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I.C.S Chapter 20: The Akatsuki Organization

 On an island near the coastline of the Land of Water, the sun shone brightly through the crisp cold of thin spring, illuminating a house on the island.

Pakura opened her eyes and hurriedly got up, dressed and washed up, then hurried out of the house when everything was done.

After being rescued by the Shichibukai, Pakura made the decision to make the sand ninjas regret so she joined the Shichibukai to be trained by Koshi Uesugi.

 Feeling the fresh breeze on her face, Pakura took a deep breath, and the day’s exhaustion was swept away.

“Up so early?”

Hearing the commotion, Uesugi Koshi came over

“Yes, I can’t wait.” Pakura stretched her muscles a bit

“I heard I’m competing with a kid for a place in the Shichibukai?”

 “It’s not really a competition.” Uesugi Koshi smiled, but he didn’t elaborate “You’ll find out when the time comes anyway.”

 “Tch, engage in secretive.”

“Haha, the Shichibukai is not a mysterious organization at all!”

“It’s like this, someone like me can become a reserve member without even taking the test, that’s not a very good sense of honesty, is it?

 In her mind, a mysterious organization like the Shichibukai that lurked in the Shinobi world to the extent that even the intelligence agencies of five great shinobi countries couldn’t detect it must be very strict in their screening of personnel.

 But now it didn’t seem like that at all!

 “It’s true that there are so two fixed seats in the Shichibukai that are passed down from family to family, such as Ace, who you’ve met, their family has been a Shichibukai for generations, and they’ve been passed down like that for an unknown number of years.”

“But there are also those who recruit at random in the outside world, for example, I was once into a clan of ninjas, and it was the boss who brought me to the Shichibukai. The constraints on members here are pathetic, to be honest……”

 “I can’t wait ……” Pakura spoke with a strong sense of anger and thought of the village that had betrayed her “The deal was that if I became a Shichibukai, the organization would help me beat up Rasa the Fourth Kazekage.”

 “That’s right and it won’t take long.” Uesugi Koshi looked up at the sky

“How so?” Pakura felt nervous when she saw the relaxation on the old man’s face.

 “The test is coming soon, and this time it’s different from all the previous ones.”

“All different? Wait, they are not going to make us go and attack the Sand Village, right?!” Pakura exclaimed.

 “What are you thinking, with this level of strength you’re going to attack the Five Great Shinobi Countries, isn’t that like looking for death? You have to be patient and a trip to the Five Great Shinobi Countries will come sooner or later I promise you.”


In a place outside the Rain Village, Ace sat on a large rock and muttered dissatisfiedly, “Really, why this kind of errand work is always done by me.”

 “Well, let’s start with the reason why you’re looking for the Akatsuki.”

 A myriad of papers suddenly appeared behind him, which eventually coalesced together to form a female ninja with straight blue hair with a bun and a purple rose on her head, and she was wearing a long robe with red clouds on a black background.

 “Konan, I didn’t expect it to be you in person.” Ace said without looking back.

 “Let’s get over the useless talk”

 “You’re really indifferent ……” Looking at Konan’s uninterested eyes, Ace quickly changed his tone “I’ve come to see you guys for something.”

   “Say it quickly.”

 “Recently we investigated the rain village and found out something about you guys.” Ace said seriously “Your leader was killed by Hanzo, right?”


 As soon as Ace’s words left his mouth

 A cold, murderous aura came from behind him. There was a twist on Konan’s cold face, and countless sheets of paper coalesced behind her into a pair of white wings of unparalleled holiness.

With a single thought, these paper wings would turn into countless sharpest weapons and it’ll turn Ace’s body into pieces.

 Even if this man was a member of that mysterious Shichibukai organization, he should never have used Yahiko’s sacrifice at all!

 “Don’t get so excited ……” But the man seemed to have no sense of the murderous aura behind him and continued: “Let me tell you something, the souls of those killed by demons cannot rest in peace, If you want Yahiko’s soul to ascend to heaven and get its peace, then calm down and listen to me.”

Demons? Ascension?

Konan, who had suddenly heard two unfamiliar words, tried to calm down by holding back her killing intent.

And Ace took the opportunity to explain, “You must have heard about the recent actions of our Shichibukai, right? We even had a fight with Konoha, one of the Five Great Shinobi Villages, for the sake of the magical energy. And this time we came because of that.”

“You mean that the Rain Village also has a demonic energy?”

 “More than just the presence of demonic energy, but the presence of demons.” Ace shrugged “We found the demonic energy of fire before, but Konoha’s people interfered and caused it to disappear again, but luckily this time we had someone who had been tracking it down, so we chased him all the way here.”

 Konan’s eyes widened “You mean Hanzo is also collecting the demonic energy?”

 “It’s possible, not long ago the base responsible for guarding the demonic energy was attacked and although the people guarding it barely repelled the attackers, they also left the eight demonic energy missing. When we rushed to the scene we only found a large amount of poisonous gas.”

 “I wasn’t sure before, but this time after the demonic energy of fire was drawn to the Rain Village I can finally be sure, although I don’t know where he got the information about the demonic energy from ……”

“He must have been searching around for demonic energy to fight Nag …… Pain!” Konan gritted her teeth.

 She could never forget that day when Yahiko died in front of her eyes and raging Nagato summoned the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path to beat Hanzo.

 Hanzo has seen the Rinnegan eyes that Nagato possessed, and after he know that he couldn’t fight Nagato with his own power he turned his attention to the demonic energy!

 “Anyway, Hanzo’s actions have caused harm to the entire Shinobi world. That is why we will have to assemble the fighting strength of the five Shichibukai to wipe him out completely in the near future.”

 “No way! Hanzo is ours, and this man must be killed by us only!” Konan said excitedly.

 “That’s fine with me, we can still be lazy, but are you sure you guys can kill Hanzo? You know he’s known as a legendary shinobi, not to mention the demonic power he’s been collecting lately.”

 “You underestimate the strength of the Akatsuki.” Konan narrowed her eyes “actually, the eradication of Hanzo and his forces was a part of our recent mission, your power was not needed at all.”

 Konan was still wary of this mysterious Shichibukai organization, and as the Rain village was the future base of their organization, she would never allow anything to go wrong, so she didn’t want the Shichibukai to get involved in this at all.

 “Fine, but I suggest trying to move the civilians to a safe place before the war starts. Otherwise, if you do fight, I’m afraid that with the strength of your two sides, a lot of innocents will be affected.”

 “…… of course, you don’t need to remind me this.”

 “Alright then!” Ace stood up and stretched his waist “Then it’s time to go after my words were delivered, bye.”

“Alright then!” Ace stood up and stretched his waist “Then it’s time to go after my words were delivered, bye.”


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