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I.C.S Chapter 6: Seven Warlords of the Sea

 A cloud ninja leader Known as Genji was frustrated when he Realized the Konoha’s ninjas’ chakra getting weaker and weaker and said: “funny, it looks like you let the other three escape”

 They had received information this time that were their enemy ninjas in the territory trying to sneak into the granary, and it was so hard to catch this squad but they had only caught a single Genin …

 “We sent out five squads, and all we got was this one kid!” The leader punched the tree in anger.

 One of the other Jonin approached him and said: “Forget it, let’s take this kid back first. This kid is quite powerful, maybe he knows a lot of information. This is the only way to do it now “

 Genji nodded in silence, that was all he could do for now.

 Seeing that Genji’s mood had returned, the Jonin returned his attention to the captive who was tied up and unconscious behind him.

 The boy was only thirteen years old, but already quite well developed, and physically it would not be too much to say that he was a twenty-year-old adult.

 By now he had fallen into a coma and was being watched over by two Chūnin.

  The Jonin’s face turned gloomy, after Seeing this.

 He didn’t expect this kid to be so strong that he could compete with him, but he was obviously only a Genin…

 “Is this Konoha’s new generation? If there were several more geniuses like this, it would be quite bad for the Cloud’s ninjas in the next ninja War…”

 “let’s go!”

  He ordered reluctantly

 He would love to go after them now and kill everyone on Konoha’s side, but there were no sensory shinobi on his side and he wasn’t sure of the other side’s strength. What’s more important is that it was clear the war is coming to an end, and they were still sending ninjas to the front line. …… The old men gave the orders, but it was the young men who were dying!

 It was precisely this kind of thinking that made him unwilling to pursue it, if there happened to be a monster like a flash on the other side, then it would be in vain to lose the lives of dozens of ninjas on their side for nothing.

 “What we need to do now is to reduce the strength of the enemy country and preserve the combat power of the Land of Lightning as much as possible, so they must not fall down here!”

That was how he consoled himself.

 Not to mention the fact that he still has a trump card!

 He looked at the Konoha ninja who was now surrounded by five Chūnin and felt a little more comfortable.

 Turned his gaze back to the right track, where a squad of dozens moved through the forest and looked to be reaching the stronghold soon.

 “Kanda, have you heard the rumors about what’s going on over there?”

 Because of the imminent arrival at the destination, the atmosphere in the team became relaxed, and then Genji asked.

 Kanda was stunned for a moment, then reply with a question, “Are you talking about the Anbu incident?”

 It was only yesterday that they had heard of the incident in which four squads, from Squad 3 to Squad 6, had joined forces to kill Fugaku, but they were counter-killed by a wandering ninja, but they couldn’t rule out the possibility that they were from Konoha.

 “Yeah, I’m thinking if we could use the power of the wandering ninja against Konoha in the future if this is true.”

 “Impossible…” Kanda hesitated for a moment, then replied, “No matter how the ninjas outside can’t compete with us who have been systematically trained. That guy succeeded purely because of a sneak attack.”

 “Can you kill two Jonin with a sneak attack?” He smiled and cast a glance at Kanda

 Kanda said with some annoyance, “It depends, what if they were exhausted?”

 However, he was aware of the fact that it was the two Cloud’s Jōnin ninjas that were attacking Katsuno Uchiha, so how could they be exhausted in a two against one situation?

 Just as he was trying to restore the battle situation, a hand clapped on his shoulder…

 Kanda was stunned.

He quickly retreated until he reached the crowd, and even hit two shinobi who were behind him.

 But Kanda no longer had time to care about them, the man who had just suddenly touched his shoulder was definitely not on his side, just a man who had been able to approach him without making a noise.

 Kanda struggled to keep his eyes on him. A sturdy young man with black hair, a healthy complexion, and freckles on both cheeks. He wears an orange cowboy hat, a red bead necklace hanging from his neck, a tattoo of the word “ASCE” on his left arm, where the S is crossed, and a dagger is attached to his left wrist.

 He stands relaxed at the moment and says loudly :

 “Hey! Hiei, it looks like someone is questioning your strength…”

 After he finished speaking, another figure jumped down from the big tree. Compared with the tall young man, he looked like a primary school student, but the most striking thing was the third eye on his forehead. An Evil eye has never been seen before.

 “Don’t waste your time, and don’t forget your mission,” Hiei responded to the youth with an arrogant look.

 “Reputation Points +289 from Kyoichi Kanda.”

“Reputation Points +221 from Warai Genji.”

“Reputation Points +216 from Koguni Toshiharu.”

” Reputation Points From …………”

” Reputation Points From …………”

 Hearing the sound from the system, Naoto laughed, but his face remained expressionless. He controlled Hiei and continued to say, “Hand over Tachibana Raizo.”

 “Who the hell you think you are?!” Under an outburst of anger, Genji directly punched the tall young man closest to him.

 However, after this outrageous punch, the youth seemed motionless.

 “Idiot, do you want to punch me now?” Or is it that you can’t make any response at all after what happened to you? Komoto laughed. He is a ninja with a style of taijutsu. In his mind, only A the Third Raikage can resist his punch.

 Although it had come out of nowhere, it had been his best move. He was rude but a serious man who never underestimated anyone, and this man had appeared behind him without a sound, so obviously he’s not an easy man.

 But that was the end of him!! No matter how strong he is, he will be crippled by this punch!

 Or what Genji thought…

But the result made him stunned…

it passed through…

 Genji looked at his right arm, half of it had passed through the young man’s body, but the flesh and blood that should have been penetrated were not affected, as if nothing happened.

Is it a new bloodline limit again? Like the mysterious man who killed the Anbu not long ago?

“Oh, I’m the Fire Fist man who ate the Devil fruit. normal attacks won’t work on me.”

“Reputation Points +199 from Warai Genji.”

“Reputation Points From…”

 Hearing the sound of the system again, the young man continued to explain with a happy face, “My name is Ace, and I am the same as Hiei over there. The kid you captured is our mission target. Could you please hand him over?”

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