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I.C.S Chapter 102: B-rank character card

The Land of Fire, Konoha, Uchiha District.

With an uneasy mood, Naoto opened the system interface, looking at the full 150,000 reputation points above, then he fell into a sea of ​​happiness.

150,000 reputation points, which means that he can exchange for a full 15 Kage-level ninjas! Thinking about it, if 15 Kage-level ninjas are working together, they should be enough to fight a super expert like Uchiha Madara at his peak…

“But I still like the very strong individuals.” Naoto smiled, then decided to start drawing cards immediately!

He didn’t intend to use all of the 150,000 reputation points to draw cards, mainly because he now has no shortage of Kage-level combat power, and a super strong character is what he needs right now.

He was going to use 10,000 RP to test the system first, draw a C-rank character card as a prelude, and then the plan was to use 100,000 RP to exchange it for a B-rank character card.

After everything was ready, he put his hands together, made a prayer, and then sank his consciousness into the system and entered the C-level character card interface…

With his intuition, he clicked directly on the middle card.

Suddenly, a golden light flashed, and the figure in the card turned into a man in a black suit and glasses, with black hair parted on the right.

[C-rank character card: Dr. Genus.]

Dr. Genus, from the world of One Punch Man, is the founder and the head of the House of Evolution. His real age is seventy or eighty years old, but he has developed a rejuvenation technology to keep him young, and in order to speed up scientific research, he uses cloning Human technology and has created a large number of clones of himself to help him, and has created powerful monsters like the S-Class Rank 8 professional hero Zombie Man.

The most famous theory in One Punch Man is spoken through his mouth. It can be said that he is a rather scary man.

But Naoto was taken aback, because Dr. Genus’s scientific research ability is indeed very strong, but he doesn’t seem to have any combat power abilities!

However, his scientific research ability is worth the price, and it can be said that being able to get a character card like Dr. Genus for 10,000 reputation points is a big profit.

As long as he is given enough time, he can continuously produce ghost-level monsters and even dragon-level monsters!

And now, the Doctor of the Black Watch that he claimed about before has become a reality…

And the technology of rejuvenation…

It seems he will be very useful!

After all, the ninja’s biggest enemy is time, even the greatest ninjas eventually time will beat them like Madara and the Third Hokage, and of course without forgetting the Sage of Six Paths…

It can be seen that in the ninja world even if your strength reaches the sixth level, lifespan is still a rather difficult level to overcome.

He had fooled Madara before, so that the other party has a slight approval of the human complement plan, and Naoto will need him to carry out many places next. But the aging Madara obviously can’t do much, but Naoto now can use the technology of rejuvenation on Madara so he can slow down the aging, but obviously, this kind of Madara can only be used for just a while.

Only Madara in his prime when he was young can contribute a lot of reputation to Naoto, which Naoto has always kept in his mind…

However, it is not possible to restore Madara to his youth now, because with Madara’s personality, once he regains his strength, he will definitely get back his eyes and kill Black Zetsu, which is very detrimental to Naoto’s plan.

Because once the eye of Rinnegan is retrieved, then Madara’s strength will be beyond Naoto’s control, and he is not ready to restore Madara to his full state until he exchanges the A-class character card.

Shaking his head, Naoto put these thoughts aside, the most important thing now is to see what the B-rank character card will draw…

He changed the interface to the B-rank character card area. In tension and anticipation, he clicked on the top middle of all the cards with one hand.

Naoto looked around and found that it was a man with two snail-like tentacles on the top of his head, his body was green, his ears were pointed, and he was wearing a dark blue martial arts uniform with the word “Demon” printed on it, and a purple waist was tied at the waist.

[B-rank character card: Piccolo]

Piccolo, from the Dragon Ball world, is the first big boss in the Dragon Ball series, and one of the most oppressive bosses. His strength is unfathomable, far beyond the Kamehameha.

Piccolo’s highest performance in the original story is when he blows up the moon, so it looks like he has the strength of the Sage of Six Paths. But in fact, the combat effectiveness of Dragon Ball in the early days was not perfect. First, it was set that the blow of Piccolo that destroyed the city was comparable to a nuclear bomb, and the power of a nuclear bomb is obviously not enough to destroy the moon.

It can be said that there was a bug in the combat effectiveness of the early Dragon Ball, just like some other animes.

In Naoto’s opinion, Piccolo in his young state has super-Kage-level strength, which is still less than the Sage of Six Paths level, but it can be said that he is quite powerful among B-level characters.

This card of the Great Demon King Piccolo can act as the existence of the Holy Lord, and it is just that his appearance is like the image of the king of demons.

“Anyway, I’ve got my first B-rank character card, and the next script has to be arranged…”

To put it bluntly, Naoto now has the strongest power in the ninja world. With the strength of the Great Demon King Piccolo, he can completely cause mass destruction in the ninja world.

But after all, slaves are not what you need to earn reputation points, because once he conquers the ninja world, most people will start to go numb as if they are resigned, which is not good for Naoto.

After all this time, he kind of figured out the best time to collect the reputation points.

Reversal! Only a plot reversal at a critical moment can surprise people and contribute the maximum amount of reputation.

So for this reversal, he needs two, or even multiple, forces to act. And only then, he can have the ability to make an A-class character card ……