The cut was smooth without any resistance at all.

It wasn’t a simple thing to do against someone with a tough body like Uvogin.

If Allan didn’t try his best to wield Shusui when trying to slice Uvogin’s head off, the power behind it wouldn’t be so drastic. After all, Allan was a novice in swordsmanship.

At this moment, Allan was panting as he put most of his power behind that attack.

It wasn’t a simple matter to cut a monster like Uvogin after all.

Uvogin was stunned as he stared at his left arm on the ground as if he couldn’t believe it.


Uvogin’s roar resounded across the island. It wasn’t a roar of pain due to his chopped off arm, but it was a roar of anger.

“I’m going to kill you!!!!”

Uvogin endured the pain as he rushed toward Allan with a Big Bang Impact.

Allan wasn’t fully ready to resist Uvogin’s punch after his last attack, so he immediately Flash Stepped away without any hesitation.


The ground was torn apart as if a meteor just hit the ground leaving behind a large pit.

As the dust dispersed, Uvogin stood in the middle of the crater, breathing heavily.

His blood gushed out harder after using Big Bang Impact. But what drove him crazy is that in his anger, he used Big Bang Impact, which destroyed his just cut off arm.

If that arm were still intact, he would’ve been able to re-attach it easily, but now, there is no way for him to regain his arm again.

At this moment, he became a one-armed man.

This caused his anger to soar as he shouted at Allan: “You coward!! You dare attack from behind!”

If Allan didn’t attack him from behind like that, he wouldn’t have lost his arm!

Although he guessed that Allan might be hiding from the start, he didn’t expect him to attack as soon he attacked Gon and the others.

Moreover, he didn’t expect that Allan would be able to cut off his arm with a single slash.

At this moment, Uvogin looked at the Sword in Allan’s hand. He could feel that it wasn’t an ordinary sword.

Allan looked at Uvogin without flinching. Although he cut off the latter’s arm, his original intention was killing him with one blow.

‘What a pity that attack should’ve killed him.’

However, without his left hand, his power would drop significantly.

Right now, Allan didn’t fear him.

If they continue fighting, Uvogin will die.

“Remember this well, the sword that will kill you is called Shusui.”

Allan waved Shusui toward Uvogin, but the latter never admits defeat as he angrily shouted: “You are a hundred years too young to kill me.”

Uvogin’s Nen erupted from his body as he stopped the bleeding from his left shoulder.

Perhaps due to Shusui slicing off his hand, Uvogin became fearful of that Sword.

He didn’t dare to block it directly. Instead, he avoided it.

“This is the first time you evaded. Why? Are you scared? Aren’t you proud of your strong body?”

Allan taunted, and Uvogin became furious.

He was arrogant. He couldn’t bear Allan’s ridicule.

Allan waved his Sword again, and this time, Uvogin punched the Sword instead of evading it.

His fist is the strongest part of his body, after all. It was the only thing he was sure that wouldn’t get injured by that Sword.

The fight escalated inside the forest as shock waves after shock waves generated with every collision. Even so, Allan managed to wound him several times.

Uvogin’s combat efficiency dropped by a lot without his hand, even though his Aura was still the same.

Relying on his right arm alone wasn’t enough to block Shusui.

Slash! Slash! Slash!

Allan’s attacks became faster as he danced around with Shusui. Each slash will make his Sword heavier and faster.

Although he can’t display Shusui’s power with Beginner Swordsmanship, he can at least wield the Sword.

Uvogin felt more pressure as time passed. He couldn’t deal with Allan, who is becoming faster and stronger with each slash.

The battle was at its climax. Sparks flew in the air due to a sword and a fist colliding.

Suddenly, Allan flickered to Uvogin’s side and slashed Uvogin from the top. The Sword slashed across Uvogin’s body, making another massive wound in the already scarred figure.

“Damnit!!” Uvogin roared as cold sweat covered his forehead.

Although he defended all dangerous attacks with [Ken], the attack still pass through his defense.

The wounds weren’t deep, but they are painful.

His best mean of defense is his right hand, but that hand is also his strongest mean of attack.

That’s why each time he attacks, his would be wide open.

Uvogin’s body was covered in wounds, and he bled.

However, he refused to lose. Even if he is seriously wounded, he will fight till the end.

“Big Bang Impact!!”

This time, Uvogin didn’t use the normal Big Bang impact. Instead, he concentrated Nen on his fist, then shot it out toward Allan like a Cannon.

Allan’s face changed slightly as he didn’t expect a ranged attack from Uvogin.

Big Bang Impact was a strong AOE (Area Of Effect) attack, but this Cannon was condensed.

It’s indeed strong. If Allan was hit by it, he would be disabled if not die.

Allan readied his Sword. He concentrated Nen into the blade with [Shu] to raise its power before facing the Nen Cannon Uvogin blasted at him.

As the blast hit Shusui, an incredible impact resounded, which sent Allan flying into the air.

That attack didn’t even nick Shusui. If it were an ordinary sword, it would’ve been broken.

“Worthy of your fame, Shusui.”

Allan got up with a slight injury.

However, it wasn’t much as it didn’t affect his power.

Allan narrowed his eyes and looked at Uvogin.

“Using everything you have to destroy Shusui was stupid.” Allan sneered.

“Damnit!” Uvogin has never been looked down upon like this in his life before.

Uvogin gained a bit of momentum after that punch, which made him take that opportunity to attack once again.

Allan held Shusui in his right hand while he raised his left hand to make an ice wall in front of him.


The Ice shattered as Uvogin passed through the wall with his fist moving forward toward Allan.

However, to his surprise, Allan already disappeared from behind the Ice wall, which caused Uvogin to frown. He suddenly felt his Aura from behind, and without thinking, he sent another fist out.

The Sword was faster than Uvogin’s fist as half a meter wound appeared across Uvogin’s chest.

Uvogin roared in pain. Anyone ten kilometers away would be able to hear this roar.

Allan couldn’t defend against a sound attack, so he felt slightly dizzy as his mind buzzed. Even so, Uvogin couldn’t take advantage of Allan’s current state because he was severely injured right now.

Blood gushed out of his chest, and no matter how fast he heals, there is no way to recover from that now.

Moreover, even a slight movement would cause him to feel pain all over his body.

Allan recovered from the sound attack and said: “This time, you’re dead.”

Allan held Shusui and rushed toward Uvogin in an all-out attack.

Uvogin felt Allan rushing toward him and immediately tried to fight back, but he was no longer Allan’s opponent.

After several minutes after attacking and defending, Uvogin could no longer take it.

His hand was cut off. His body was full of wounds, and blood gushed all over the place. He knelt on the ground as his injuries restricted his movement.

Allan was panting heavily as he held Shusui and stood in front of Uvogin with a cold expression.

“I won, and I will kill you now.”

“Damn it!! Is this the end?” Uvogin raised his head weakly. He can’t fight anymore.

Uvogin’s glare was oozing with hatred as Allan readied himself to kill.

“Die!” Allan said and directly dropped his Sword.

Suddenly, a figure appeared out of nowhere, blocking Allan’s Sword.

Allan’s pupil shrunk slightly as his expression changed. The person in front of him was Chrollo.

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