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I.C.S Chapter 21: God’s work

“Wait!” Just as Ace was about to leave, Konan stopped him again

 Ace’s body gave a pause and said: “What else is there, big sister? I’m very busy.”

 Ignoring the title of eldest sister, Konan’s tone became a little sad as if she thinking of something, “You said that the souls of people killed by demons can’t rest in peace, is that that mean there really exist of souls in this world?”

Ace’s expression was strange, “Anyway, you should have heard of the name of Impure World Reincarnation created by the second Hokage. If people don’t have souls, how do they bring the dead back to life?”

 “If there is a real reincarnation, then what’s going to happen in this life after using the Impure World Reincarnation to summon the soul from the previous life?”

 “This…” Ace was dumbfounded. Facing the equation he didn’t quite understand, he could only forcefully say, “I’m not the god of death, how do I know how they manage the souls!”

 The body gradually turned into pieces of paper and drifted away, leaving one last sentence before it was completely dissipated “You said you wanted Yahiko’s soul to rest in peace? Unfortunately …… Yahiko did not exactly die by Hanzo’s hand, so I think his soul will rise to heaven after seeing himself kill Hanzo with his own hands. No, perhaps he will still be watching Nagato and me. Perhaps Yahiko will not disappear until our ideal is achieved.”

 “It will not disappear …… actually ……” Ace shouted with all his strength as he looked at the scattered pieces of paper “A man’s dream will not end! “

The scattering of the paper stalled for a moment, then left at a faster pace, in a few moments the place was left alone with Ace.

 “I can’t believe I said that guy’s words…” Ace smiled self-deprecatingly, then his body turned into flames, the flames fluttered in the wind, and soon he was far away from the rain Village.

 After traveling for about tens of kilometers, Ace stopped at a seemingly hidden place.

 With a smile, Ace opened his palm, and in a short while, seven blue demonic energy appeared.

“The Demonic energy worth 21,000 reward points…but…hope it’s worth it.”

With Ace’s hand, the demonic energy disappeared as if fused with his body.

 Behind him, Suzuki Toichiro, Uesugi Koshi, Hiei, Pakura, and Tachibana Rezo also rushed over.

Such an organization that can shake the situation in the ninja world is about to make its first appearance and its first statement.

“Don’t worry about Akatsuki’s organization, go directly to evacuate the people of the rain Village, and then get ready for the battle.”


 In a base in the Rain Village, Nagato was sitting in a wheelchair and muttered after listening to Konan’s words.

“Are the plans ahead of schedule?”

 “Whether the enemy is human or demon, the gods will punish them all equally.” Nagato’s eyes widened, his mysterious and magnificent Rinnegan eyes staring into the distance “Hanzo’s whereabouts have been spotted, let’s leave it to Pain next.”

 Behind him, the Six Paths of Pain appeared and the six has the same eyes with ripples, and the indifferent eyes revealed the original owner’s intention of destruction.

 Nagato roared “Let’s go, Paine Rokudo!”

 The six puppets obeyed Nagato’s orders without reservation and headed for Hanzo’s hideout as fast as they could.

On the other hand, Hanzo was likewise discussing with his men how to deal with the Akatsuki Organization.

He thought it was just a random organization that could be easily crushed, But he underestimated the fact that he would face the mighty power of the Rinnegan

 Hanzo regrets that he fought with the Akatsuki after listening to Danzo’s slander.

 If he had been able to harness this power, it would have been possible to make the Rain village the strongest village in the Shinobi world, surpassing the Five Great Shinobi Villages!

 But it happened to be like this…

The thought of that terrifying demon statue, even though it was a while Since he saw it but Hanzo’s heart was still held fear.

 “I told you to think of a way to deal with those kids, and you haven’t thought of one yet? The more he thought about it, the angrier Hanzo became, he couldn’t help but vent his anger on the shinobi under his command.

These losers!

They couldn’t even gather information on a bunch of kids!”

 Looking at his men with trembling faces, Hanzo had a hard time calming his anger.

“Anyway, at the very least, we must find out where they are, and if we encounter them we must capture that woman first.”


The ninja below immediately replied

“Alright, go and do it ……”

 Six ninjas wearing red cloud robes on a black background stood on the ground not far from them, with killing intent in their eyes, the yellow-haired youth at the head of the group held out his right hand and said indifferently:

    “Don’t look for me, I’m right here.”

And the moment he saw this man, he said with shock on his face.


“How is that possible, isn’t this kid dead?”

“Is this the power of the eye of Rinnegan? Even the dead…”

 “The first thing we need to do is to get a good idea of what we’re getting into. That dead man was just a useless brat when he was alive, so how can he threaten us when he’s dead? This guy has the ability to control souls, we don’t want to be killed and see our souls and bodies got played with, kill them all!”

 Looking at the panic of the Hanzo’s men, Pain said with a cold look on his face:

 “It doesn’t matter how many people there are, because, in front of the gods, numbers are meaningless.”

 Summoning  Jutsu!

 One of the Six Paths copies made a seal with his hands and a huge cloud of smoke was created with a pang.

The smoke quickly cleared to reveal the many monsters within.

 There were Giant Drill-Beaked Bird, Giant Snake-Tailed Chameleon, Giant Ox, Giant Rhino, Giant Crustacean, Giant multi-headed Dog, Giant Panda, and Giant Centipede, all with the same reincarnation eyes as Pain’s six paths.

“As I said, your power is meaningless in front of the gods.”

Pain continued with the Deva Path and repelling all attacks of ninja weapons, while his outstretched right hand exerted a force, and at once an immensely powerful repulsive force was emitted.

Almighty Push !!!!!!!!

 The ground along the way seemed to have been plowed through, and the terrifying wind pressure forced people to suffer for breath. Several of the ninja closest to Pain was knocked away by the terrifying shockwave on the spot, and their entire bodies retreated hundreds of meters before they were stopped by a small mountain.

 The bodies of the ninja were buried in the rubble……


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