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Chapter 443 Feel The Chidori’s Pain

Early next day, at Konoha stadium.

Masahiko took Kimimaro’s Team and Kushina’s family to meet at the same place as yesterday.

Naruto was excited, “Ancestor, I’m going now, wait and see how I will be Sasuke to the ground!”

Masahiko laughed, Naruto is always so self-confident.

“Ten draw lots, the probability that you will fight Sasuke is one in… um… uh… very small, so don’t underestimate the others!”

“Impossible! No matter who goes against me, I will beat him down!”

“Idiot brother, fight on!” Natsuki waved her small fist.

Naruto smiled brightly, “Oh!”

When Naruto ran away, Masahiko stretched out his hands to Natsuki and sat her on his lap again. The chubby little baby was addicted to this intention, and even more addictive to the pinching…

Natsuki laid back on his chest, and Masahiko rubbed her cheeks. The way she was trying to act like she was resisting made her look cute, and soon she lost all strength…

When the audience filled the stadium, the little girl was already asleep.

“Grandpa, The Fourth Kazekage is here.” Kushina tilted her head and said.

Masahiko smiled, “I can see that you’re responsible for keeping an eye on him, and I’m responsible for watching the game.”

“Grandpa, can’t you feel that there’s something wrong with him?” Kushina pressed.

Masahiko scratched his head, “Ah, old geezers tend to look wrong every few days of the month, but he… seems to have a problem.”

“The Fourth Kazekage?” Karin turned her head in doubt, and then turned back after a shudder, “I think he has a kind of… disgusting feeling?”

Masahiko was startled, “Is this so-called woman’s intuition?”

“What did you say, Great Elder? I’m still a girl!”

Masahiko pouted, “When you say that, I also feel sick.”

Karin: “…”

Kushina couldn’t just relax, and looked back at the fourth Kazekage, Minato noticed that, and said, “Kushina, rest assured, watch the Chunin Exam, I’ll keep an eye on him.”

Masahiko shook his head helplessly, Orochimaru probably knows about this since yesterday, did he already prepare an escape plan?

“I don’t know if this counts as witnessing him trying to attack Konoha and kill Hiruzen but fails. Am I going to get a few points out of this?”

Masahiko pondered for a while, but then the quiet stadium made him look up, and big rolling screen.

“Today’s first game is… Pffft! Cough!”

“What, what’s the matter?! Old Ancestor!” Natsuki woke up from her sleep with crystal saliva still drawling from the corner of her mouth. When she saw Masahiko’s face, she quickly wiped it off with a blush.

Masahiko raised his eyebrows, “Look at the screen.”

“Uzumaki Naruto VS… Haruno Sakura? Huh? Brother and Sakura-sister?”

Kushina’s focus shift entirely from the Fourth Kazekage since her son was about to face his crush. As a mother, you must gloat in such misfortunes…


Naruto seemed to have become Shikamaru and walked towards the center of the stadium as if he were on the execution ground; the disbelief was evident in his face.

Masahiko’s voice sounded in his ears like a narrator, “This man is a man of his words, no matter who he encounters, he will beat them to the ground.”


Sakura’s pace wasn’t that brisk too, but it was relatively stable. She knew very well that she was the weakest among the ten people today, and that Naruto had already been signed. Although she can’t win, NAruto will at least give her a chance to show all her strengths… Definitely!

“I’m sorry, Naruto.”

The two stood face to face, Sakura first apologized for her intention to use Naruto, but Naruto obviously misunderstood.

Sakura-Chan, I’m sorry, but I have to beat that bastard Sasuke, so I can’t lose to you here.”

“Bastard… Sasuke-Kun?!” Sakura gritted her teeth and muttered, throwing away her apology.

Karin froze in the stands, “That stinky brat… does he like her?”

Masahiko laughed, and Karin seems to have felt some jealousy toward Sakura now that she saw how she stole Naruto from her, “You have a soft sport Kimimaro, Naruto had no choice but to find someone else.”

“No way…” Karin started to feel sentimental, “Have I caused this little devil so much damage?”

On the battlefield, the two already started the battle.

Naruto didn’t even use his Shadow Clones, he was only relying on his Taijutsu, and Sakura managed to land a few hits on him…

“Idiot brother really likes Sister Sakura very much.”

Masahiko pat Natsuki’s little head, “You’re still young, and you don’t understand some things.”

Natsuki ignored him, and Karin pouted and said, “Great Elder, don’t like to Little Natsuki. It’s obvious, that stinky brat is under that girl’s Genjutsu.”

“Yes… its interference Genjutsu.” Masahiko pursed his lips, “Sakura’s talent for Genjutsu is pretty high, but unfortunately, it can’t break the defense. However, if Naruto acts so carelessly, it’s really possible that he will lose.”

As Masahiko said, Sakura’s fist hit Naruto but couldn’t break his defense at all. Using Genjutsu she managed to hit Naruto twice but not thrice. Things kept going for a while, but soon, Sakura had no choice but to raise her hand and admit defeat.

However, she has already shown her strength, Genjutsu, and even Medical Ninjutsu. Whether she can become a Chunin completely depends on the judges.

The big-screen scrolled again.

“Shino VS Gaara!”

Masahiko frowned, “There’s really no black-box operation, Obito is really upright! How would Shino beat Gaara? Bags don’t eat sand.”

After a crushing battle, Shino surrendered after half a minute.

The big scroll scrolled again.

“Tenten VS Shikamaru!”

Masahiko sat up straight and hugged Natsuki tightly, this matchup was worth watching.

“Little Natsuki, keep an eye on Shikamaru, and take a good look at how a highly intelligent Shinobi, like this ancestor, fight!”

Natsuki quickly closed her eye, then looked back at the field and excitedly said, “Yes!”

There was indeed a wonderful battle in the field. Shikamaru made full use of the bumpy terrain that had been damaged from previous battles, calculated every move, and successfully made use of his shadow manipulation technique.

However, when Tenten’s Chakra burst out and the red Chakra started forming a cloak around her body, he released his shadow technique instantly.

“I admit defeat!” Shikamaru raised his right hand.

There was an uproar in the field; there were many people who bet on him. Fortunately, he still had a little chance to enter the quarterfinals, and it was normal for him to lose to Tenten, the champion in favor, so everyone could calm down.

“It feels that an accident is going to happen eventually, these people aren’t very firm in their willingness to gamble and admit defeat.” Masahiko smiled, this wave is sure a win!

The big-screen scrolled again.

“Uchiha Sasuke VS Uchiha Hoshino!”

Masahiko’s smile froze, “It’s a coincidence that these two actually met!”

“It seems that Sasuke is going to feel the Chidori’s pain… Will he ask me to teach him after finally tasting it? Hehehehe.”