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I.C.S Chapter 3: The End Of The Fight

Hiei strike at just the right moment and killed the two Kumogakure’s Jōnin at once, and the two sides who were fighting also stopped at the same time. They didn’t want to be the next prey of this stranger with the strange power he has.

“You’re not from Konoha!?” A cloud ninja said angrily when he saw that there was no Konoha’s support with Hiei.

“Damn, a wandering ninja dares to spoil the fun of eliminating our enemies,” Fugaku said.

“Cut it, idiot, I just saved you.”

Hiei can see the change in Uchiha Fugaku’s Chakra. It was clearly the moment when the Sharingan was about to open. Uchiha Fugaku is not a simple Jonin after all.

But he’s still said arrogantly, “My goal is not you. But you are in my way. If you don’t want to die under the Black Dragon Wave like the two of them, then don’t bother me.”

When he was talking, Hiei moved his arm covertly. At first, Naoto thought that the technique he used would be from the Dark Martial Arts Tournament, but now it seemed that he was already at the level of an A-rank demon. He had just used the Wicked King Immolation Black Dragon Wave to kill the two Jōnin just now, but his right arm only felt a little soreness.

‘Luckily …… Black Dragon Wave can be used again ……’ He said it in his mind.

It seems like a catastrophe descended on Kumogakure’s Shinobi, which forced them to withdraw, a clear victory was turned into a big defeat by Hiei.

On Konoha’s side, they were trying to recover their stamina, especially Katsuno Uchiha. He lay on the ground and took a deep breath. The black dragon wave almost hit him too, miraculously surviving from all this chaos, but the heat still nearly melted him.

Uchiha Fugaku was immersed in what Hiei said just now, his impression of Hiei he may have already the bloodline limit of something like the Sharingan.

“But the black flame and the third eye on the forehead are the new bloodline boundaries?”

“If this is the new limit of the bloodline, then it is normal he wants to prove himself. It’s just the fact of the attack that this guy’s strike can kill two jonin in seconds. Although it was a sneak attack, it should not be underestimated. This strange guy has an unknown origin…”

In the end, a cloud ninja jonin make a decision after watching what happened, and turned back to his team and angrily said, “Damn it… Let’s go! ”.

The cloud ninja jonin did not want to fight to the death here. The two of them had already worked hard to deal with one of the Uchiha Fugaku team. If Hiei intervened in the battle, the two of them would definitely lose.

And the mission they received was originally to act according to opportunity, and since they were unbeatable, there was no point in putting themselves on the line.

All the Konoha’s shinobi who were still alive after seeing the Cloud Ninjas retreated, they breathed a sigh of relief, but when they saw Hiei, they became nervous.

They didn’t forget that it was this little dwarf who killed the two Jōnin with one blow, and the huge dragon-shaped flame could easily kill them just by the residual heat that was inadvertently radiated.

But they didn’t know, in fact, Hiei kind of felt a little disappointed, that the black dragon wave does have the destructive power to kill the Jōnin level, but his current strength can only load two strikes at most, after two strikes, It’s hard to say how much combat power he can have.

The battlefield was silent, Konoha’s shinobi were waiting for an opportunity to recover their strength, and Hiei was also thinking about what to say next.

The first person who broke the silence was Uchiha Fugaku: “I still don’t know how to call this Your Excellency?!”

His body was tense and ready for Hiei’s sudden attack at any time.

But Hiei just curled his lips in disdain, “My name is Hiei, and don’t be so scared.”

He suddenly turned his back to Konoha’s Ninja, “I don’t want to fight a Shinobi who has exhausted more than half of his chakra and physical strength. When you fully recover, it will be a battle between these two different techniques.”

“As for now…” Hiei’s figure flashed and Suddenly disappeared from the battlefield, leaving his flat voice in the air.

“Go ahead and complete your mission.”

After confirming that Hiei had disappeared, Fugaku let out a long breath and collapsed to the ground. The previous fight had placed a high burden on his body and spirit, especially the sudden change in his Sharingan.

Fugaku unconsciously covered his face with his hands, and he clearly felt that he was about to get a new experience, and a steady stream of chakra was pouring out of his body, as if… the Sharingan has evolved!

Mangekyou Sharingan!

But when he wanted to open those eyes, he couldn’t reach that level no matter what, as if everything before was an illusion, but the Chakra in his body couldn’t be faked!

“It seems that we can only dig deep after we go back. I have to finish the task before returning.”

” I almost forgot, Katsuno!” He stood up hard and quickly ran to the side of Uchiha Katsuno, who was paralyzed on the ground, and the ninja who had been treating him immediately reported, “Captain, Katsuno’s life is saved. , but because of excessive use of chakra, he has chakra exhaustion.”

Fugaku’s heart suddenly broke again, and he quickly asked, “Fake death? Damn it! How to save Katsuno then?!”

“Only Tsunade can save him in this situation…”

Naoto opened his eyes, smiling at the massive income he had just received from Hiei’s performance…

“5618 Reputation points, as expected, pretending and coercion is the shortcut to earning valuable points.”

To be honest, he never expected that the first character card would give such a powerful character as Hiei.

In the information he got, the D-level characters are roughly divided from the Genin to the Jōnin, the C level is from the Jōnin to the Anbu, the B is the Anbu level to the Kage, the A is the role from the Kage to the super Kage, and for the S level, The character card is likely to surpass Kaguya Ōtsutsuki in strength.

Hiei character card plus Hiei clone created by the corpse of a shinobi, it is undoubtedly one of the best characters in the D-rank character card. The most important thing is that Hiei is an unparalleled genius. He can grow to an A rank in a short time. If this clone also inherited this talent, then Naoto may be able to get a super Kage level at the cost of 1000 Reputation points!

“Hmm? They’re coming over.”

Hearing the alternate footsteps not far away, through the eyes of Hiei’s clone, he saw Uchiha Fugaku and the others arrive at this town that had become a ruin.

“Finally… I’m going back…”

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