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I.C.S Chapter 25: After the Event

 The news of the destruction of Rain Village is rapidly spread in the Shinobi world. As a Shinobi village that has been standing for many years, although the Rain Village is not one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries, but after the Second Shinobi War, it has become quite famous, and the name of Hanzo is also contributed to its fame.

It can be said that Rain Village is the strongest village outside the Five Great Shinobi Countries. Unfortunately, the location is not good, and it is caught in the middle of several big countries, So it became an arena for wars over the years.

 But such a powerful ninja village disappeared completely in one night, to the extent that the village turned into a deep bottomless crater ……

 Hanzo tried to use the demonic energy sought by the Shichibukai organization to restore his glories, but he was ultimately defeated by Nagato, and the Rain village became history.

 But no matter what the result is, the power that Hanzo possessed after using the demonic energy has made all countries really pay attention to the demonic energy for the first time.

 The terrifying destructive power is enough to erase a village on the page. Although they don’t know the combat details or who the opponent is, but it does not prevent countries from thinking about owning this kind of strategic weapon that might equal the strength of the tailed beast.

The high-level officials of various countries only felt that troubles were about to come. It was obvious that the third ninja war had just stopped, but the demonic energy lurking in various places in the ninja world had become a new fuse.

 This new power that can change the situation in the ninja world is likely to break out another world war if it’s not handled properly!

 _A village in the land of fire

 Naoto still didn’t do anything to Nagato, maybe killing Nagato now might destroy Madara and Zetsu’s plan for a while, but it would completely destroy the future trend and the future becomes bleak and uncertain, which was even worse for Naoto to deal with.

 But he was also afraid that if he had just made a move on Pain, then Madara most likely will intervene in the field.

 After all, he doesn’t care about anyone, but his two eyeballs are still in Nagato’s head, so he has no choice.

So after weighing it up, Naoto gave up on the idea of taking out Nagato, and he also felt that with all the power under his authority, if he couldn’t stand against the Rinnegan Eyes or Madara, then he would just die.

“Okay, let’s stop for now.” Suzuki, who was at the front of the group, and after being sure no one was around said:

“It’s so annoying to say that after all this time we still haven’t managed to recover the Demonic Energy.” Uesugi Koshi looked distressed “And this mission is too dangerous, one bad move and you’ll be killed by that brat Pain.”

 Hiei glanced at him: “It’s time for you to retire, old man.”

 “Yeah, the organization’s missions are getting more and more exaggerated these days. Last time I was beaten by a tailed beast and this time I almost got involved in a battle between gods and demons, it looks like I really need to think about retiring.”

 “Don’t you have any discipline in this organization at all? You can’t join and retire when you say you will!” Tachibana Raizo said with discontent.

 “I said, I haven’t agreed to join your organization yet. Don’t involve me in such a dangerous thing!”

“Let me tell you the truth after having Pakura, you are no longer important. But you can retire after helping us to collect the demonic energy.”

 “Is that true … how would you be so kind to let me go?”

“…I don’t need to lie to you…”

“That would be perfect! Where is the demonic energy? Let’s find it now!”

 “Hold your horses, Hiei is sensing it.” Uesugi Koshi turned next to him and said, “Pakura, after seeing the dangers the Shichibukai have to face, are you still sure you want to join the organization?”

There is no other place I can go after leaving the Sand Village. It’s better to stay here than to be an outcast ninja who wanders around, and you haven’t done what you promised me yet by the way!”

 “Listen…” Hiei interrupted the conversation, “I have already located the position of four demonic energy.”

“Four directions?” Suzuki pondered for a moment, “Let’s just split into groups. The six people are divided into three groups. Ace and I are in a group, Koshi and Pakura are in a group, and Hiei and Raizo are in a group.”

“Is there any objection?”



 “That’s good…” Hiei glanced around and said: “The demonic energy of water is located in the country of water, so let’s give Koshi and Pakura. The demonic energy of the sky is in an oasis, from the direction and distance it should be a small village adjacent to the land of fire in the west and adjacent to the Land of Wind, leave it to me. The demonic energy of the earth and the demonic energy of fire are both in the land of fire, but one is in the east where we are, and the other is in the south .”

“Okay, after collecting the demonic energy, go to the island and wait for the gathering.”


After setting everything up, Naoto walked out of the Uchiha clan’s compound.

 As a member of the police force, his task was actually quite leisurely, after all, it was now a time of peace and there weren’t so many enemies coming to wreak havoc.

 As a result, not long after he left, he ran into a gloomy-looking Itachi on the street so he greeted him, “Itachi? nice to see you, why are you here?”

 “Sir Naoto?!” Itachi looked surprised. “why you don’t leave the house unless you are working?!”

 “……” Naoto was speechless, rubbed Itachi’s head hard for a while, and said: “Staying out of the house all the time may kill you,  you know?!”

 He looked like a housekeeper lately, but, the truth is, he wasn’t like that at all—

Although his body is still in Konoha, his mind had been set free for who knows how far. He has traveled more than everyone in the village.

 “Forget it, I’m more serious than you, you brat… By the way, you haven’t said why you look so upset, are you being bullied?”

 Naoto was just joking, but as the young master of the Uchiha clan, he was afraid that few Konoha people will dare to bully Itachi.

 “It’s not about me…” But Itachi’s words surprised him, he sighed and said, “It’s about my father.”

 Naoto raised his brows and patted Uchiha Itachi on the shoulder, “It’s not up to you, a child, to worry about the affairs of your father, study with peace of mind, and don’t think about messy things.”

Itachi resisted, “That’s not the case, father… father was told that he was not on the list of candidates for the fourth Hokage, so everyone in the clan was very angry.”

 Naoto realized that Itachi was worried about this…

 “So, does Itachi feel that there was a wronged at your father?”

 “No…it’s not like this! I’m worried that my father will be sad because of this, and Yashiro guys have been talking ill of the village in front of my father. I’m worried…”

 “You’re worried that your father will be upset at the village?” Naoto smiled “Don’t worry, adult matters are very complicated, you don’t have to worry too much.”

“But ……”

“No buts! Come on, big brother is going to take you to a roast!”


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