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I.C.S Chapter 70: Assistance

“Universe…” Shisui murmured, he was dazzled.

But Banner, as a physicist, was used to seeing such scenes, and after pouring another glass of water, he continued:

“With such a vast universe, there are naturally countless dangers, and gamma rays is one of it.”

“It is a cosmic radioactive ray of great contamination, and under its effect, the demonic power fused with my body and changed my DNA.”

“I did become a half-demon, but unlike the other experiments, the gamma rays materialized the rage and the tyranny into the Hulk, a demon who only knows destruction, who possesses an endless appetite for destruction and will become stronger and stronger with rage, with almost no upper limit of it!”

“No wonder ……”

Shisui remembered that in the battle with the Hulk at that time, he used the Kotoamatsukami technique that only very few Uchiha members could resist, yet Hulk was able to escape from it when his anger exploded.


In the battle with him, his rage must be constantly rising, which makes it difficult for some techniques to have the desired effect.

“In the state of the Hulk, I am even stronger than most pure-blooded demons, but there is no perfect creature in the world. Gamma rays brought great power to the Hulk, but also preserved my own will, even the doctor couldn’t erase it.”

“So you have two entities in one person?”

“Yes, that’s right ……” Banner paused and then said “In theory, we can influence each other, but I’m so weak that it’s hard to influence his will.

“…… But you ……”

Shisui suddenly closed his mouth, he understood why Banner wanted to save him.

“It’s not that your Mangekyō Sharingan has no effect on the Hulk, without it, I guess I would still be a spectator.”

Kotoamatsukami is an illusion attack comparable to The Eye of the Moon Plan. It can destroy the opponent’s soul. It is absolutely impossible for the Hulk to resist this Mangekyō Sharingan’s ultimate technique without damage.

“Your ninjutsu not only damaged the Hulk but also broke through the mental blockade that the Doctor put on me, allowing me to regain control of my body.”

“I see …… but …… according to what you said, the Demons will definitely not leave you alone.”

“Of course, the Doctor is quite a frightening character, he would never let me just get out of his grasp, perhaps the people he sent are on their way ……”

“Then…” Shisui’s eyes lit up and he made a suggestion

“You can go back to Konoha with me! The village will definitely protect you!”

Konoha is the strongest force in the ninja world. And in Shisui’s mind, the demons are just a small organization hidden in history, like Shichibukai.

It’s okay for them to play tricks in the shadows, but if they announce themselves in front of everyone, it’s absolutely impossible to compete with the five great shinobi countries that have survived in the ninja world for so many years.

Even if they are strong individually, can they still be stronger than tens of thousands of ninjas?

“No……” Banner quickly dismissed Shisui’s proposal, saying with a slightly pained voice, “The Hulk will recover at some point, and once it regains the dominance of the body, the damage he will cause will be no less than of a Tailed Beast!”

“Don’t worry, there are many experts in Konoha, even the Nine-Tails can be subdued, even if the Hulk is strong, he’s just a beast.”

“It’s different. The demonic energy of the mountain is still in my body, and the doctor will definitely take it back. For this reason, the demons will do anything for having it.”

“Do you want Konoha to be targeted by the demons? Not to mention, as long as war is launched, the demons with vampires will become stronger and stronger, because they have a steady stream of soldiers, Are you sure you want to start a war because of me?”

Shisui was silent

As a ninja who had personally experienced the Third Shinobi War, Shisui couldn’t have been more aware of the pain that the war had inflicted on people.

Now that the Third Shinobi War was over, the village’s rare peace could not really afford a war.

“Then what should we do?”

Shisui looked distressed


Banner said sincerely with his eyes fixed on Shisui:

“I hope you can help me ……”

“Maybe I can help ……” Shisui hesitated for a moment and returned:

“The Sharingan is also known as the Eye of Reality, and I would like to use it to balance the relationship between me and the Hulk,” said Banner

“That’s not a problem …… but how am I supposed to do that?”

“The data …… I remember the locations where some doctors have done experiments, I need to get the data there and then reconcile the spiritual ratio between me and the Hulk like what some ninja did with the Tailed Beasts so that we both reach a state of harmony. “

“The location of the demon base!”

Shisui was delighted, what he feared most was the unknown of the Demons, if he didn’t even know where the other party was, how could he save people?

“Don’t worry.” Seeing Shisui’s excitement, Banner hurriedly discouraged: “Things have to be done step by step…”

“I know ……”

“Good, then let’s talk about what to do next…”


Mount Myōboku

Jiraiya was summoned to the Holy Land by the Reverse Summoning Technique, and the first thing he saw was the huge-bodied Gamabunta.

“You’re finally here, the Great Immortal Toad was calling for you an hour ago.”

Jiraiya  touched his hair and said with some embarrassment, “I was in a meeting earlier, but I came as soon as it was over.”

Gamabunta was about to say something when Shima arrived and interrupted, “Okay, okay, stop complaining. If we don’t get in there, I’m afraid that guy is going to have Alzheimer’s again.”

Jiraiya nodded solemnly and followed Shima deep into Mount Myōboku.

At the core of Mount Myōboku, a huge orange toad is sitting on a big seat.

He is the big immortal toad who has survived from the time of Kaguya until the present, but his face is not as calm as usual.

His face wrinkled because of his old age and showed a trace of anxiety, which he had never seen before Fukasaku, who had accompanied him for a long time.

Could it be that Immortal Big Toad predicted something again?

“Gamamaru, the Great Toad Sage, I came as you asked!”