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I.C.S Chapter 8: Reaction

Konoha, Hokage Office Building.

The Third Hokage was smoking a pipe and exhaling purple smoke. In front of him were a few papers has information from the Uchiha clan and the front lines of the battlefield.

“What an eventful year… I thought we could all return to peace after the war, but suddenly there’s that Ace who can easily defeat five cloud’s ninja teams and Hiei who had an unknown attitude towards the Uchiha clan…”

When the Third Hokage decided to rest a little, Koharu walked in without hesitating and asked: “How is the investigation of the organization that Ace talks about – the Shichibukai – going?”

It was Danzo who answered the question with a gloomy tone: ” Even when we send Anbu to investigate, we couldn’t find any information, it’s like the organization appeared out of nowhere. The only information available today is that there exists a Hiei in the Shichibukai whose true combat power is unknown and apparently has the ability to kill Jonin and Ace who is capable of defeating five shinobi’s teams in one battle.”

“If there are seven ninjas like them, then there is no way that the organization has no information, Because of the resources they need!” Homura Mitokado said with a bulge in his eyes, as an old man who had lived through two Shinobi wars, he actually can’t accept that there were organizations other than the five great Shinobi villages, that have ninjas at the level of Jonin and Kage.

Indeed, Ace shows that he’s at the same level as the Kage, and Hiei who accompanied him, although he didn’t fight at full strength, was enough to raise his status and prove his strength as a kind of new blood-line limit.

“You’re right.” Sarutobi took a puff of pipe and then exhaled, ignoring Danzo who frowned at the smell of smoke and continued, “Although it is not ruled out that there is a hidden deep enough that we can’t even find the organization, I am more inclined that maybe this organization secretly cultivated by other countries.”

“Could it be the Land of Earth? Because of the battle of Kannabi Bridge, it was unable to face the large-scale army battle so they sent an elite team to the enemy’s territory to destroy them?”

“The name Shichibukai is associated with the sea, could it be related to the Land of Water?”

Since there was no definite information, all four present could only rely on their own guess, and finally, the Third Hokage gave the order “Anyway, the investigation of the Shichibukai as an organization should be arranged, and also it’s necessary to sign peace agreements with other countries as soon as possible.”

After hearing this, Danzo said, “Sarutobi, you are acting cowardly, we have the upper hand now, so we should step up our attacks! It is foolish to seek peace.”

The two Hokage advisors were also surprised that Danzo would dare to say such a thing, but they both kept silent. Sarutobi’s choice this time was really unpopular.

“Hmm…” Looking at Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane who were silent, Sarutobi sighed: “I also know that hatred is not easy to put down, but Konoha realy needs a peaceful time now.”

Danzo start to speak again but was stopped by the Third Hokage. He waved his hand and said with determination, “Well, if everyone still complains about this, I can choose to abdicate.”

Danzo’s eyes flashed, but he finally nodded …..


” Sir, our men have returned.”

At Naka Shrine, Uchiha Yatsushiro handed a letter in his pocket to Uchiha Fugaku, who immediately pulled it out and read it.

After watching it for a while, Fugaku frowned and said, “Notify all the clansmen still on the battlefield and let them return to Konoha as soon as possible.”

Yatsushiro was startled, and he asked tentatively, “But where is the Hokage…?”

“I’ll go and discuss this with the Hokage. I’ll do it immediately” Fugaku said decisively..”

Seeing that Fugaku seemed to have really made his decision, Yashiro nodded and retreated.

He was very unwilling in his heart. As a representative of the radical faction in the family, he didn’t like the current Hokage very much, So he was supportive of Fugaku, hoping that he could become the fourth Hokage, but if the entire clan of Uchiha retreated from the battlefield, Fugaku ‘s record as the clan head would undoubtedly be not good.

The opening of the Sharingan is a great feature, which makes it easy to feel everything on the battlefield, and each person who opens the Sharingan is undoubtedly the backbone of the clan.

But since Fugake has given an order, he can only choose to obey. When he had retreated to the door, he asked again as if he had remembered something, “By the way, the head, do you still want to take your son the child Itachi to the battlefield?”

After hearing this, Fugake fell into contemplation and said “I am thinking about it…”

“I see.” After Yatsushiro finished speaking, he bowed and left, leaving Fugake alone at the Naka Shrine. He sat quietly on the floor thinking about what happened recently.

Naoto, who had returned home, was sitting in front of the table and scrambling to write something. He suddenly looked stunned, and then showed a look of joy.

Just now, he received more than 2,000 reputation points, and the more than 1,000 saved by stopping the fourth card drawn in time yesterday, plus intermittent income in the past few days, also he had a further 5782 reputation points.

If he made good use of the character cards he had, he would soon be able to draw a C-rank character card again.

Ace and Hiei have always been active on the battlefield, and from time to time a reputation Points is stored in the library, so the mission of searching for the base is handed over to the remaining character cards.

After getting everything in order, Naoto stood up and called out the system’s interface.

The three-character cards of Shendu the Fire Demon, Himura Kenshin, and Uesugi Koshi hovered in the middle of his vision, then Naoto had a question in his mind.

“What would happen if the character cards activated to a living person?”

From the information he had received, the character cards could only be attached to corpses, only the dead could become another person, and a dead person with no sense of resistance could not refuse the system’s transformation.

But what about a living person? If a living person has an accepting attitude toward the system’s transformation, what he will become? Will the vessel going to carry the consciousness of the card character or the original character or will it turn into a corpse?

Naoto’s interest in this conjecture was enormous. After all, if he could receive the power of the cards while remaining self-aware, will he be able to use the system to make his body and strength stronger and stronger?

Although he doesn’t care about the main body, as he would be able to transfer his consciousness to another character card even if the main body died, he was still interested if he could make himself super strong.

“Let’s find some test samples first…”

Naoto doesn’t dare to use himself to experiment with this conjecture. This kind of risky experiment should be left to others, and there is just one candidate for the experiment…

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