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I.C.S Chapter 69: Dialogue

“Okay, from where do we start talking?”

Banner led Shisui to the living room, which was a rather rudimentary little room made of wood.

Banner poured a cup of tea for him and Shisui, then sat on the sofa.

He thought about it carefully, and then said slowly:

“Let’s start with your main concern about where my companion is going.”

“I woke up after you and the Hulk fought, but after I woke up, I didn’t have the same terrifying power as the Hulk, but fortunately, the clone technique is not difficult, and the momentum they caused is quite big, so It wasn’t hard to know where they are going.”

“The two Uchiha who fought the Fire Qilin were taken away by Dio at the end, as for the other ninja who fought Myotismon, nothing happened to him, but I’m afraid he’s very angry ……”

“What?! sensei Inabi and sensei Tekka were taken away by Dio? Wasn’t he supposed to have been killed by Jiraiya-sama? And why did he come here?!”

Shisui’s heart thumped, as one who had personally battled the Corpses, he was well aware of the vampire’s methods.

Once they fell into his hands, then it was likely that they would be transformed into corpses, and then Tekka and Inabi would become Dio’s puppets, been as creatures of darkness ……

“Vampires are a very mysterious race who originated from the clan of the Pillars millions of years ago, and although they are allies with the Demons, they don’t know much about each other.”

At this point, Banner took a sip of tea and then continued his explanation

“But the strength of the vampires’ life force is commonly recognized, and it is not an unfathomable phenomenon that Dio can continue to be reborn after his body has been destroyed.”

“……” Shisui was silent for a moment, then said:

“Then do you know Dio’s whereabouts? I have to go and rescue Tekka-sensei and Inabi-sensei before he can do that.”

“Are you sure?” Banner raised an eyebrow, seemingly a little surprised by Shisui’s decision

“You must know that Dio will take them captives, then he will inevitably turn them into corpses who serve him, and then they will no longer be your sensei, but enemies who will fight you with intent to kill you.”

“…… I understand …… but I have my own solution.”

Shisui touched his eyes, just by using the power of these eyes, then it is enough to correct the will of the corpses.

If someone else had used Kotoamatsukami, it would take more than ten years before he could use Kotoamatsukami again.

But as the original owner of that dōjutsu, Shisui was able to use the Kotoamatsukami to a degree that rivaled or even surpassed that of Danzō, who had fused the cells of Hashirama to give him greater stamina and chakra, but he nevertheless admitted in the original work that he could not use it more than once a day!

“Is it the power of Mangekyō Sharingan?” Guessing what Shisui was thinking, Banner nodded slightly but then did still disagree with Shisui’s thoughts

“Dio is currently an ally of the demons left in the ninja world. Vampire beasts should also join him, that is, the vampire who fought with your leader Uchiha Fugaku. His strength is comparable to a Lord-level demon. In the demon army, only the Holy Lord surpasses him.”

“In the previous battle, Uchiha Fugaku and the two teamed up and could only get rid by dragging him until dawn. With all respect, in this case, even if the Uchiha clan unites against him, I’m afraid they won’t be able to eliminate Dio.”


Silent, Shisui didn’t know what to say for a while.

He understood that Banner was right

In the recent battle, the strength displayed by the demons was only the tip of the iceberg.

But that was all it took to push their group to the brink of death.

To go to their lair in such a situation would undoubtedly be a suicide.

“…Then what should I do? And…how do you know so much about demons”

Banner smiled bitterly, then sighed deeply, saying:

“You can say that I am half-demon…”

Shisui was puzzled: “Half-demon?”

“It’s a creature between human and demon, a hybrid species, but I’m a bit more special.”

His eyes were misty as if he was remembering something, followed by a statement full of helplessness

“I was an ordinary villager, but one day I was taken away by a Scientist.”

“According to him, he was conducting an experiment to expand the fighting power of the demons. During the war a thousand years ago, the Demons realized that with the power of their own clan it would be difficult to take on the forces of the whole world united.”

They wanted to create a hybrid half-demon that would be more powerful than humans and demons to help them in the war and be the element of surprise that gives them superiority.

“Half-demon…” Shisui frowned and said carefully:

“What kind of experiment is that?”

“I don’t know about the others, but I was transformed by a doctor using one of the powers of the Holy Lord.”

“The Holy Lord?! Wasn’t he sealed?!”

“Have you forgotten the demonic energy he left behind?”

Banner stretched out a finger, turning the finger green as if it had been transformed into a Hulk’s finger.

“This is the characteristic of the demonic energy of the mountain. The doctor used the power of demons to transform my bloodline. His original intention was to transform me into a demon attached to the army of the mountain among the eight legions of the Holy Lord. At the end of the experiment, there was an accident…”

Shisui held his breath, knowing in his heart that this accident must have made Banner what he is today.

But Banner didn’t say it right away, instead, he changed the subject

“The Shinobi world we are in is just a planet in a vast world, you know that, right?”

“Well …… I’ve heard rumors that even the moon in the sky was created by the Sage of Six Paths.”

“In addition to the moon that was created by the Sage of Six Paths, there are many planets in this world, no, you can’t use the word many, it would be more appropriate to use the word countless. Planets that moving around the stars, and hundreds of billions of stars make up the galaxies ……”

“And the world made up of these countless galaxies is what we call the universe.”