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I.C.S Chapter 5: C-Class Character Card

_Fire release: Fireball Technique.

Hiei formed a seal with both hands while following Naoto’s memory to mobilize the demonic energy in his body, under the interaction of the two, a huge fireball came out of Hiei’s mouth and destroyed a boulder in front of him into pieces.

Hiei looked at his hands and murmured “It works? ……”.

He had already noticed that he didn’t have the same demonic energy as before, but rather the presence of chakra unique in the ninja world. “Was it that this ninja world did not allow the existence of other energies or is it because this body was from this world, to begin with?”

Either way though, whether it’s chakra or demonic energy, neither will prevent Hiei from being able to use his original abilities as he remembers, also he can use Naruto’s world unique techniques.

” That’ll make it a little easier for me. Just a little more and I’ll be able to summon a C-rank character card. I wonder who is gonna be? “. After making sure he was able to unleash the technique, Hiei followed the route he remembered in the direction of the Land of Lightning.

Konohagakure is about to sign a peace agreement with Iwagakure, which means that the Land of the Lightning side was about to be pacified as well. The Third Shinobi World War ended with Konoha’s victory, and before the end of this war, he must earn enough reputation.

“Hmm? Is there movement ahead?”

Hiei heard the sound of dense footsteps about two hundred meters ahead, and quickly, he hid in a large tree, holding his breath and waiting for the owner of the footsteps to arrive.

Soon, a group of people appeared in Hiei’s line of sight. They were three people. Judging from their forehead protector, they are Konoha’s ninjas. And at this moment, these three people were rushing away as if they were being hunted down by someone.

“Isn’t that Shisui?”

Hiei stared intently and found that the third person in the line was the genius ninja Uchiha Shisui from the Uchiha clan.

” Well, even though Shisui is still a Genin, like Uchiha Itachi, he should have already been opened the three tomoe Sharingan. what a remarkable genius.”

Felling the surroundings carefully, as expected, there were dozens of ninjas chasing them, and also there were some Konoha’s ninjas far from here are coming.

He suddenly remembered how the plot was, so he made a decision.

This should be the period when Uchiha Shisui opened the Mangekyō Sharingan. After the end of the third ninja war, Shisui’s team was attacked by enemy ninjas, and there when he opened the Mangekyō Sharingan because of the death of his best friend.

As a ninja of the Uchiha clan now, he didn’t want to let Shisui open the Mangekyō at first but also didn’t want such an invincible illusion technique to just disappear, so he eventually decided to let nature take its course.

And, he chose to stay here for another thing. If he remembers correctly, Uchiha Shisui will lose his best friend because of his jealousy.

When this squad was on their mission, they were surrounded and suppressed, they thought that they were saved when they sensed reinforcements were coming after a bitter battle, but then, because of his jealousy, Shisui deliberately to did not reach out to his friend, who was being pulled behind him.

This choice made Shisui extremely painful, but when he realized what he had done, a tragedy had happened, and a strong sense of remorse made his Sharingan evolve to Mangekyō Sharingan
, so it became one of the strongest illusion eyes.

The reason why Shisui was jealous of that best friend is that his talent was so good. It is really difficult for Naoto to imagine that there is a genius in this world that even Shisui, who is called a genius too, be envious.

How terrifying is the ninja who can make such a genius feel jealous?

Hiei was very interested.
“Oh…it looks like he has escaped… is he caught? Or maybe he’s already dead?” when he sensed that the Konoha reinforcements in front had arrived, Hiei made a decision.

Hiei retreated in secret and sneaked to the place of these ninjas, then he discovered that it was the Cloud’s ninjas who were chasing them.

It seems that some of them have also discovered that the Konoha’s ninjas are not far away, so they start struggling to decide whether to continue the pursuit.

They were divided into five teams, three teams in the front and two behind, and in the middle of the formation were two cloud Ninjas watching over a teenager about 12 years old and has a Konaha’s Forehead Protector.

The five leaders of the groups should be Jōnin, so it’s a bit difficult to start the attack… and it seems that Shisui’s best friend hasn’t been killed yet. So they may try to keep him alive and take him back to their village.

In fact, the most troublesome thing is that these five Jōnin belongs to Kumogakure. Kumogakure’s ninja is good at Lightning Release. Although they can release ninjutsu, they also have a strong physique and speed.

With such a lineup, Hiei didn’t know what to do to bring back Konoha’s ninja.

‘no, there is still a way ……’

Hiei turned his attention to the side where they were leaving.

If he fast enough…

“Now my chance”

Hiei moved quickly towards Shisui and the others, and all that was seen in the forest was a dark shadow swishing over a large tree, and within moments he saw the back of the Konoha’s ninja who was leaving.

“Fire Release: Fireball Technique”

Using the most powerful ninjutsu in Naoto’s memory as a Chūnin, Hiei spit out a small fireball from his mouth, Then he blows the blazing bonfires toward the Konoha’s ninja. The Konoha’s ninjas, who had been advancing were also prepared for a possible attack from behind. one of them who was running at the end of the line made an Earth-style Wall and a tall wall rose from the ground, deflecting the impact of all the explosion and the fire outside the wall.

“Who are you? How dare you attack Konoha’s ninjas!?”

The leader of the ninjas shouted in anger when he saw that Hiei didn’t have any of the village’s Forehead Protector.

“Didn’t the leader of your village send you my message?” Hiei looked at them coldly and said, “My name is Hiei, I’m here to take Uchiha Shisui, hand him over.”

“Don’t you dare!”

“Right…” Hiei was silent as if he thinking. For a moment, he laid his eyes on Shisui, who was still remorseful, and found that he didn’t seem to notice what was happening around him.

Just when they thought that a battle is about to start, they heard Hiei say: “Uchiha Shisui seems to be undergoing some kind of interesting transformation… Well, I’ll let you guys go this time.”

“Listen! You bastard…” The leader was about to speak, but Hiei disappeared in the next second…

“That was fast ……”

He didn’t expect that a little-unknown guy could be that fast.

“This guy is not weak, and it seems that he’s insisted to find Uchiha Shisui… It seems that I have to report about this.”

He looked back at the team, and ordered: “Everyone move forward fast!”

“Reputation Points from Izumo Nenghuo +289.”

“Reputation Points from Mukada Shin +125.”



Hiei’s brows stretched out, and he felt a sense of fulfillment after receiving a large number of reputation points.

” Reputation Points +111 from Uchiha Fuhaku.”

” Reputation Points +321 from Uchiha Inaba.”

“Reputation Points +317 from Uchiha Tetsumaki.”

“Reputation Points 11890…”

Naoto once again transferred his consciousness from Hiei and took over his body, while using the system.

_C-rank character card!

A powerful person between the Jonin ninja to the Kage level that cost 10,000 Reputation Points to exchange, has opened!

That is……!?

When Naoto saw the face on the card, he was instantly happy…

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