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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 92: End Of the Third Phase

[Ding! You defeated Uvogin. Reward: Swordsmanship: Rhythm of All Things.]

As soon as Chrollo left, the system gave Allan his Reward.

Allan was stunned for a moment as the Reward was delayed for some reason.

He didn’t kill Uvogin, and the Reward was issued, which made him think that he failed. But now he got the Reward because he defeated Uvogin, and that meant he has the power to kill him.

“So I got the reward after all,” Allan muttered as he focused on his Reward.

This Reward was different from any reward he got previously as this one was information about a skill or a materialistic object. It is something equivalent to enlightenment.

The Rhythm of All Things gives the ability to cut steel to a swordsman.

Allan could feel something different when he held Shusui in his hand. As if the sword was an extension of his arm.

Shusui was an excellent weapon with the ability to cut steel, but not anyone can have the ability to use it.

An ordinary person holding Shusui wouldn’t be able to use it at all. It may even kill him. But for a swordsman, Shusui can cut anything in the world.

To be able to use it, there is a qualification that you need to meet, which is the Rhythm of all things.

Listening to the sound of all things and decide which item to cut and which to leave intact.

When Allan cut off Uvogin’s hand, he used every bit of his power to do so, but the current Allan can be more relaxed doing the same feat.

Next time, Allan was determined to kill Uvogin, no matter who wants to stop him.

Allan believed that the real reason for the system to give him the Rhythm of All Things is to kill Uvogin.

In the Hunter X Hunter World, Nobunaga was the only real swordsman.

And he’s an expert in quick draw, and Allan did not doubt that Nobunaga is powerful.

He can most likely cut steal easily.

As far as he knows, only Nobunaga can compete with him in swordsmanship, and Allan knows that Uvogin and Nobunaga were best friends, and there is no way he would let the matter rest when he finds Uvogin missing a hand.

When the two of them fight together, they become stronger, and Allan won’t cope with them.

‘I must prepare for when both of them come seeking revenge.’

Allan wasn’t confident that he could fight both of them with his current strength.

He needs a lot of improvement to deal with them, or else he will surely die.

“With this sword, I will kill all my enemies and protect whoever I want to protect!” Allan looked at Shusui in his hand and made up his mind.

“Now that I think about it, I didn’t check on Gon and the others. They didn’t die, right?”

Allan knew that Uvogin’s punch most likely injured them, and Gon should be the most injured out of them because he was the one blocking most of the force.

Allan could only pray that they were alright and especially Gon.

Otherwise, he can’t help him because he didn’t have the Senzu Bean this time.

Allan started searching for them and soon sensed them in a nearby bush.

If there is a presence, it means they are alive.

This made Allan relieved.

As long as they are alive, then they could recover.

The three of them won’t be able to fight for some time. Leorio didn’t wake up yet, while Kurapika and Gon started to regain their consciousness, but they couldn’t stand up.

“Allan, are you okay?” Gon asked weakly.

Allan said softly: “Don’t worry about me, Gon, you look pretty battered.”

Gon said: “My arms are fractured, and I probably won’t be able to move normally for a while.”

Kurapika said: “My left hand is broken along with two ribs. Leorio’s situation is more serious.”

Allan frowned. They will have problems when they participate in the next phase.

After a while, Allan relaxed. After all, they weren’t severely injured, which is good.

Allan looked at the sun setting and knew that the test is about to end. He directly said: “Let’s go back to the starting point. There one hour left, and most examinees with enough points should have gathered there already.”

Gon and Kurapika nodded before standing up and helping each other move forward, looking like brothers.

Leorio was unconscious, so Allan had to carry him on his shoulder.

As soon as the sun went down, an announcement echoed all over the island: “The Fourth Phase of the Hunter Exam has come to an end. Please return to the starting point as soon as possible. Everyone has an hour to return, and whoever doesn’t will be eliminated. Please note that the test has ended, and no one is allowed to snatch someone else’s badge. If such a thing were detected, the candidate would be immediately eliminated and banned from participating again for ten years.”

Allan and the others finally reached the starting point after half an hour, where an airship lightened the area.

Allan glanced around. He knew all of the ones here. They were Hisoka, Illumi, Chrollo, Hanzo, Killua, Pokkle, and Bodoro.

Half an hour later, the 11 candidates who passed boarded the Hunter Association’s airship and moved toward the next location.

The other candidates who didn’t pass departed on a boat belonging to the Hunter Association. And like this, the Fourth Phase of the Hunter Exam came to an end.

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