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I.C.S Chapter 7: Continue the drawing

The sky suddenly became gloomy, and a flash of lightning cut through the sky. The flash illuminated the gloomy sky, but this light had just calmed down, and a fire hundreds of meters high suddenly rose from a forest below, as if it swallowed the black clouds in the sky.

The flames released from Ace as if he came from Hell, wrapping hundreds of meters around him in a circle.

The moisture in the air was evaporated the moment the flames appeared, but in the blink of an eye, the flames had filled all directions, and all the cloud’s Ninjas could see was a sea of fire.

“Oh my… ah… how is that possible…” the cowardly words were uttered out of sheer terror, and Genji looked in shock at the man who had caused all this.

” I am the Fire Fist who ate the Flame-Flame Fruit, so it is normal for me to control the flame.”

Normal.. What a small word to describe a horrifying sight!

Surrounded by the sea of fire, Genji retreated quickly and stood with the main force. But at this time, most forces were already destroyed, what is left is the five of them who were Jōnin, and the Chūnin could hardly withstand it, but the Genin ninjas could barely protect themselves amid this flame let alone protect others.

They had to get out of the flames first!

The five men looked at each other and came to this conclusion together.

Two of them quickly formed a seal and used the Water Jutsu.

“Water Release: Water Dragon Blast Technique”

“Water Release: Rising Blast”

The water flowed heavily like a waterfall and the water dragon that seemed roaring made a path through the sea of fire.

“Fire Gun”

Ace moved to the exit as soon as the Water Jutsu was released, then he looked at the ninja who was trying to escape, and brought his index and middle fingers of both hands together, aiming like a gun, and start spewing a continuous flame from his fingertips.

“Lightning Release: Lightning Fang”

Kanda was the first to react. He launched a large-scale lightning attack with both swords, the flame attack only resisted for a split second before it was shattered by the lightning, the remaining lightning blasting at Ace with undiminished momentum.

“Water Release: Water Fang Bullet”

“Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration”

“Lightning Release: Tiger Scissors”


The rest of the ninja also used their own jutsu, the most of them were Lightning users, and a few were water users that restrained the flames.

With a frown, Ace’s right arm gathered a large amount of flame and sent it spewing out, a wall of flame forming in the path of the Jutsu attack.

“Flame Mirror”

After the big crash, the flames on the wall became more intense. Then there was a loud noise like a nuclear bomb exploded. The strong shock wave destroyed the surrounding trees, and the soil and rocks were thrown away. After the light Shine brightly, a large amount of smoke and dust gradually dissipated. A crater with a depth of about ten meters and a radius of more than 200 meters appeared…


Kanda waved his hand to blow the smoke away and felt defeated. he was sure that his side had failed, and when he fainted, he saw the figure who called himself Ace calmly passed over them. Take the results of this mission with him.

He had never felt such a sense of powerlessness. First, he escaped from a Konoha’s Shinobi, and then he was easily defeated by an organization of unknown origin…

“This is really … sad … ” He said with a sigh.

  ”The Shichibukai ……”


Naoto raised his eyes up and rubbed his hands with some excitement.

He was very excited and really hadn’t expected to draw the card Ace at all..

He was the captain of the second team under Whitebeard, and a great pirate who was invited to join the Shichibukai.

Ace’s strength is unquestionable, and It is roughly equivalent to Kage -level in Naruto World. With Kage-level backing, he will have confidence in what he wants to do in the future. When he left the battlefield before, he put the scroll that stored the corpse of Jonin on Hiei, so Ace was able to rush to the battlefield so quickly after drawing out the character card.

 (The Shichibukai it will be my organization’s name, so I guess all five Shinobi villages will know about it soon, and it will be another income then.)

Naoto narrowed his eyes and smiled happily, he couldn’t wait to get the new Shichibukai together.

  (But first, we need to find a base for the organization, we can’t just sleep out in the open.)
Naoto fell into thinking again, most of the Shinobi world was occupied by the five great villages and the rest of the world had their eyes and ears, so finding a base on the main road is not a good option.


The ninja world is not the only continent in this world, there are islands in the vast ocean and it’s not difficult to find a place to put your base on one of these islands.

After thinking about the approximate location of the base, Naoto thought of the previous battle. He carefully recalled how he felt at that time, and he began to mutter to himself, “From the battle just now, the elementals are not everything… Although it is still Useful, it can be interfered with by chakra…”

This is a bit of a headache for him, but it actually makes sense, after all, there is no absolutely invincible ability in itself, even the most buggy ability has to rely on individual excellence to play out, No matter how bad the ability is, as long as you are strong to a certain extent, then You can perform jest great.

If the elementals of nature are really invincible, the system will not determine that Ace is a C-level character card.

Speaking of characters, it seems that he can draw cards again.

The performance he had just performance earned him a large number of reputation points, and there will be reminders of reputation points from time to time. After exchanging a C-rank character card before, he originally only had about 1,000 reputation points left, but now his balance is as high as 4,000+, so he would gain thousands of reputation Points again when he starts spreading and proving himself more.

The time of peace in this world has come, and there is no need to keep saving points.

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