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I.C.S Chapter 71: The Broken Future

“Finally you come little Jiraiya ……” The immortal Big Toad said calmly.

Shima complained as if she had seen a ghost, “I can’t believe he didn’t have that deep tone and didn’t pretend to be a god, it seems that this time the prophecy is something scary.”

“Old woman, stop complaining about the Great Toad Sage, prophecies are nothing to be taken lightly!”

“Don’t quarrel, don’t quarrel, husband and wife should be in harmony.”

“Uh …… Great Toad, let’s talk about the prophecy first, Minato and Orochimaru are both waiting for me.”

“Prophecy ah ……” the Great Toad Sage thought for a moment, and his face became more melancholy, he said in a deep tone:

“I’m embarrassed to say it, but I’ll say it anyway ……”

Both Shima and Jiraiya looked tense, expecting a follow-up from the Great Toad Sage.

None of the information about the Son of Prophecy had ever caused him to show such a demeanor, but now there was a few obvious signs of anxiety, which made all three of them feel an unusual aura.

At the expectant gaze of the three, the Great Toad Sage said, “I have prophesied nothing.”

The hot-tempered and uncomfortable Shima said, “You called everyone here just so we could hear you say that you didn’t prophesy anything? Then you might simply want to invite us to dinner! Something I’d expect from a senile old toad anyway”

Fukasaku hastened to intervene, “If there was nothing else, the old master would not have called us all here, and don’t forget that little Jiraiya is still here!”

Jiraiya fell into contemplation after a short period of confusion, because he knew that Gamamaru would never invite them just because he got bored.

It’s not surprising to do this kind of thing when you’re old, especially if you had Alzheimer’s.

Compared to the respective reactions of the three people below, the Great Toad Sage was still as unmoved as a mountain, he still said in the old man’s tone:

“It is not a specific prophecy as much as it is probabilities, two possibilities if we want to limit it.”

Hearing the Great Toad Sage speak, the three below stopped their own thinking.

As a very old toad who had survived for thousands of years, Gamamaru knew many secrets about the Shinobi world.

According to legend, he had a certain relationship with the Sage of Six Paths thousands of years ago.

Such an old sage could spit out a bit of information at random from his mouth and it would be priceless.

“The first possibility is that the future becomes chaotic, whether it’s someone interfering with one’s ability or a part of destiny… In short, the established destiny no longer appears in our eyes.”


To most of the ninjas, this is quite nonsense.

If everything has been arranged by some super-standard existence in the dark, then doesn’t it mean that they are all the puppets of that person?

But for the Great Toad Sage at a higher level, Fukasaku, Shima, and even Jiraiya are convinced of the existence of destiny.

In the past millennium, Mount Myōboku had relied on fate to take refuge from disasters.

But now the Great Toad Sage says that destiny has disappeared?

This ……

How is this possible? ……

What kind of power can destroy the destiny that controls the future of hundreds of millions of creatures on the planet?

The three of them were a little confused for a while, and instinctively rejected this possibility in their hearts.

Shima shook her head and asked, “What about the other possibility?”

“The another possibility…” The Great Toad Sage was very straightforward this time and said directly:

“That is… The world has been destroyed, all creatures were wiped out, even the planet was destroyed, so naturally, there would be no future, and no prophecy would exist.”

Shima immediately said back, “You’re kidding me! Extinction of living things and destruction of planets? Does this sound too fantasy?”

Fukasaku didn’t overreact, thinking about it.

“But that makes sense.”

On the other side, Jiraiya looked thoughtful and muttered, “The extinction of creatures… Could it have something to do with the demons?”

“Demons? What demons?!” Hearing his words, Fukasaku asked curiously.

“Speaking of which, the most important purpose of my coming here is this.” Jiraiya turned his head to look at Gamamaru and said:

“Grand Master, I would like to ask, in your long life have you ever heard of the race of demons?”

“Hmm? The Demons?” The Great Toad Sage was obviously not expecting the question that came out of Jiraiya’s mouth, and after pondering for some time he shook his head and said:

“I’ve never heard of a race known as demons ……”

“Really …… not even you ……”

Fukasaku went further and asked “Little Jiraiya, have you come across something? From what you’re saying it could be related to the disappearance of the prophecies?”

“Well, it’s the latest thing in the Shinobi world.” Jiraiya didn’t think of hiding it and directly told all the recent events in the Shinobi world about the Shichibukai, the demon race, and the vampires.

After listening to him, Fukasaku and Shima looked at each other and found each other confused before looking back at the Great Toad Sage.

“I am sorry, even me I have never heard anything about the Holy Lord. It is history that has been dusted off in the Shinobi world for thousands of years, no, the world wasn’t called Shinobi then.”

“Even the Great Toad Sage doesn’t know about them ……,” Jiraiya was discouraged for a moment, he thought he would be able to scout out a hint of information about the Demons in the Mount Myōboku, the holy land of Shinobi.

“In any case, little Jiraiya’s speculation has merit. After all, the time when the demons came out and the time when the prophecy was broken are too close to each other, there must be some connection between the two.”

Fukasaku nodded and said, “Yes, it’s suspicious that the demons would come out at this time of the year.”

Shima also echoed, “And this Shichibukai, I have experienced a lot of things, but this is the first time I have heard of such an organization in the ninja world.”

“That’s why I can’t trust them. Although it looks like they are the enemies of the demons, in the process of my fight with Dio, Suzuki Toichiro, a member of Shichibukai, disappeared. This is really suspicious.”

“Tell you what, we will check some historical documents recently to see if we can find some clues in it. As for you Jiraiya, you will continue to search for the Son of Prophecy among the Shinobi world.”

“That’s right, if there is anyone who can prevent terrible things from happening in the future, I think only the legendary Son of Prophecy can do it.”