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I.C.S Chapter 19: The end of the war

 Minato frowned as he marched through the corridors.

 He was still worried about what happened not long ago. He thought he had overestimated the mysterious organization Shichibukai, but he didn’t expect the characters to be that powerful.

 Hiei, and the swordsman who resisted the attack of the six-tailed beast, was able to defeat the five Jōnin squads and Ace who counteracted the tailed beast ball attack, and the latest one that can pierce through the mountain with one palm. Suzuki with fifty percent of his strength…

 What an eventful day ……

 Worrying in his heart, he walked to Hokage’s office, knocked on the door, and opened the door after permission.

 Then the people inside took him by surprise.

It was the Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Hokage consultants Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane, Danzō Shimura as the founder and leader of Konoha’s Anbu, and the two people who surprised Minato were Jiraiya and Orochimaru from the legendary Sannin.

 After greeting the Hokage and the old-timers first, he asked a question, “Shouldn’t Master Jiraiya and Master Orochimaru still be on the front line? How could…”

 “Now all countries have basically stopped fighting, so there is no need for them to continue on the front line.”

Jiraiya then turned the topic to Minato, “Minato, I heard that there are enemies in that Shichibukai organization makes you feel that they may be dangerous? Is it true?”

 “I think Sensei Jiraiya is talking about Suzuki if I were to fight him ……” Minato continued after organizing his words “His strength, speed, and reaction are all much stronger than ordinary jonin, if I were to fight him I would have to rely on the mobility of the Flying Thunder God to find an opportunity.”

“That’s high praise.”

“Yes, because Suzaku is that strong.”

Orochimaru suddenly spoke, “I heard that the members of Shichibukai can release ninjutsu without having to form a seal and that their abilities are no less powerful than the Rasengan?”

 “Strangely enough, Suzuki only used a body double Ninjutsu that required a seal until the end, the rest were all using unsealed Ninjutsu. There is also information that another member of the Shichibukai, Ace, can not only manipulate fire at will but can also make his own body turn into fire as well, somewhat similar to the Hōzuki Clan.”

 Orochimaru licked his lips “That’s interesting …… so many interesting guys have suddenly appeared in the Shinobi world.”

 Sarutobi knocked on the table and interrupted “Alright, let’s discuss the Shichibukai later.”

 Homura and Koharu brought out several documents at the same time “This is the truce agreement with each country, you should read it.”

“I don’t approve.” Without even looking at them, Orochimaru said, “The situation is moving in Konoha’s favor, even if there is a truce, it should not be proposed by us.”

 Jiraiya said, “Old man, have you really decided? Do you sure about what you are doing ……” He gave a subtle glance at Danzō and find him at ease, continued “This will cause a lot of resentment in the village.”

 Sarutobi did not rush to answer, he asked Minato instead

“What do you think, Minato?”

 “I agree with the Hokage’s decision.” Minato thought for a moment “As I mentioned in my report earlier, in addition to the Shichibukai organization, there is also an even more mysterious organization that collects demonic energy. That means the situation today is ostensibly dominated by the war started by the Five Great Shinobi Countries, but secretly we have lost the upper hand.”

 “Oh? Minato Namikaze, do you think those organizations hiding in the dark can affect the situation in the ninja world?” Danzo spoke with strong disdain in his tone, he was quite displeased with Minato these days.

 (Not only he did let the demonic energy collected by the Shichibukai run away from his own hands, but he was also trembling because of two organizations that were hiding their heads, What a disappointment!!)

 “…… No …… the Shichibukai are no more than a sparse organization in numbers, it is the Holy Lord they speak of that worries me. “

 “It’s not like you to be intimidated by rumors and stories.”

 “Do you think, then, that the Holy Lord who can make the Shichibukai so concerned would be easy?” Minato asked rhetorically “I am the only one who has fought the Shichibukai here, so I know best how terrible that organization is.”

 He remembered when Suzuki was close to going berserk, and how he had even prepared to use the Rasengan Sennin Mode that he hadn’t quite learned yet ……

 But then the Shichibukai member Ace just mentioned the boss and made Suzuki give in, which was really unexpected for Minato.

 Minato believes that Suzuki should be a very arrogant person, and the fact that such a person would react like that after hearing the word boss could only mean one thing ……

 That is, the boss of Shichibukai is far stronger than Suzuki, and this kind of power should be overwhelming!

 So he wondered to himself if such a person like that can really exist in the ninja world today.

 Minato couldn’t help but turned his attention to the Third Hokage. He was one of the most powerful ninjas he had ever seen, but could the third Hokage easily defeat Suzuki?

 In other words, the leader of the Shichibukai organization has at least as much power as the third Hokage of Konoha, but such a powerful force has been unknown in the Shinobi world until it surfaced because of the matter of the Holy Lord ……

 The existence of the Holy Lord makes even the Shichibukai members feel nervous!

 Then …… how strong should the Holy Lord be ……

 “Whether it’s the Holy Lord or the Shichibukai, if it threatens Konoha it should be destroyed!” Danzo made a declaration, even though it sounded very foolish to Minato’s ears.

 “Tachibana Raizo, the little kid who was good at using the Thunderbolt?” Orochimaru said with interest “Such a mysterious organization is exposed because of such a brat.”

 “Not necessarily, Tachibana Raizo was just a small breakthrough.”

 “Whatever ……” Orochimaru said it indifferently.

 Looking at the office, which was already in a brawl, Minato’s mind was a mess ……

 He always felt that there’s a huge net was slowly enveloping the entire Shinobi world and a great battle for the future of the Shinobi world was about to happen.

 The Third Shinobi World War is clearly is about to end. ……

 Minato, who was a little Distracted, was awakened by the voice of the Third Hokage, who seemed to have come to the final conclusion.

 The frown on his tired face deepened and then he exhaled a puff of smoke and said to Minato and Orochimaru with a serious look on his face “I know that many people in the village are dissatisfied with my armistice, so I will retire from Hokage’s position. The position of the fourth Hokage will be left to the two of you to run for.”

 “The fourth Hokage?”

 Minato was shocked, he really did not expect that the third Hokage would abdicate to quell the anger of the public!

 It took a while for Orochimaru before he said, “Are you serious, old man?”

 “Yes, I am old, and the future of the Shinobi world is still yours, young people.”

 “Is it only me and Minato Namikaze who is nominated?”

“The others are still under discussion, but the final result should come from the two of you.”

 Orochimaru and Namikaze Minato, one is the legendary Sannin, the other is Konoha’s Yellow Flash, both in terms of strength and prestige, they are among the best in Konoha, and it is really unlikely for others to compete for the position of Hokage with them.

 However, there is still one person who is hard to say ……

 Jiraiya thought of this person all of a sudden, he turned his head and asked, “Old man, what should we do about the Uchiha clan? Fugaku opened the legendary Mangekyō Sharingan, I’m afraid he won’t give up this competition easily.”

The answer came from Danzō Shimura, who pushed his eyes up and said

 “Don’t worry, we have our own arrangements.”

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