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I.C.S Chapter 27: Teammates

 The next day, Naoto was woken up early in the morning

 He was told to go to the Hokage Building


 At the door there was Uchiha Shisui who was waiting to leave, the guy was two years younger than Naoto, so he had to call Naoto Sama (Sir).

 Although Naoto didn’t like it very much!

 After all, Shisui has a proper shadow-level potential, a genius who has opened the Mangekyō Sharingan, and a man like Naoto, who had only opened two tomoe, was really not too proud to hear someone who was far more powerful than him to call him Sama.

 “Let’s go, let’s not keep Hokage-Sama waiting.”

 Naoto and Shisui jumped through the village and soon arrived at the Hokage building.

 Anbu, who was waiting for them, brought the two to the Hokage office.

 The third Hokage Sarutobi was sitting on the office chair looking at the document, and then he put it down after seeing the two coming in.

 This was the first time Naoto had seen the third Hokage if we didn’t count the ninja school one.

 “Naoto and Shisui, have a seat.”

       “Yes, Hokage-Sama!”

 In the days before the Uchiha rebellion, they still treated the Hokage with respect, even the Head of the clan had to call him Hokage-Sama, much less the new generation of shinobi like Shisui and Naoto.

 “Naoto and Shisui right, it is enviable that the Uchiha can have geniuses like you two.”

 This is thanks to his speed and strength, and his Chakra has increased to a certain extent after using the card, otherwise, he would have been a normal Chunin.

 But he immediately replied, “It’s not just the Uchiha clan, the two of us are also Konoha’s ninjas!”

 No matter what, the attitude has to be made clear immediately.

 Naoto also echoed, “Shisui is right, the Uchiha are part of the village.”

 Not long ago, the clan had accumulated a lot of dissatisfaction with the village because of the election of the fourth Hokage, and Shisui noticed it.

 Knowing that this kind of emotion will only bring destruction to the Uchiha, he is also afraid that the two sides will deepen this dissatisfaction, so in front of the third Hokage, he really wants to adjust the impression of Uchiha in the hearts of the Hokage.

 After hearing Naoto and Shisui’s words, the third Hokage showed obvious stunned expressions, but soon smiled kindly, “If only there were more ninjas like you.”

 As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a commotion outside, and then a tall man with long white hair with red marks under his eyes and he wore a horned forehead protector with the kanji for “oil” on his head pushed open the door and walked in.

 Behind him were two ninjas of the same age as Shisui, and he knew these two, and he was quite surprised. He didn’t expect that the Hokage would send this person.

 The thick-browed Might Guy is an excellent Taijutsu ninja. In the third ninja war not long ago, he was attacked by the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, but his father, Might Duy, killed four of them when he opened all Eight Gates.

 The current Guy is definitely not inferior to his father in terms of physical skills, and with the same training of the Eight Gates technique, once he explodes, I am afraid that even ordinary Chūnin would have to avoid him.

 And the other’s nickname is The Copy Ninja!

 He has spiky silver hair often oriented to his left side, and his left eye is blocked by a forehead guard. These characteristics all declare the identity of this person.


 Shisui obviously knew Kakashi too, so after seeing him he couldn’t help but say in astonishment, “Hokage-Sama! Isn’t Kakashi-sama a Jōnin?”

 The corners of Naoto’s mouth twitched.

 After all, Shisui is still a Genin, and he follows the rules agreed with the Uchiha clan.

 But Kakashi, who became a Jōnin a year ago, was above their level. How could he send Him with them?!

 Seeing the question mark faces of Naoto and Shisui, the third Hokage sighed deeply and said: “Because Kakashi lost a very important companion in a mission not long ago, and this happened after he was promoted to Jōnin, so Kakashi resigned from Jōnin ninja and wanted to start from a new chunin so that he could get his fighting spirit back.”

 ? ? ?

(What is this kind of operation? There must be a limit for being cheeky!)

Naoto complained in his mind, but in reality, he could only accept it.

 Not to mention that there was still Shisui with him, and Kakashi might not be a match for Shisui anymore ……

 Then Naoto thought:

(There is nothing to worry about. The demonic energy wouldn’t be available to Konoha anyway, so who cares who he sends!)

 The third Hokage said with a smile, “It looks like you all know each other. You will be teammates in the next mission. so make sure you get along well.”

 “Yes, Hokage-Sama!”

 The group responded

 “Alright, alright, it’s time to go.” Then he turned into an immodest look “Finally we can go out, Let’s go and see the beauty, I’m suffocating in this miserable village!”

 The burly man was walking step by step on the way to the gate, eventually stopping in front of it.

 “Is this your hiding place? Dio?”

 He gently pushed the door open, and the sun’s rays came in along the door and the man now in the middle of the sun’s rays set his eyes on a head hanging on the wall!!

 The moment he saw the head his face changed, because the face of this head was familiar to him, and he had only seen it a while ago.

 He was the bartender from before, but he didn’t expect that the man who had told him the information not so long ago was now a dead man with only his head left.

 And on the wall was a message written in blood –

 “Jojo, I knew you would come after me. But now that I have discovered new powers, I have no time to play cat-and-mouse with you…”

 Looking at the cruel scene, the man stalled, and after a brief silence he clenched his fists and growled in a low voice “Dio …… you are the only one I will never forgive!”


 He struck the wall with his fist that went right through the entire wall.

 He removed the head from the wall and was about to cremate it when he suddenly heard a small movement and being extremely sensitive to any small sound he immediately turned his body to the direction that the sound came from, while his body tensed up and his mouth whispered: “…… who is this?!”

 No one answered ……

 The man who had been motionless because he was worried about an ambush finally became impatient, and after a moment of preparation, he walked in the direction of the source.

 After two steps, the man heard footsteps coming from the darkness, and was ready to strike when he suddenly heard words coming from the darkness.

 “Are you …… human?”

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