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I.C.S Chapter 18: The Holy Lord

 “Thousands of years ago, it was a world without ninjas. This continent was ruled by a demon called the Holy Lord, who was ruthless, selfish, and arrogant, full of a very manic desire to conquer.” Suzuki spoke gently of the secret hidden in history

 “In the end, the people who couldn’t bear his brutal exploitation united to seal him, and divided their power into eight, that is, the later eight demons representing the Fire, Sky, Moon, Thunder, Earth, Mountain, Wind and Water.”

 “This…” Minato was surprised. He had no idea that such inconspicuous energy would be associated with the demon who ruled the world in ancient times.

 “The demonic energy is indeed not a dangerous thing, but once the eight demonic energy gathers, it will generate strange energy that can attract other dimensions, and the Holy Lord who is sealed in hell can use the guidance of this energy to return to the world. Facts According to our investigation, there is a certain organization secretly collecting demonic energy, although we don’t know how many kinds of demonic energy the other party has collected, but as long as there is no demonic energy of fire in their hands,  the most terrifying disaster not going to happen.”

 “Do you think Shichibukai will be a place that can safely contain demonic energy? I don’t think so. The Land of Fire is the strongest country in the ninja world.” A Jonin scoffed at Suzuki’s words.

“A mere organization that doesn’t even dare to show up in the ninja world actually wants to take care of such an important thing on behalf of the five major countries? this really makes me laugh.”

 Minato glanced at Suzuki, found that he wasn’t angry, and then said, “Even if what you said is true, who can guarantee that you will not be the organization that wants to resurrect the Holy Lord?”

 “That’s true ………” Suzuki suddenly fell into silence as Minato was right, but the next sentence after the short silence made all the Konoha ninjas feel like he was the formidable enemy.

 “But speaking of it, I have never had the need to make you guys trust me either.” Suzaku opened his right hand and at once Itachi’s body glowed with an eerie blue light.

 In less than a second, the blue light turned into a gas, as if it was being pulled by something, and then it flew towards Suzuki.

 Seeing this, Minato was shocked. He didn’t expect that Suzuki would be able to use the sealing technique without using any seals, so he quickly ordered

 As Konoha’s yellow flash, his speed can be said to be the fastest among all the people present even if he doesn’t use Flying Thunder God, not to mention that he also engraved Flying Thunder God’s spell on Suzuki when he was next to him before.

 Without even a blink of an eye, Minato had already reached Suzuki’s back, and he had also formed the Rasengan at the same time.

 If he was hit by this blow, even if he had the energy to protect his body, he would still be hurt. So Suzuki turned his body around and with one hand, he quickly formed a ball of energy against the Rasengan. Immediately after the collision, there was a blast of light.

 With the other hand, he pointed his fingers in the direction of the demonic energy, and a thread of energy spread out from his fingers, trying to hook it over.

 However, seeing that the demonic energy was about to be captured by Suzuki, the thread was interrupted by a sudden Sharingan, and in one moment, Suzuki lost control of the demonic energy, and then the energy flew into the distance.

“Damn it!” Suzuki’s face changed, and a lot of energy erupted from his body again, then said coldly, “Since you want to stop me, then don’t blame me for being rude but this is 50% of my ability, there are not many people who have seen it!”

 With a loud roar, huge energy spread out, and spiral ripples shot straight into the sky from all around him.

 The red light lingered in the sky, and Suzuki, wrapped in energy, was like a giant beast

 The sky turned red because of the light from him, and Suzuki, who wrapped in energy, was like a giant beast.

 Sensing the huge amount of chakra in Suzuki’s body, Minato’s face instantly changed and he hastily ordered: “You guys go track the demonic energy, I’ll take care of him!”

 He had never felt such a huge amount of chakra on a human like this before.

 Just like the power of a Bijû …

 But before anyone could go, they saw flames fall from the sky, landing right behind Minato.

 Ace walked out of the flames. He stretched out a finger, then shook it slowly, and said, “You don’t want to go anywhere.”

 “Damn, this guy again!”

 Fugaku cursed in a low voice

 He was one of the organization’s members who were able to counteract the Six Tailed Beast.

 Obviously, there are more of them surrounding them.

 (It’s not a big problem for me to stop Suzuki by myself. Fugaku has awakened a new power, and he should be able to stop Ace with the Mangekyō Sharingan…) Minato pondered the current situation in his mind. He knew that his side still had the upper hand, but after a real fight, he was afraid that Konoha’s side would suffer a lot of casualties.

 After all, in terms of attack methods, both Ace and Suzuki are ninjas who are good at long-range attacks.

“Enough, Suzuki.”

 But unexpectedly, Ace’s arrival was not for fighting. Instead, he persuaded Suzuki, “The boss said that there are more important things for us to do now.”

 “More important things…” Suzuki muttered.

 His body’s energy response quickly eased, and at the same time he exhaled a long breath, “I see.”

 He turned his head to look at Minato Minato Namikaze again, with a chill in his words, “This time it’s your luck Minato Minato Namikaze, I look forward to the next fight with you.”

 “Damn it! You come and go when you say you will? Who the hell do you think you are!”

 One ninja roared in anger, but the next thing he knew Suzuki’s figure appeared in front of him, the massive energy pressing down on his chest, almost making him gasp for air.

It was almost as if ……

being pressed down by a huge mountain!

 He gasped frantically, but this could not relieve the terrifying pressure, and just when he could not hold back and be about to faint, the figure of Minato appeared in front of him.

 The rain that had been pouring suddenly stopped, and the dark clouds cleared to reveal blinding sunlight. And in the sunlight, two men with red hair and yellow hair faced each other……

 This time there was no speed competition. Both sides released their own chakra without reservation. The ground under the feet of the two sides cracked as a result, and with a bang, the ground was sunk by three feet.

 “You are lucky, this is what I should say to you.” Minato shot back “If your companion hadn’t arrived, the place we would be talking right now would be Konoha’s interrogation room.”

 “Are you proud of yourself? Minato Namikaze?” Suzuki raised his head proudly “That was just my 50% effort, do you want to see me at 100%?!”

 But Minato was unafraid, and counterattacked with a relaxed expression, “…Let me think about it, apart from the Hiraishin no Jutsu, I have another trick, the Rasen Senkō Chō Rinbukō Sanshiki, which is I haven’t used yet.”


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