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I.C.S Chapter 23: The Death of Hanzo

The sky……has cracked

This is not some overstatement, but it’s the fact that happened in front of them…

The clouds were suddenly separated by force, revealing the deep of cosmic space.

 Terrifying thunder and lightning are rushing everywhere.

 One side is the leader of Akatsuki who has the eye of Rinnegan, and the other side is Hanzō who has seven demonic energy. At this moment, the two of them have exhausted their chakra and bet their fate on this blow.

Throughout the ages, very few have reached their power, and very few have surpassed them.

 To put it bluntly, the two of them at the moment can completely represent the highest-level battle in the current ninja world.


 The sand was flying, the ground was torn apart, and large chunks of soil were shaken to the sky. In the face of such terrifying destructive power, everything was nothing but chaos.

 Lightning and repulsion collide, sparks fly.

 And at the center of the most intense encounter, it was as if even space had been distorted in the storm of chakra that had built up energy beyond anyone’s imagination in a short time.

And then as it was meant to be ……

It exploded!

The intersection of the storm and lightning with the repulsion exploded in a flash with enough power to destroy the whole land, reaching the entire Rain Village in a short time.

And by the time the storm had passed, the ground beneath Pain and Hanzo’s feet had been transformed into a huge crater hundreds of meters deep and tens of kilometers in radius!

 It is simply the divine power!!

 This is divine power!


“Reputation from Masahiko Yoshigami +112 .”

“Reputation from Houichi Irijou +86 .”

“Reputation from Nagato +1213 .”

“Reputation from Konan +343 .”

“Reputation from Uchiha Obito +366 .”

“Reputation from White Zetsu +280 .”

“Reputation from Black Zetsu +532.”

“Reputation from Uchiha Madara +2822.”

“Reputation from …………”

 The Shichibukai members who were affected by the shockwave were dumbfounded, they were forcibly evacuating the people, but suddenly they were attacked by a terrifying chakra, followed by a scene where the sky and the earth were blocked and the entire Rain village was just sent to history ……

Fortunately, most of the people in the village had been forcibly dispersed, and without Hanzo and the Akatsuki organization to guard it, the village has absolutely no strength to resist the orders of the Shichibukai members who were at least at the level of Jōnin.

And although the shock wave was terrifying, it couldn’t cause substantial damage to ninjas like them at such a long distance, so they just looked a little embarrassed, but it didn’t actually affect their combat effectiveness.

 At this moment, the most surprised person was Naoto who was eating melons in Konoha. The effect of the Seven Demonic Energy on Hanzo was completely beyond his imagination.

 He thought that Hanzo would never be Nagato’s opponent even if he fused the seven demonic energy. But now it seems that it is really hard to say who will beat the other.

In fact, he had taken it as a test. The current Nagato had only just realized the power of the Rinnegan Eyes, and although he had developed the Six Paths of Pain, he was still too young compared to what he would be in a decade or so.

 Besides, what surprised him really was the sound of the system.

 This was the one time he earned the highest reputation at one time, because almost all the people in Rain Village felt the power of this blow, and they all contributed their own reputation.

 Although the quality is not comparable to those of the elites, most of them are +1, +2, +8, +9, but the number far exceeds the sum of all the previous numbers because of their many.

 Then there were Madara Uchiha and Uchiha Obito, White Zetsu and Black Zetsu. This battle actually brought together all the masterminds behind the scenes and brought him a huge amount of reputation all at once.

 It’s just that the Reputation by using demonic energy is much less than that of the Rinnegan one. Even with such quantity and quality, his reputation has only increased by about 50,000…

 With the 20,000 he had leftover, he now has 70,000 reputation points, and if he saves up more he will soon be able to get a B-rank character card ……

 In fact, Naoto had anticipated their arrival. Naoto received Uchiha Madara’s reputation in the system’s beep as early as after he used his clone to destroy the plan of the Swordsmen of the mist in the Land of Water.

 So he knew then that the Shichibukai as an organization should have fallen into Madara’s eyes, the power shown by the Shichibukai at first was still too weak in his eyes, so it did not catch Madara’s attention.

 But he did not expect that he would actually come to Rain village to watch the war between Nagato and Hanzo in person.

 Apparently, this thing called demonic energy had also brought Madara’s interest.

 Naoto is a little restless. His current fundamentals are the Shichibukai members. This kind of power is already very strong, but if the old man Madara gets involved against him, then maybe this would be a threat to the whole plan…


Yahiko used his ability to float himself in the sky, the smoke and dust rolling just below him, but his vision with his special eyes had found Hanzo through the fog.

Hanzō was covered by blood, his right leg completely disappeared, and a huge cavity was opened in his abdomen. The blood flowed out from the cavity, which looked so scary.

 He not going to live much longer.

 Pain had made his judgment.

No one in the world could have survived such a wound.

Not even a demon.

 And he still has Chakra enough to launch the Shinra Tensei again.

 With pity in his eyes, he was about to launch the final blow to end Hanzo’s life completely.

 But the blow didn’t come……

Hanzo’s body suddenly twitched, as if he had been electrocuted, and the blue demonic energy enveloped his whole body.

In the end, Hanzo’s body floated out of the air at a height of half a meter above the ground. A terrifying picture formed——

 First, the head. Two demon horns protruded from Hanzo’s head. The hair grew a lot longer. The mouth bulged like a frog. The skin color also turned blue like the ocean. The two fleshy wings propped up the steel armor that was already broken, it was a horrific scene.

 There was an inexplicable roar from his mouth, which was completely devoid of human appearance, and then the two demon wings spread out, the sharp teeth were exposed, the demon’s power was completely released, and the terrifying demonic energy was possessing him completely…

 The demon Hanzo looked at Pain in the sky with eyes full of resentment, and let out a wailing cry, and then his body continued to expand, like a balloon that still insists on inflating after being saturated…


 He just exploded!

Hanzo’s last voice was left floating in the void, it was a huge whine…


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