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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 93: Meeting President Netero

On the airship, all the candidates that passed the last phase of the Exam had a week of rest.

Allan sat in his room, resting with closed eyes as he was quite tired after his fight with Uvogin.

But on the bright side, his power increased again, and all he needed to do is get used to his improvement before the next phase starts.

The next phase is about duels between the candidates, and although he was confident to pass, three people could pose a threat to him, consisting of Hisoka, Chrollo, and Illumi.

If he was to fight one of them, he needs to fight to the best of his ability.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door to his room.

“You can enter. The door is unlocked,” Allan said softly.

Allan didn’t drop his guard at all, even while resting, which is why he could tell that someone was behind the door before they knocked.

Of course, he knew it was Gon and the others, which is why he replied softly.

As soon as the door opened, Gon, Killua, and Kurapika entered the room.

“How are your injuries?” Allan looked at them and asked.

He didn’t just ask Gon, but Kurapika and Killua as well. The three of them were bandaged, and Gon looked like a Mummy. It was funny.

Of the three, Killua should be the least injured. After him comes Kurapika, Gon comes last as the ones who received Uvogin’s punch head-on.

Gon looked at the bandage and said: “The doctor who just treated me said that it would take at least six to eight months for me to recover completely. So he advised me to drop from the Exam this time.”

Allan raised his brows and said: “And you refused, right?”

“Yeah.” Gon nodded with determination oozing through his eyes.

Allan sighed: “I also know that you won’t give up that easily. But, in the next test, it will be hard for you to pass.”

Gon grinned: “It’s okay. I’m only interested in participating. Even if I lose, I can come back next year anyway.”

Allan was surprised and pleased by Gon’s optimism.

As for his injuries, Allan wasn’t worried, because unlike the doctor, he knew that Gon would be fully recovered in a month or two.

At this time, Kurapika asked: “Allan, what happened to Uvogin? Did you get rid of him?”

Allan shook his head and said: “It’s a pity; he got away at the end.”

After talking about the battle, Kurapika replied seriously: “Although you defeated him and he got away with serious injuries, he will most likely come back for revenge in the future.”

“I know, so next time we meet, one of us will die.” Allan raised his head as his eyes flashed coldly.

Kurapika stayed silent for a bit before he said: “I will help you then. So, until then, I hope you can teach me how to use Nen.”

Allan gave him a nice guy pose and said: “Don’t worry, however, considering that Leorio isn’t here, we have to wait till the Exam ends before I can give you formal lessons.”

Kurapika nodded: Okay, I will notify Leorio.”

Allan smiled and said: “With your talents, it won’t be that hard to learn, Nen.”

Kurapika was happy with Allan’s reassurance.

“What are you talking about, Allan? Are you going to teach Kurapika and Leorio Nen?” Killua couldn’t help asking.

Seeing Allan nodding, Killua hesitated for a bit before he asked in a pleading tone: “In that case, can you please teach me as well?”

This came as a shock to Allan as he didn’t expect Killua to almost beg him like this.

After all, Killua was from the Zoldyck family, the masters of Assassination and Nen masters almost unrivaled in the world.

At this moment, Killua let go of his arrogance and showed how much he valued Nen training.

Allan wanted to tell both Kurapika and Killua that anyone is willing to teach both of them, even if he doesn’t. After all, most Nen masters should be able to see the potential in these two.

However, he didn’t want to refuse them.

At this time, The system gave him two options.

[1: Agree to Killua’s request and teach him Nen. Reward: Rare Treasure Chest x1]

[2: Tactfully refuse Killua’s request and ask him to find another teacher. Reward: Increase Nen by 3,000 Points.]

Allan immediately picked the first option.

At this time, Killua saw Allan being thoughtful and concluded that Allan didn’t want to teach him, which felt like a heavy blow.

However, in the next second, Allan raised his head, patted Killua’s shoulder, and said: “Okay, I will teach you.”

Killua was happy, and that became apparent when he showed a pure smile.

As he said to Kurapika, Allan asked Killua to wait after the Hunter Exam before teaching him.

Killua had no objection as he gave him a thumb up.

To Allan’s disappointment, the system didn’t reward him immediately.

‘Well, it said that I need to teach him after accepting his request after all.’

There is no free lunch in this world.

However, Allan suddenly remembered the treasure chest he is yet to open. He was so busy with the Exam that he almost forgot about it.

He directly reached to the system with his thoughts and asked it to open the treasure chest.

[Ding! You opened a Mysterious Treasure Chest and obtained Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death.]

(T/N: The Genjutsu Kurenai used against Itachi.)

Instantly, Allan’s mind received all the information concerning the Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death.

Allan couldn’t hide his surprise.

‘Surprisingly, the Chest gave me a Genjutsu.”

This was a handy technique.

Genjutsu is based on the five senses of the target, and there is almost no one in Hunter X Hunter world that can detect a Genjutsu or dispel one.

Although this skill doesn’t cause any physical damage, it’s useful to paralyze the target and finish him instantly.

It’s somewhat a good technique for torturing as well.

At this moment, an announcement was made in the airship: “Whoever hears his badge number, please proceed to meet president Netero.”

Gon and the others were taken aback as they didn’t expect President Netero to interview them in person.

Allan instantly confirmed that the next phase was still the same when he heard the announcement.

The first person they called in was Killua, the holder of the #99 badge.

Killua shrugged before he said: “Well, I go first.”

After entering the room, Killua saw Netero sitting inside.

“It turned out the president is this bald old man.” Killua thought.

“Hehehe, although I’m a bald old man, I’m still very energetic,” Netero said with a smile as if he guessed what Killua’s thoughts.

Killua was startled as he vowed to never look down on this old man again.

Netero then said: “Killua, I will ask you a few questions, and you have to answer them truthfully.”

Killua nodded.

“First, I want to ask you why you want to be a hunter? And what are you going to do after becoming one?”

Killua pretended to think before he said: “I heard someone say that this profession was the greatest in the world, so I wanted to try becoming a professional hunter. As for what I will do after becoming one, I will let my family know that I’m good on my own, and I don’t need to rely on them anymore.”

Netero smiled: “Hehe, so that’s how it is.”

Killua smiled. He was feeling slightly guilty for lying to the old man. ‘Couldn’t he see that I was lying?’

Netero didn’t care as he asked: “Then, let me ask you the second question. Of the remaining candidates, who do you think is the best? Who is the most dangerous, and who is the most powerful?”

Killua became speechless for a while before he answered: “Well, the most outstanding person from the people I have contact with is undoubtedly candidate #123, Allan. The people who are dangerous are candidates #44, Hisoka, #301, Gittarackur. And I don’t know who is the strongest.

Allan, Hisoka, Chrollo, and Gittarackur are very strong, but I don’t know who is the strongest. But I think it can be Allan cause he defeated Candidate #100, Uvogin.”

Upon hearing this, Netero laughed: “I saw that battle on camera. It was indeed a good battle.”

Killua nodded and asked: “Are there any other questions?”

Netero said: “The last question. Killua, who do you want to fight the most? Who do you fight the least?”

Killua put his hand on the back of his head and said: “There is no one who I want to fight as if have no interest in duels. As for the who I don’t want to fight, there are at least four, because it will cause a headache as I can’t picture myself winning against them. But the person I don’t want to fight is Allan since he will be my teacher and train me in Nen.”

Netero laughed again: “I understand, you can go back now.”

Killua asked: “Is this interview related to the next test?”

Netero smiled without answering.

“Strange old man,” Killua muttered before he got up and left.

After he left, Netero took out a notebook and ranked the candidates according to Killua’s view, so he put Allan first, then Hisoka, Gittarackur, and Chrollo together.

He didn’t rank the others yet as he still needed more information.

Fifteen minutes after Killua left, Netero called the next person in. This time it was Hanzo.

“Killua, what did the president ask you?” Kurapika asked as Killua returned to Allan’s room.

“It’s nothing, just some ordinary questions, like the purpose of your participation, who do you want to fight, and who you don’t want to fight.”

Gon and Kurpaika started guessing how Netero will arrange the next test while Allan was already 100% sure that the next test will be duels.

What he was curious about is how will they be arranged.

After a while, Kurapika was called in, and one by one, they were called in by Netero. Gon, Hisoka, Pokkle, Chrollo, Bodoro, Gittarackur, and finally, Allan’s turn.

After Allan walked into the room, he saw Netero sitting in his seat as he glanced at him.

He wore the same clothes from the show and looked the same as well.

“Hello, President Netero.” Allan took the Initiative to greet Netero.

“Hehe, Please, sit down, my boy, Allan,” Netero said politely.

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