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Chapter 242 The Universe in The Sleeves Technique

Masahiko returned with a full load.

The reason behind this trip to the battlefield was only to find his disciples, yet he ended up running around and doing other stuff, but the final result… wasn’t that bad, right?

At least that’s what Masahiko has felt, he looked satisfied, and he wasn’t bothered by being a “thief.”

At the entrance of Konoha’s camp, the four disciples Sakumo, and Shikaku were waiting anxiously.

“Kenichiro-Ojisan, did Elder Masahiko really say that he’s gonna deal with them solely?”

Kenichiro has finally become an uncle, even to older people like Sakumo.

“Yes, Sensei did say that.” Kenichiro himself looked puzzled.

Masahiko said he’s gonna deal with them, but the sky didn’t fall apart, there were no rumbling sounds, and there weren’t even any traces of movements.

“Maybe Elder Masahiko is using stealth?” Sakumo didn’t believe it, and Nanako didn’t believe; in fact, no one did.

“Sensei is back,” Nanako said.

The six of them looked in his direction, and his figure suddenly flickered, then flashed in front.

“Sensei’s way of traveling has changed…”

When Masahiko appeared in front of them, Shikaku couldn’t help but ask, “Elder Masahiko, how it went?”

Masahiko smiled, “Are you asking if I’ve encountered any troubles? Don’t worry. Sunagakure will retreat soon.”

Shikaku hesitated; he didn’t whether Masahiko is serious or playing with words as he usually does. After all, they didn’t even see Masahiko’s iconic Dust Release technique.

Masahiko noticed Shikaku’s confused expression and shook his head, “Like I said, don’t worry, I made sure that Sunagakure suffers heavy losses.”

The last time Masahiko paid a visit to Sunagakure, he noticed that the village was suffering from an economic problem. He didn’t know how many years it took them to gather all of these materials, but it was all taken away by him in seconds. They will surely suffer a lot from supply shortages in the next few years.

“May I take the liberty to ask, what method did you use to attack Sunagakure?” Shikaku asked.

Masahiko’s face stiffened, “Y-You didn’t wait for me to allow it, so I won’t answer! Nanako, Kenichiro, Nagato, Konan, let’s go.”

Shikaku and Sakumo watched Masahiko leading his four disciples further away helplessly until they disappeared from the sight.

“Hatake Sakumo, you know Elder Masahiko better, is…”

“I never understood him.”

The two groaned and sighed until a familiar white-haired figure appeared in front of them.

“Shikaku, Sunagakure has suddenly retreated. What happened?” Jiraiya shouted loudly.

Shikaku was startled first, then he glanced at Sakumo, looking both surprised and happy.

“Elder Masahiko is really reliable!”

Unfortunately, Masahiko, who had already taken the four disciples out of the Land of Rain’s territory, didn’t hear Shikaku’s praising him.

On the way, Masahiko took the time to ask Nagato and Konan about their war experience.

“Yo! Sensei…”

“Stop talking.” Masahiko looked away with his hand, pressing against his head, interrupting Nagato.

Konan sighed, then shook her head, “Sensei, why does the war have to take place in the Land of Rain?”

Although she has lived in the Land of Whirlpools for years now without a pang of homesickness, Konan didn’t like watching innocent civilians being killed.

Masahiko was taken aback for a moment. In this world, the right answer was “Weakness is a sin,” but he didn’t fill the child’s head with such awful ideas.

“Well, to answer this question, I have to say…”

“This involves more advanced strategies and tactics that revolve about the Roundabout Operation. It’s basically a tactic that gives you an advantage by going deep behind the enemy lines…” After thinking for a long time, Masahiko gave such a shallow response.

Nanako was already fifteen years old, and she was a smart kid… Her disgusted gazes explained everything.

“Let’s not talk about this and focus on going back quickly.” Masahiko turned off the topic while crying secretly about how his beloved disciple looked at him.

Masahiko didn’t use his space jump, so the four ran all the way back and reached Konoha after almost a day.

After he asked his disciples to wait for him at the Senju Station, he went to the Hokage Building again.

Hiruzen had received the news that Masahiko had returned with the four disciples earlier and was eagerly waiting downstairs since the battlefield reports didn’t reach Konoha yet.

“Elder Masahiko, what happened in the Land of Rain?”

“I already solved it.”

Hiruzen let out a sigh of relief. He was sure that Masahiko wouldn’t make jokes about this kind of thing.

“Didn’t you say that it wasn’t easy?”

Masahiko smiled, “As long as I’m standing on the other side, no chicken will dare to come my way.”

What kind of analogy is that? Moreover, isn’t chickens supposed to run away when they see humans? Hiruzen’s face stiffened, and he didn’t know what to say.

“Elder Masahiko was there, and of course, any side he joins will be invincible.”

This compliment came from behind Masahiko. It would have been “beautiful if it wasn’t said by… Danzo.

“Getting a compliment from Danzo is like getting kissed by Orochimaru!” Masahiko felt like fainting out…

Turning around and looking at the person behind him, it was indeed Danzo.

“Oh man, the horror, the horror is real…” Frightened by the fake smile on Danzo’s face, Masahiko muttered.

“What method did you use exactly to deal with Sungakure?” Hiruzen has also felt awkward hearing these words coming out of Danzo’s mouth, and it took him a long time to speak again.

Masahiko sighed since he knew that he’s gonna ask that, but fortunately, he had already thought of a reply on the way back.

“I recreantly saw a celestial phenomenon at night and magically learned a Senjutsu technique that should be called Zetsu in Kaguya’s Sleeve, but I’ve called it the Universe in the Sleeve. It basically goes like this, as long as I flicker my sleeve, the enemy’s weapons will fly into it. So without weapons and food, Sunagakure will destroy itself.”

Hiruzen: “???”

Danzo tried to understand, “You said you used a kind of Ninjutsu… to steal their weapons and food?”

“Take away!” Masahiko corrected without shame.

Hiruzen also understood, and he suddenly rejoiced. He didn’t care whether Masahiko was shameless as long as it’s in Konoha’s favor.

“Then, in half a day, we will receive the good news from the battlefield.” Hiruzen and Danzo glanced at each other.

Masahiko watched this interaction between the two friends, then shook his head and smiled.

“Do you want Sunagakure’s weapon and food? I’ll sell them to you at a fair cost.”

Hiruzen was startled, then he gritted his teeth and said, “Yes, I want as much as you’re willing to sell.”

He’s trying to keep Masahiko happy so he can help them in future wars.

“Take a few steps back. I will empty my dimension for you.” Masahiko looked like he was about to cast a spell.

The two hurriedly stepped back, and Hiruzen waved his hand to the Anbu to stop the civilians from passing by.

Masahiko shook his sleeves, “The Universe in The Sleeves” was displayed, pouring out all the materials in his dimension.

“Can you keep living things in your sleeves?” Hiruzen asked in surprise.

Masahiko’s face stiffened as he looked at the fat cat sitting on the pile of materials; that little guy actually followed out.

“Meow~” At first, it screamed in fright, but when it realized that its master Masahiko was there, it rushed over, hugged his legs then bitten him. Masahiko hadn’t fed him for a whole day, and he kept a lot of food in his pockets to tempt him.

“You must lose weight, fat cat.”

Masahiko said cruelly, then turned to the other two, “I’m telling you this pet is driving me crazy…”

“Elder Masahiko, what is this tree doing inside your sleeve?”

Well, he had to put one there for the fat cat…