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I.C.S Chapter 2: Flying Shadow

The first thing Hiei did was melt a collapsed building with a high-temperature flame, leaving a space for Naoto to hide, and then sealed the hole, leaving only a small opening for air circulation.

Once everything was cleaned up, Hiei quickly hurried to the nearest town.

The original owner of this body had the strength of a Jōnin. After his death, he was possessed by Hiei, he wasn’t any weaker than before. With a Jōnin’s speed, the distance of five kilometers only took a few minutes.

It didn’t feel like running five kilometers at all—

Suddenly, Hiei hid, because there were dozens of ninjas fighting in front of him. There were two Jōnin of Konoha, one of them was Uchiha Fugaku, the head of the Uchiha clan.

At this time, Fugaku, who is an elite Jōnin, was being flanked by two ninjas from Kumogakure, which made him hard-pressed. the two sides used ninjutsu alternately, It was a fierce battle, and no other ninja around the three of them dared to approach.

The other Jōnin was Katsuno Uchiha. He wasn’t in a better condition than Fugaku. He was also facing two Shinobi, his strength was lower than Fugaku, but that doesn’t mean he was weak, he was better than most ninjas. But the situation indicates that the siege was getting worse for the two of them.

If no reinforcements arrive, this support team will probably be wiped out in a short time.

“Lightning Release: Lightning Dragon Tornado “

During this siege by Kumogakure’s Shinobi against the support team of the Uchiha clan, the leader of the ninja attacking them came forward and used one of the strongest techniques in their Hidden Cloud Village, he moved quickly while forming seals with his hands, and release the Lightning Dragon Tornado.

His hands shone with blazing thunder, and his body was glowing brightly, and with the Lightning Dragon Tornado, he started the attack against Katsuno Uchiha.

Katsuno Uchiha used his Sharingan, and with it, he was able to monitor the enemy’s movements, then directly hit him with a Fire technique.

He knew that the violent Lightning Dragon Tornado was just a cover for the real ultimate move, and without the insight of the Sharingan, it’s difficult to deal with the high speed of these enemies.

Quickly, he spat out four fire dragons from his mouth and sent it straight to the enemy’s Lightning Dragon Tornado attacking him from four directions.

Although the enemy’s movements and attacks were fast, he can’t be faster than Katsuno’s Sharingan!


The collision of the flame and the lightning produced a huge explosion, and the smoke and dust filled the air. Katsuno Uchiha quickly retreated to get rid of the smoke, then took the chance again and made the hand-seals of the Dragon Fire Technique for the second time.

The fire dragon and the lightning dragon collided, and the smoke spreads further. Katsuno Uchiha knows that he could die in a one-vs-two situation. Only by creating a one-vs-one environment, can he barely have a chance of winning, or buying more time!

Watching the thunder break through the smoke, Katsuno quickly moved his hands making seals, and released the Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique.

While the Hiding in Ash and Dust Technique hid him from the enemy’s field of view, he was also thinking about ways to defeat the enemy. And because he used high-powered ninjutsu, his chakra was low, he couldn’t hold on any longer.

Besides him, there were a few Konoha’s Shinobis here, many of them from the Uchiha clan. If they withdraw under this siege, they will surely be hunted down and killed! Especially with the numerical and qualitative superiority of the enemies, therefore, this team had to be protected from annihilation.

“Patriarch! You go, I’ll cover!”

Katsuno roared in the smoke as he made his choice: ” fire release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique!”

“Damn, how dare you get distracted when you are fighting against the two of us!” and roared angrily, “Let’s see how you’ll handle this technique!”

The huge chakra condensed in front of him and turned into a big blue lightning tiger and quickly rushed to Katsuno Uchiha’s position.

The high temperature attached to the Ash and Dust Technique fog constantly weakened the Lightning Tiger, but unfortunately, this Lightning Tiger is a Jōnin’s full-strength attack and even if it was obstructed, it still maintained most of its power to hit the enemy after all.

Katsuno spit blood and his body flew five or six meters backward. At the same time, the numbness on his body made him almost unable to stand up, but he still has the strong willpower that made him stand up straight, with a look of courage mixed with pain on his face!

” Fugaku, go!” His eyes were firm, and he moved quickly in the thick fog, trying as much as possible to buy time for Fugaku to escape.

He knew clearly that if Fugaku, an elite Jōnin and the head of the Uchiha clan, wanted to run away, they wouldn’t be able to stop him, so if he left the place, they can’t do anything to him. So he has to stop these two Jōnin who surround him, even if it cost his life!

” Katsuno! ” On the other side, Fugaku Uchiha was also very anxious. He naturally knew that if he left now, those who stayed would be 100% dead. Katsuno was one of his few friends. How can he just run away?

But he is the head of the Uchiha clan! How can he die in a place like this?! What a complicated situation.

The fierce ninjutsu battle continuously consumes a lot of chakra from everyone on the battlefield. Fugaku Uchiha knew that if this continued, his chakra would be depleted sooner or later.

“Damn, why isn’t the support here yet?”

Impatient, he was struck by lightning over and over, and the number of Konoha ninjas on the battlefield continued to go down, and the situation in front of him could be said it was very desperate.


Fugaku raised his head abruptly because he saw that the smoke on Katsuno’s side had completely dissipated, revealing his body that was penetrated by the Lightning Spear, a large amount of blood flowed from the wound. and his body was shaking, and in his last moments he released the last ninjutsu “ Rock Pillar Prison Technique “!

A tall soil pillar rose from the ground, trapping the two targeting Fugaku in their place, Katsuno couldn’t bear the weakness any longer and fell to the ground.

Fugaku’s eyes widened, and a three tomoe Sharingan started to appear in his eyes rotated extremely fast and connected together to form a figure like a blade. However, just before the shape was completely finalized, a huge black dragon seemed to devour everything. The demon suddenly appeared on the battlefield, the huge black dragon wave spiraled forward, and the terrifying black flames released an unimaginable high temperature. The two Kumogakure’s Shinobi who were trapped in the rock pillar prison did not expect that someone would make a sneak attack at the moment when the battle was about to end, so they ushered in the end of their lives when they relaxed their defenses. The rock pillar was destroyed and the two were swallowed in an instant without feeling any pain.

He turned his gaze to the other two Kumogakure’s Shinobi slightly, and said in a low voice, ” This is just a glimpse of what my Jagan eye can do…”

“Reputation Points from Uchiha Fugaku +443”

“Reputation Points from Kitamuro +347”

“Reputation Points from Makoto Ikuo +329”


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