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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 91: Passing the Third Phase!

When Allan was still looking at Chrollo in surprise, Pakunoda shot several bullets at him.

Allan had to retreat and defend using Shusui.

At this time, he looked around to look at Pakunoda before frowning.

“It’s troublesome now,” Allan said. Uvogin was just one strike away from death, but Chrollo had to appear.

Although he wanted to retort about Chrollo’s perfect timing, he decided to stay silent.

Uvogin sighed in relief as he saw Chrollo and said: “Chief, it’s about time you got here.”

Chrollo said earnestly: “I heard your scream, so I came as fast as I could.”

Uvogin replied: “Sorry, chief if you didn’t rush here, I might’ve been dead.”

Seeing Uvogin covered in blood, Chrollo said: “Although I don’t know why you went after Allan again, it looks like you’ve lost.”

Although he wasn’t convinced, Uvogin didn’t refute Chrollo’s words. It was a fact that he lost this time.

Pakunoda glanced at him and said: “By the way, you look the worst I’ve seen you so far. I didn’t expect you will be forced to such a state. Even your left hand was cut off. It looks like it will be hard for you to remain in your position now.”

Hearing Pakunoda’s words, Uvogin angrily roared: “Damn it! If he didn’t sneak up on me, I would’ve killed him.”

Chrollo said coldly: “It doesn’t matter if he did or not. What matters is that he almost managed to kill you. That shows his power.”

“I’m not convinced,” Uvogin grunted.

He always believed that no one could hurt him, and he is unwilling to accept that Allan could defeat him without stupid tricks.

“It’s your business if you don’t want to be convinced. Without me here, you would have died.”

Chrollo said indifferently, making Uvogin speechless.

Chrollo glanced at Allan thoughtfully and said: “Let’s leave it at that. I will deal with this now.”

“Okay.” Although he was unwilling, Uvogin knew very well that he was unable to fight Allan now.

Allan stared at Chrollo. From what he could tell from their conversation, he might have to fight Chrollo next.

Allan knew that Chrollo could steal other people’s abilities, and he should have a big arsenal of skills already in his small book.

Allan couldn’t think of a strategy against someone like Chrollo because he didn’t know what kind of ability the latter would use.

After staring at each other for a long time, Chrollo didn’t seem too eager to fight, which made Allan confused as he asked: “What do you want?”

“I suggest that we stop here,” Chrollo responded.


Allan didn’t expect this at all.

He knew that Chrollo wouldn’t joke like this, and from his calm face, he isn’t lying.

Chrollo said coldly: “Allan if you want to continue this, I will accompany you to the end.”

This wasn’t a threat but a warning.

Allan frowned and said nothing. He used most of his strength to fight against Uvogin, and now he can’t fight against Chrollo at all.

“I almost killed your companion, and you to stop? What are you thinking about?” Allan asked.

“It is simple, you and Uvogin were already fighting from the start, so if I intervene, it will only make things troublesome.”

Allan knew that this wasn’t all there is to it. That kind of reason didn’t fit with Chrollo’s character.

There must be something else here.

Sure enough, what Chrollo said next cleared Allan’s doubt.

“I said this before, I admire your power very much, and I hope you can consider joining the Gen‘ei Ryodan.”

Allan sneered.

It turned out he wanted to win him over.

“I’ll still answer the same way as before. Currently, I have no reason to join you.” Allan refused.

“It’s okay. I believe you will change your mind in the future.” Chrollo smiled.

Allan only said that he had no reason to join them, which mean he didn’t altogether refuse to join them. That alone made Chrollo satisfied.

“Then let’s put an end to this grudge between you and Uvogin. I don’t know what you think about this, but if you insist on killing him, then I, as the leader of the Gen’ei Ryodan, can only fight back, and this will escalate this matter. It will be something between you and the whole Gen’ei Ryodan.”

Allan frowned deeply as he was well aware of this.

However, if he let Uvogin go this time, he will cause trouble again in the future.

Just when Allan was struggling to make a choice, the system, like always, made its appearance.

[1: Kill Chrollo. Reward: Zanpakuto: Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!”

[2: Give Chrollo some face and stop the matter here. Reward: Increase Nen by 3,000 Nen Points.]

Although the first reward was the best out of everything he got, it was also an impossible task.

With his current power, it is impossible to kill Chrollo. Therefore, he can only pick the second option.

Allan suddenly said: “Okay, you can take him away, and the matter will end here. However, if he comes looking for trouble again in the future, I won’t be talking about it even if you intervene.”

Chrollo nodded. He wasn’t surprised by what Allan said.

[Ding! You Nen has increased by 3,000 Points.]

In an instant, Allan felt his Nen increase. It may not be a lot, but it was better than nothing.

At this time, the problem is resolved, but Uvogin can’t accept this.

“Chief, you don’t need to help me in the future, but I will never leave that guy alive. When I recover, I will go settle this account with him.” Uvogin said while glaring at Allan.

Chrollo replied: “If you go against him, you will take full responsibility for your actions. Whether you kill him or die, the Gen’ei Ryodan won’t help you anymore.”

“I know, this a personal grudge between us, and I won’t involve the organization in my conflicts,” Uvogin promised that he didn’t intend to rely on the Ryodan’s power to fight Allan.

His pride won’t allow it. He will win with his power.

Seeing Uvogin already deciding on this, Chrollo said: “Since you have decided, then, next time both of you fight, I won’t interfere.”

Uvogin nodded.

Chrollo looked at Pakunoda and said: “Pakunoda, you take Uvogin back…”

“What about you, chief?” Pakunoda asked.

Chrollo said: “I have enough points to pass this test so that I will go to the fourth phase of the exam. I think the next phase is the final one. So, when I pass that one, I will take the Hunter License.”

Pakunoda nodded: “Sorry, Chief. Then I will go ahead then.”

After saying this, Pakunoda helped Uvogin, who is almost crippled, and left.

Allan watched the situation from the side and asked: “Chrollo, you don’t intend to interfere in my next fight against Uvogin?”

Chrollo then said: “I said that already, Allan. I appreciate you so that I won’t interfere.”

Allan said: “In other words, when Uvogin recovers, he will come to fight me, and even if I kill him, you won’t seek revenge, is that it?”

Chrollo nodded: “Yes, I just helped Uvogin for the last time. I don’t plan on doing so in the future. If you kill him or if he kills you, I won’t do anything about it, nor will the spiders.”

“I’m relieved then.” Allan sneered: “You should prepare a large coffin for him then, because next time, he will definitively die.”

Chrollo smiled: “I will prepare; however, I don’t know for who the coffin will be.”

“Hmph, you can rest assured that I won’t be me.” Allan sneered.

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