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Chapter 409 Do You Want To Be My Hades

The Uchiha Clan Residence.

“When a person reaches your age, I really can’t help but feel sad.” Facing the old and weak Kagami on the bed, Masahiko sighed lightly and turned to leave.

Only nine months have passed since he saw Kagami the last time. At that time, he had the strength to at least stand tall in front of Orochimaru. However, looking at him now, Kagami no longer had the strength to get up, and he even lost the ability to talk for a long time.

“Master, the old Patriarch…” Obito asked with expectant eyes, “You medical ninjutsu is better than Rin’s. There must be away, right?”

Masahiko shook his head, “It’s useless, the difference between dying today or tomorrow is nothing.”

Obito held his tears and forced his heart to calm down. He’s now the Hokage, and he should shed tears easily…

“Then please!”

Masahiko was stunned, but he could understand what Obito was thinking, a day more can be comforting to his family and friends.

Before he learns about the spiritual space, this kind of situation would have made Masahiko really sad too. But now it’s different, he can relieve Kagami from his pain, without losing him entirely.

Therefore, he didn’t even need to ask the client and made the decision to give Kagami a place in his spiritual space.

This was the first time Masahiko could send a younger generation with a relaxed mood.

“Elder Masahiko, Kagami…” Hiruzen sighed.

“Don’t be sad.” Masahiko comforted, “You will have such a day too soon.”

Hiruzen was taken aback and didn’t know how to respond for a while.

As time passed, the night became darker, and the life fluctuations in Kagami became weaker and weaker.

Masahiko pondered for a moment, and turned to Fugaku, “You must go and start arranging Kagami’s send-off.”

Fugaku was startled, “Yes.”

When Obito heard this, he lowered his face holding his tears, while reminding himself, “I can’t cry, I can’t cry…”

Masahiko glanced at him and immediately shifted his gaze, while reminding himself, “I must not laugh, I must not laugh…”


In the room, Masahiko pressed his hands on Kagami’s chest, and at the same time he said, “Kagami, you probably have half an hour more, talk if you want.”

Kagami took a deep breath, feeling his chest much lighter, and said, “Excuse me, Elder Masahiko. I have already ordered Fugaku to leave my eyes to you after death.”

Masahiko nodded, and Kagami turned to the other three in the room, forcing a smile, “It seems that I’m going to leave first.”

Hiruzen sighed and nodded, “If you meet Danzo in the other world, tell him that I will be there soon.”

“I will…”

“Don’t worry about it, you won’t meet him.” Masahiko kindly said.

Kagami paused for a while, then turned his head to the Uchiha group, and called their name one by one, “Fugaku, Obito, Hatsu… The future of the Uchiha Clan is left to you.”

“Oh no, I’m crying…” Obito replied.

“Puff…” Masahiko couldn’t hold his laughter any longer and immediately threw his consciousness into the spiritual space, to arrange a home for Kagami, and avoid any more embarrassing situations. He really can’t help it, he can’t grief, when he knows that everything will be okay.


After half an hour.

Kagami finally finished giving his speech, and breathed a sigh of relief, “Elder Masahiko, you can let me go.”

Masahiko chuckled, “Death means a new beginning. When you finally close your eyes, maybe there will be a surprise waiting for you.”

After saying this, Masahiko gently raised his hands, and without the help of his medical Ninjutsu, Kagami closed his eyes forever.

His soul floated above his head and slowly rose to the sky, but before it could transmit, Masahiko’s mental power swept through and tried to pull it into his spiritual space.

“Huh….?” It didn’t work.

“Old Patriarch!”

Obito could no longer control his tears, and his eyes began to water. Other people in the hose brewed sorrow, and suddenly, the room was extremely quiet.

Suddenly, there was a buzzing sound that echoes throughout heaven and earth.

This buzzer immediately sent everyone to the ground. After a while, Hiruzen, Obito, and Fugaku climbed up one after another, while the others were still in a coma.

“What happened?!”

Hiruzen’s consciousness was still unstable, but he could tell that this was a mental shock, the intensity was extremely high, and this is probably related to Masahiko.

He immediately leaned over and checked on the others who were still unconscious, “Obito, Fugaku, save the others!”

However, the buzzing emitted again, and the three fell to the ground. This time, only Obito could stay barely awake, struggling to get up, and said, “Master, what’s happening?!”

Masahiko’s expression was solemn, the Sage Coat was draped on his body, and he turned his head saying, “Obito, take everyone into the space with you and stay as far away from me! Don’t worry, as long as you don’t get close to me, your life won’t be in danger. At most, everyone in Konoha will be out tonight!”

Obito paused for a moment, then immediately set off and did what Masahiko’s said, knowing that it wasn’t the right time to ask questions.

When all people around him disappeared, Masahiko sneered and said, “You damned old man, you dare to snatch someone from this ancestor? I’m at MAXLV now, you think I’m afraid of you?!”

The third soul shock rippled out.


Konoha was very quiet, everyone wasn’t asleep, but messed up.

The Yamanaka Clan was specialized in soul techniques, but the distance was relatively close, and only four or five people could stay awake, but it was very uncomfortable to them, withstanding soul shock after soul shock, it was really better to just pass out.

Some Jonin who were far away could also retain consciousness, and quickly set off to rescue the others who passed out beside them.

The Senju Clan, the farthest from the Uchiha Clan, had the most conscious people. After he briefly understood the situation, Nawaki immediately sent people to take over Konoha’s defensive duties, fearing that someone would take the opportunity to invade the village.

Kushina’s house.

As soon as the first wave of mental shock came, Minato immediately woke up, and with a turnover, he hugged Kushina and the little princess and disappeared.

Then he flashed again and went home to pick up Naruto, and flickered away again. In a minute, the family of four all came to a barren mountain more than a dozen miles southeast of Konoha…

Kushina was already awake, holding the little princess firmly in her pajamas, fearing that she would be sick. She checked on Naruto, who was asleep like a dead pig in Minato’s arms, then looked at the latter with a solemn face, “Minato, did you… have a nightmare?”


In Konoha, there was a wave of mental shock everyone minute or so, and it finally stopped after half an hour.

In the spiritual space.

“Kagami, don’t be so nervous, this place is under the control of this ancestor,” Masahiko said softly.

Kagami was in slight pain, “Elder Masahiko, what happened just now. Is this place… the other world? And who was that? The bad guy?”

Masahiko smiled, “I wanted to pull you, but I didn’t expect him to fight so hard to grab you.”

Masahiko turned, around and smiled, “So how did you like my underworld? Wanna be my hades?!”