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I.C.S Chapter 26: Mission

 The roast didn’t work out after all, as halfway through the walk Naoto was called to Fugaku by a clan member.

 “Naoto is here, and Itachi is also with him”

 As soon as he entered, he found Fugaku sitting at the table drinking tea, and he was visibly surprised to see Naoto with Itachi

 “Well, I wanted to go out for a walk earlier and I find Itachi in my way, so we came together.”

 “Well, Itachi, go to your room first, I have something to talk about with Naoto.”

 Itachi nodded nervously and walked back to the room slowly.

 There were only Fugaku and Naoto left in the hall. Fugaku poured a cup of tea in front of Naoto, then Naoto start to panic.

 “Don’t be nervous.” Fugaku smiled, then sat down and said.

 “Have you heard the latest rumors?”

 Naoto guessed what Fugaku meant after thinking about it, and replied, “Is it about the election of the fourth Hokage?”

 Seeing Fugaku’s keen look, Naoto made an angry expression and said, “The village is going to elect the fourth Hokage, but the head of our great clan is not among the nominees!”

 In fact, no one really understands this operation.

 Even if they don’t want someone from the Uchiha clan to be the Hokage, they don’t have the right to prevent them from participating in the election.

 Although if they let Fugaku fight for it, he may not be able to compete with Minato and Orochimaru.

 One of these two is The Yellow Flash of Konoha, who made a name for himself in the Third Shinobi War and is the disciple of the sannin Jiraiya.

 The other, Orochimaru, was one of the three sannin, He participated in the Second and Third Shinobi Wars. He is famous and has a remarkable record, and was a disciple of the Third Hokage. His status is even higher than that of Namikaze Minato.

 No matter how they look at it, Fugake didn’t threaten the chances of these two, even after waking up his Mangekyō Sharingan.

 But the village just gave the kind of divine decisions that should not be discussed and cannot be understood, and directly put him into a political trial, they are not even qualified for the election! How can they possibly convince people by that!

 “The village knew about the fact that I opened the Mangekyō Sharingan, but the news was blocked by the village. I think they were afraid that I would threaten the Hokage position.”

 Fugaku took a sip of tea and said, “Although I’m very angry, that’s not why I brought you.”

 Hearing this, Naoto said decisively “Just tell me what the clan leader wants to say, and I will do my best to get it done.”

 “You are aware of the matter of demonic energy, and the matter I have assigned to you is also related to that.”

 “Demonic energy?!”

 “Yes, demonic energy.” Fugaku made a serious expression, “You have heard the news that Rain Village was destroyed.”

 Naoto nodded lightly, “Yes, it’s hard to imagine what kind of power could destroy a ninja village.”

 Fugaku replied, “It’s the power of that demonic energy…”

 “??? Demonic energy? How could it be?” Naoto made a surprised face.

 “A single demonic energy can only give a person the power at the level of Chūnin, but a special reaction can occur between demonic energy and another demonic energy that gives tremendous power… Hanzō of the Salamander used the power of the seven demonic energy to destroy the Rain Village.”

 Everyone in the ninja world is very aware of Hanzo’s strength. He was indeed a legendary ninja, but he was still far from enough to destroy that large area of the Rain Village.

 To do such a thing, the power of the seven demonic energy must at least increase his power by about ten times.

 “…Unbelievable…” Naoto exclaimed

 “Amazing power indeed, so we must not just let them be obtained by another village.”

 “What does the leader mean ……?” Naoto tried to ask

 “I heard from the people in rain village that the demonic energy split again after Hanzo’s death and flew all over the world. So we Konoha decided to carry out the recovery work of demonic energy. Such a dangerous thing must never be obtained by someone with unknown intentions. “

 “…So that’s the case. Did the leader call me here in the hope that I would collect it?”

 “That’s right, and this is an agreement between me and the village.”

 “The village…?”

 “Yes, the Uchiha clan in agreement with the Hokage respectively send elites from the Genin and Chunin, led by a Jonin, to collect the demonic energy. If the demonic energy is obtained by us, it will be kept by the Uchiha clan.”

 Naoto was shocked. He didn’t expect that the village would use this method to appease the Uchiha clan.

 It seemed that the village had realized that not allowing Fugaku to run for the election would completely anger the Uchiha clan, so they had made amends –

 The Hokage teams and the Uchiha clan would each send their own ninjas, and whoever could grab that demonic energy would keep it.

 After all, the village already had the Nine-Tails, so even if they let the Uchiha get one or two demonic energy, it wouldn’t hurt, not to mention that the ninjas they sent were definitely the best of the best, so they wouldn’t exactly let the Uchiha clan get it.

 The Uchiha clan will be pacified with demonic energy that they may not be able to get, and may not be of much use if they do get it.

 “I’m honored to be able to represent the Uchiha clan’s Chunin …… Wait a minute, Shouldn’t Shisui be with us?”

 Fugaku looked happy, “That’s right, If he’s around, no matter who the Hokage sends, they won’t be our opponent.”

 Uchiha Shisui, a super ninja who masters three basic nature transformations (Fire, Lightning, and Wind) and even opened the Mangekyō Sharingan during the war, is a Genin…

 After graduating from ninja school, he went to the battlefield immediately, and he didn’t have time to take the Chunin exam when he came back, so he is still a Genin to this day.

 Naoto’s mouth twitched a little “If there’s Shisui then there’s no problem indeed.”

 It’s like asking Naruto from Shippuden to take the Chunin exam. He’s also a genin, but He’s not any genin!

 (Unfortunately, even Shisui couldn’t snatch the demonic energy from my hands.)

Naoto thought to himself

“Well,  that’s all I have to say. I’ll tell Shisui what happened when he returns, and when the Third Hokage summons you all in a few days, you’ll be ready to go then.”


Naoto shouted in response


 A village in the southern part of the Land of Fire

 A man walked down the street, which was as empty and quiet as it could be, and in this setting, the man’s footsteps could even be heard clearly.

 The man was very strong, and beneath his firm face were muscles that could be felt beneath the black robes even though they were covered by clothes.

 Finally, he stopped in front of a tavern.

 Looking up at the name of the tavern, the man slowly walked in.

 The tavern was also very depressed, but that was common in a country that had just gone through a war.

 “What can I do for you, guest?” Seemingly because he hadn’t expected anyone to be here at this hour, the bartender froze for a moment before darting forward to wait for orders

 “Yes, thank you.” The man ordered.

 “Okay ……” the bartender was just about to leave when he heard the man ask.

 “By the way, have there been any strange people in town lately?”

 “Strange people? I don’t know what you’re referring to?”

 “Hmm, around twenty years old, white-skinned, blonde-haired man, has three moles on his left ear.”

 “Well …… from what you say it seems like such a man did pass by a few days ago. I was quite impressed too because of his strange name.”

 “Is that so?” The man’s spirits were lifted at these words and he quickly asked “What was his name?”

 “It seems to be called …… Dio …… Dio Brando!”

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