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I.C.S Chapter 4: Inquiry

The Clan Head, who had just been through a great battle, found Naoto buried in the rubble and after digging him out, he put him in the medical department for treatment.

With the medical ninja’s treatment, Naoto’s injuries will soon be healed. He thought at first that they would continue to be stationed in a certain town, but the village decided to replace them with a new team after knowing about the situation here. So now, the Uchiha clan ninjas can choose to follow Fugaku Uchiha back to Konoha or stay on the battlefield.

Naoto naturally chose to return to the village. Because of the existence of the clone, he has no interest to improve his self combat effectiveness. Rather than being afraid here, it’s better to return to the village and use the Hiei clone to gain a reputation.

“Reputation from Sarutobi Hiruzen +896”

“Reputation from Koharu Utatane +312”

“Reputation from Shimura Danzō +552



What came, after following the Uchiha clan on their way back to the village, was Naoto’s mind rang with the system beep.

At first, he was a bit confused, but then it occurred to him that it must be the information that the Third Hokage and the others had received back from Uchiha Fugaku.

After all, a now unknown type of blood limit owned by an unknown person just appeared, which seems he has the ability to kill two Jonin ninjas in a jiffy, and that’s very eye-catching, which makes Konoha, who thought that the war is about to end, are little more worried.

“More than 8,000 reputation points…”

While walking and thinking, Naoto was very confused at that point.

“Do I have to wait for 10,000 RP to exchange for a C-rank character card… Or should I exchange more D-rank character cards to increase the current speed of earning RP?”

With just a single Hiei, the speed of earning reputation points is still not fast enough, but if he exchanges for another D-rank character card, then he’s not sure if it will be worth the spending or it’s just a waste of points.

After all, not all the D-rank character cards are good as Hiei, its span is from lower to upper, if he gets an upper character then it will be worth the money, and getting a middle one can also be accepted, but having a lower one it’s definitely a waste.

“The war is about to end…Otherwise, it would be quicker to establish an organization as a war mercenary to collect reputation points, but since we are at the end of the war, let’s rely on Hiei only to slowly make together a C-level character card, and if I can open a shadow level, then everything will be just fine.”

” Naoto, there’s nothing seriously wrong with your health anymore .”Just when he was thinking deeply, a serious voice entered his ears.

Naoto turned around and found out that he was Uchiha Yashiro from the clan. He was also a close friend to the clan head Fugaku. He had been fighting on the front line before. It seems like Fugaku called back almost all the Uchiha clan this time.

After all, it makes sense, there is an unknown enemy who has powers that are comparable to someone with the Mangekyou Sharingan and the war is about to end. So it is reasonable to make a decision to withdraw from the Uchiha clan.

” It’s just a few traumatic injuries. I’m lucky to be alive after being crushed under the rubble of a building.”

” Guichi was leading your team, right?.” Yashiro said his questioning words with a tone of doubt.

Unlike Naoto, Guichi is one of the superior ninjas of the Uchiha clan, the elite who opened the three tomoe of his Sharingan.

Naoto recalled his previous memories, nodded, and said, “Yes, indeed it’s him.”

At this point, he already knew what Yashiro’s intentions were when he came over.

It is the corpse of Uchiha Guichi. The Uchiha clan, who have high self-esteem, will never let the corpses of their clansmen be abandoned outside, not to mention that the corpse contains the Sharingan. The inexplicable loss of the corpse is absolutely unacceptable to the Uchiha clan.

But what Yashiro asked was different from what Naoto expected next: “Have you ever seen a boy who is about 1.6 meters tall and has a third eye on his head?”

Naoto was so shocked that he couldn’t even breathe for a moment. He is asking about Hiei, no doubt about it. “But why is he asking me particularly? Am I exposed?” He said it inside when the fear possessed him.

Yashiro, who had seen the change in Naoto’s mood, asked, “What is it, Naoto? Have you seen him?”

So it wasn’t that he was exposed, but because he was too nervous, which aroused suspicion. After all, even in the unscientific world of ninjas, it is improbable to know about his relationship with Hiei.

He quickly calmed down, organized the language, and said to Yashiro:” yes, sir. I spotted a little boy like that once during a patrol, but he just disappeared in an instant. I thought I was mistaken, but in the battle when Fugaku’s team attacked, I heard that the same person I saw had appeared in the battle. And it seemed he was going toward Guichi.

“Is that so…the shameless person covets the Sharingan!” Yashiro raised his voice with anger, and after he calmed down before continuing “Did you see him fight in close range? “

“It seems that he is a Taijutsu specialist. His speed is very fast. Even my Sharingan can’t capture his movement, and also, he is very good at Kenjutsu, the rest …… well, I wasn’t able to notice.”

Yashiro narrowed his eyes, and after a while he ordered Naoto.

“You’re not allowed to tell anyone about this, the story dies with you, did you hear me?”

“Yes, Mr. Yashiro.”Naoto nodded obediently.

Yashiro smiled with relief and said, “well, take care of your injuries”. After the conversation, he quickly turned back and left, probably to look for Fugaku.

“Reputation Points from Uchiha Yashiro +122…”

After confirming that Yashiro has left, Naoto took a breath, then frowned, and thought with some regret, “Is it only 122? It seems that reputation is not only related to strength but also has a lot to do with the degree of the impression left in the mind of others. .”

The strength of Yashiro as a Shinobi was undeniable, but compared to the more than 300 reputation points that Yashiro should have, it was 200 points less, most likely because of the effect of Hiei.

However, just a few people in the village know about him. Even the Uchiha clan, only had a few upper ninjas who knew about him, and only the third Hokage and other advisors in the village know about him. If all goes well, then Hiei can earn a lot of reputation from Konoha.

If it’s not them there’s no worry, this ninja world isn’t just Konoha, so he wants to let Hiei take advantage of the war to be active on the battlefield first.

Besides, he also had an idea that Hiei needed to try…

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