Infinite Clone System Infinite Clone System
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I.C.S Chapter 1: Clone

The crescent moon hung up in the dark sky while countless stars danced in its light.

In a town, smoke rose into the sky and ruins were filling the cracked ground, This was a small town on the border of the Land of Fire. Not long ago, this town experienced a fierce ninja battle. Nobody knows how many people died in this unknown town.

Naoto Uchiha walked on the desolate streets like a walking dead. The surrounding scenery was like a cemetery, and he walked in this small town like a ghost crawling out of the grave.

In fact, it is indeed correct to describe him as a ghost. Not long ago, he was a corpse buried in the rubble.

Naoto Uchiha was able to stand up again now because this body no longer had the soul of it originally occupied.

It took a lot time for him to come back to his senses. And when he figured out the situation, he showed some helplessness.

“I actually traveled to Naruto’s world…” He found a half-collapsed wall, leaned on it, and felt the pain all over his body, so he decided to sit and rest a little on the ground.

He came from the earth, and for some unknown reason he came to Naruto’s world and took on the body of Naoto Uchiha, who was on the verge of death.

“But… the system…?”

He organized the information about the system in his mind. In layman’s terms, it is about collecting the points of reputation, and then through these reputation Points, he can get the ability of characters in various worlds.

However, this system is not smart as in other novels, and it doesn’t require any missions.

The character cards in the system are centered on five levels, namely S, A, B, C, and D. The higher the level, the more reputation points a character card needs.

His current reputation points is 4396 points, after all, as a Chūnin from the Uchiha clan, he can use the Sharingan, which is not bad for a Chūnin, Also, There are many people who know him.

“Unfortunately, the lowest-level D-rank character card requires 1,000 points to exchange…”

More importantly —

Although the system can exchange character cards, it cannot conjure a person out of nowhere, but it can use a dead body as the card’s host.

Naoto turned his eyes to the pile corpses in this broken town.

After resting for about a quarter of an hour, Naoto forced his body to stand up, staggered to the few corpses, and sealed them within a scroll.

The strength of the character card is naturally subject to the card level, but the attached body is also very important. And here just happened to be a big battle. There are only two dead Jonin, and it would be a waste not to take their bodies.

When these ninjas die, they usually destroy their own brain nerves in some way to prevent information leakage, but it has no effect on the clones of the system.

He didn’t think twice about it, so directly exchanged 1,000 points for a D-rank character card.

[D-rank card – Hiei]

Looking at this card, there was a short boy dressed in black, about 1.6 meters tall, but most notably, he had a third eye on his forehead.

The moment he saw him, Naoto was shocked. He didn’t expect that his first character card would actually be Hiei from YuYu Hakusho world!

In Naoto’s impression, Hiei achieved what no one before him has, mastering the darkness technique by consuming it and being able to use it against Bui when he beat him and Destroyed half of the stadium in the Dark Tournament, without mentioning when he summoned the Dragon of the Darkness Flame when many had thought it’s impossible. His strength is already terrifying!

Naoto took out the corpse of the dead Jōnin among the ruins of the village, and at the same time used his card to put the character inside this corpse, and little by little the corpse’s body started to change until it’s completely changed from the original strong young man to the character on the card.

Naoto controlled Hiei to stand up.

Looking at what happened with an experience he never had before, two bodies under his control, one was the main body Uchiha Naoto, the other was Hiei’s clone, the two characters existed at the same time but did not interfere with each other.

” I have to go back to Konoha, Maybe some ninjas will come to clean up the battlefield soon After all, it wasn’t that long since the battle ended.”

If he was alone, he naturally wouldn’t dare to traverse the battlefield at will, but with Hiei’s clone, there is no such need to worry. Judging from the information and the feelings he got, Hiei was at least had a Jonin’s power.

Currently, it was the forty-eighth year since Konoha was established. If he remembers correctly, the third ninja war is about to end, so that means the war period is almost over. So he can return to Konoha now to recover from his injuries.

Naoto, who was thinking like this, was about to leave, but he suddenly stopped.


Naoto frowned and thought carefully. He is now seriously injured. If he just returned to Konoha, it would be difficult to explain how an exhausted and seriously injured Chunin could return to the stronghold through the roaring battlefield.

“If I remember correctly, the head of the Uchiha clan Fugaku is at the defense line five kilometers away from here.”

The Third Ninja World War has reached its climax. With the end of the Battle of Kannabi Bridge, Iwagakure’s shinobi are no longer able to continue the war against Konoha. The war against Konoha quickly turned into a lost cause.

At that time, the ninjas led by A the Third Raikage were still fighting on the border between the Land of Lightning and The Land of Earth, so the allies of Konoha wanted to take this opportunity to launch a wave of offensive to completely expel Kumogakure’s shinobi.

To gather combat power, even Uchiha Fugaku, rushed to the front line and was stationed in a small town not far from Naoto at this time.

“It’s been a while since the battle here ended. If the information has been spread out, then the ninja from Konoha will arrive.”

For a ninja, a distance of five kilometers is only a very short distance.

“Not only my place but other places were also attacked?”

“No, it shouldn’t be. Now anyone clearly can see that the war is almost over, so why would Kumo Village still invest such a large number of troops?”

Kumogakure should’ve also noticed this, so they should have already made preparations for a truce, and this attack is more likely to be the last counterattack. The town where Naoto is most likely a bait, and their real purpose is probably to trap the ninjas who come to help!

For a ninja, the Jonin is the most important upper-level combat power. As long as you can kill a few of them, then these kills will make a lot of advantages!

“But no matter what, I have to go and see what I can do.”

Hiei clone looked up at the dim sky, with a chill in his cold eyes.

He can’t wait to test his strength.

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