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I.C.S Chapter 103: The waves rise again

Although there were twists and turns, the Five Kage Summit was decided to be held, and the time was set for the Chunin Exam a month later.

This news shocked the entire ninja world because most of the small countries didn’t know the reason for the Five Kage Summit, so they could only inquire with fear, and prayed that these five great countries would not join forces to exploit their small countries.

Naoto is looking forward to this Five Kage Summit too, because if he shows his face at such a big event, then he’ll have a lot of reputation.

But he can’t just show up rashly like Sasuke who has become wanted in all five great countries.

“Huh? It looks like Shisui has arrived…”

At the border of the Land of Lightning and the Land of Fire, it is a world composed of countless high mountains. They rise and fall one after another, and together with the dense forests, this place has been shaped into a natural hidden place.

Shisui hid behind a large rock, and in front of him was a majestic mountain, but the inside of the mountain was open, revealing a man-made cave.

A dozen strong humanoid creatures stood in the shadows at the entrance of the cave, guarding this mysterious place.

They were originally renegade ninjas from various Shinobi villages, but Naoto used the blood of the Fire Qilin with the Stone Mask with Suzuki’s energy to give triple energy to the renegade ninjas and sent them here to guard the cave.

Under this triple reinforcement, each of them is no weaker than a Jonin, and the strongest among them is comparable to Kakashi, Zabuza at this level of ninjas. Even if they are placed in the five great countries, they are all masters.

Even a master like Shisui would not be able to break in without using his Mangekyō Sharingan.

“First go back and inform Mr. Banner.”

The reason why he didn’t return to Konoha was that he wanted to take the opportunity to destroy the demon’s stronghold and see if he could successfully rescue the two Uchiha, Inabi and Tekka.

Shisui, who was thinking about it, was about to stand up, but suddenly he felt a tremor in the ground, and then the surrounding mountains began to move, allowing the sunlight to come in.

Those vampires who did not have time to enter only had time to let out a scream, and then turned into black ash, but most of the vampires still had time to react, they merely jumped back and then ducked into the cave before they got burned by the sunlight.

“I Cannot see the sun here, it seems that the vampires are here, just don’t know if Dio will be inside ……”

He secretly saw the scene of the vampire turning to ashes just now, then a glimmer of hope suddenly ignited in his heart. His purpose is to find vampires and help Banner to get experimental data, so now he doesn’t have to search anymore.

(But… who changed the terrain?)

To be able to transform the ground of such a range in a short period of time like this, even a Jonin who is proficient in Earth Release cannot do it. At least as far as he knows, there are not many people in the ninja world who can do this kind of thing.

Shisui decided to stay and wait for the culprit to appear. The user of the technique obviously had a problem with the demons, so to Shisui, he was a friend rather than an enemy.

He peeked over and found that among the dust, a figure wearing a hood appeared, but it looked rather strange. His right arm was in the shape of a hammer, revealing a strong sense of power.

Suddenly and in a moment of silence he hit the ground with his heavy hammer, and the surrounding land fluctuated again, but when it hit the cave, it was blocked by a fire tornado that suddenly appeared.

Then, the sky and earth suddenly changed ……

This is not a rhetorical expression, but just a fact –

With the mountain peak as the center of the circle

The sky of thousands of meters in circumference suddenly became dark, as if the light was all taken away at that moment, then the world fell into absolute darkness!

Nothing can be seen, even the fire tornado just now lost its luster and became invisible.

This is from the ability of Toichiro Suzuki, distorting the sunlight is not difficult for him because he can manipulate energy at will. He can not only generate wind and rain, and create ice and flame, but also by twisting the sunlight, he can make the whole place plunge into darkness for long distances.

This world perfectly matches the vampire’s ability to fight in the absence of sunlight, their combat ability in this situation far surpasses that of ordinary creatures who cannot see in the darkness.

In the darkness, dozens of ninjas rushed out of the cave. They were just ordinary Genin and Chunin before, but at this moment they had surpassed their own strength, so actually, they didn’t hate Dio who had transformed them into stronger creatures of darkness.

After all, anyone can be a rebel, and everyone has his own story. They understand the importance of power, and at this moment Dio has given them power, so even if they are controlled by Dio, they are sincerely grateful for him.

“Lightning Release – lightning bolt!”

The Hooded Man obviously didn’t expect that the demons would have such resources to create such a huge area of ​​no light.

Although the Earth-Style Wall was released, he still got hit by the lightning bolt, and his whole body was knocked away nearly a hundred meters away!

And the direction in which his body flew backward was exactly where Shisui was hiding!

“This time… it seems that I am not helping myself if I don’t show up…”

Shisui looked at the man lying beside him, rubbed his hair angrily, then he showed himself, and said with his hands in a seal, “Wind Release: Vacuum Wave!”

The vampires’ attacks were easily blocked by Shisui, and then another fire jutsu was released. The violent flames blocked their advance. Although there was no light, the scorching high temperature reminded them that once they were burned by this flame, it would be very painful.

As vampires, it is difficult to kill them with anything other than the sunlight, but with the feeling of being burned by fire, no one wants to try it.

“Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique!”

The ninjas who were good at using water release hurriedly summoned a large amount of water to block the flames. After a burst of steam drifted away, they regained their field of vision again.

Only at this moment, there was no longer any trace of anyone in front of them ……


A thunderous roar resounded in the cave, causing them to be startled for a while. They saw the Fire Qilin slowly walking out of the cave, like an ancient beast, every time it breathed, flames spit out.

After seeing the messy battlefield, it showed brutal anger, and a huge pillar of flame spit out from its mouth, blasting a long scratch on the ground…