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I.C.S Chapter 24: The Demonic energy Dispersion

Pain silently looked at Hanzo, whose body exploded, with no feeling in his eyes.

 A vigorous battle has ended. It looked like he has no opponent in this world anymore.

 But he wasn’t happy as he imagined, and he didn’t feel like he has eliminating all his opponents. Now Nagato has no fluctuations in his heart, neither happy nor sad.

But this feeling didn’t last long. He saw Hanzo’s broken body suddenly emit blue light, and that blue light was so evil that it seemed to lower the temperature under its light …

 (It’s the demonic energy!)

 Pain was stunned and then thought of taking this energy.

 He had seen the power of this demonic energy, and if he could use it well, he could add a strategic weapon to the Dawn organization.

 He had seen the power of this demonic energy, and if he could use it well, he could add a strategic weapon to the Akatsuki organization.

 Not to mention the fact that another demonic energy had just arrived, and now all eight demonic energy were in one place. He knew that Hanzo was already was so powerful with seven demonic energy, and if he gathered eight, he would probably surpass himself.

 But he had also heard that once the eight demonic energy were united, the demons in the other dimension would break the seal, which Hanzo had probably tried to do in the end, but in the end, his body was already on the verge of destruction and he could not serve as a vessel for the demons, so he burst into flames and died.

 (Anyway, I have to take it away first.)

 The eight demonic energies are intertwined, and although there is no host, they still resist Pain instinctively.

 However, just when Payne was about to collect the demonic energy with the Banshō Ten’in technique, the earth suddenly began to vibrate. He felt that the sky and the earth seemed to be tilted, so he relaxed his control of the Demonic energy without paying attention. Seeing this opportunity, the Eight Demonic energy swayed wildly, breaking through the shackles of the Banshō Ten’in technique at once, the Eight Demonic energy fled far away in eight different directions, and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

 A man in black appeared a few dozen meters away, and Pain was about to use his Banshō Ten’in again when he realized that his chakra was insufficient, so he let it down.

 ( He doesn’t look like a ninja from the five great nations …… could he be one of the Shichibukai?)

 At this time, Ace, who had just arrived, waved his hand and said: “I told you, that’s not yours!”

“…” Pain frowned and looked at the Shichibukai people who suddenly appeared.

 “I remember telling you that this is something that belongs to our  organization?”

His words sounded calm, but they were full of murderous intent. It sounded as if there was dissatisfaction, so Pain didn’t want to loosen his defenses and prepare for an imminent attack.

“Don’t try to be brave, we all know your current condition well. After such a great battle, how much chakra do you have left?” Ace didn’t care about Payne’s questioning and waved his hand gently “Don’t be ungrateful either, if we hadn’t been evacuating the villagers of the village, they would have all been completely killed by your great move, look at this fight you had, the whole Shinobi village has become a crater.”

 Pain fell into silence, he knew that Ace’s words were right, but he didn’t imagine that Hanzo with the Seven demonic energy would be that powerful.

 He had thought that he should have been able to tackle Hanzo easily with his Rinnegan eyes ……

But someone who thinks that he is a god could not show weakness, so he deliberately changed the subject and asked “What do you want by appearing here?”

 “I was going to take in the demonic energy, but now it seems to be too late.” At this point, Ace began to get serious.

 “It seems that Hanzo was not the one who stole the demonic energy, maybe another person! And it should be an organization behind that person. No, or maybe he is the mastermind behind everything. Perhaps Hanzo was only a tool.”

 “…… It doesn’t matter, just watch me, even if a real demon descends.”

 “Do you really think so?” Hiei replied disdainfully, “The Seven Demon energy and the Eight Demon Sorcerers are worlds apart, and the guy you just dealt with is only a lord level among the demons, and you want to deal with the king. A demon of the highest order, you are not enough.”

 Pain did not retort, in fact, he did now put away all his contempt.

 In the previous duel with Hanzo, he didn’t have much advantage. In fact, if it wasn’t for Hanzo’s temporary gathering of the Seven Demonic energy and his lack of adaptability, he might not have been able to win!

 “You sound like you know about the Demons world very well”

 Uesugi Koshi said, “Of course, because Hiei is a demon.”

? ? ? !

Before Pain gets surprised, he heard Suzuki explain, “After the Holy Lord was sealed, all the demons were expelled to the demon world, and to prevent the demons from attacking again, the humans at that time set up a seal formation, and since then the seal Disappeared in the ninja’s world, and it is still the same after thousands of years.”

 “If the seal is still there, how did he come to the ninja world?”

“In the war against the Holy Lord, not only the human race, but also part of the demons at that time disliked the Holy Lord’s rule, and they united with humans to seal the Holy Lord. After the war, most of the demons returned to the demon world, some demons stayed behind. Hiei is the descendant of those demons, and He is currently the only pure-blooded demon in the ninja world.”

 “Since he’s a demon, isn’t he know a way to track the demonic energy?”

 “If it is demonic energy without a host, it can be tracked, but once the demonic energy enters a person’s body, even Hiei can’t feel the whereabouts of the demonic energy.”

 “I see. Then why don’t you go after the demonic energy Instead of staying in the Rain village?”

 “You have seen the harm of demonic energy, it is definitely no less than the power of the Tailed Beast. If you let them be obtained by some conspirators, it is likely to lead to terrible things. You have the legendary Rinnegan eye as the Six Paths too, so we hope to join forces with the Akatsuki organization to find the demonic energy.”

 “…Why don’t you seek assistance from the five great shinobi countries?”

“The five great countries are greedy. They even dare to use the power of the Tailed Beasts, so how could they give up their demonic energy when they have it? And if they get it, it will definitely cause disputes again!”

 “It doesn’t matter, because this is the law of the world… If that demonic energy can make the world feel pain and make people suffer, then it is truly in line with God’s will!”

 “… Do you really think so?”

   “Yes, I do……”


 “Perhaps I should kill you now. If you, with the eye of Rinnegan, go astray, it will be a disaster no less than the chaotic world of the Holy Lord…”

“Really? Do you call my way the wrong way?” Pain said indifferently. “What an arrogant idea, but maybe you’re way is just the way of mortals, maybe the way of God is destined to be alone, I didn’t expect anyone to understand anyway.”

“If you want to kill me, I advise you to do it now, because this is your last chance…”


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