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L.L.H: Chapter 105: Country of the Whirlpools

The familiar scenery appeared again in front of Masahiko. After seven years, Masahiko finally returned to the Uzumaki Clan.

Behind him were the Uzumaki clansmen who resided in Konoha. With this, the Uzumaki officially withdrew from Konoha.

Well, it’s not entirely true, because there were still two Uzumaki clan members in Konoha, which are Mito and one of Masahiko’s disciples, Kenichiro…

“I said gold always shine… but maybe shit is just too smelly.” Masahiko shook his head bitterly. Masahiko didn’t notice it, but it seems that Kenichiro somehow found Maito Dai a while ago, and the two “smelled together” right away, which made Kenichiro unwilling to move out of Konoha and leave his disciple.

“It’s a good thing that he stayed there. At least I won’t miss any important news from Konoha.” Masahiko didn’t want to go back to Konoha for the time being. Still, he didn’t miss out on any news.

“Grandpa Masahiko, didn’t you say that Mother is coming to pick us up?” Yuna asked.

Masahiko also had doubts; he couldn’t sense Yuriko’s Chakra anywhere near.

While holding Yuna’s hand, Masahiko answered, “Hmm… I thought so, maybe there’s something that delayed her on the way, regardless of that, let’s go back first.” Masahiko then waved his hand, and the people behind him followed.

As he got closer to Uzumaki Clan’s land, Masahiko started to feel more and more uneasy.

“Yuna, it might be because I didn’t come back for a long time, but when did the vicinities of the clan ever look like this?”

Yuna was also puzzled, “Grandpa Masahiko, it didn’t look like this before…”

Masahiko felt shocked, and immediately looked at the other clansmen behind, but they also seemed clueless.

“Although these people are stationed in Konoha, some of them always travel between the two villages, and after hearing Yuna’s answer, I can’t help but feel that something is wrong!”

“What the hell did Gensuke do…?”

Masahiko then fastened his pace.

When he arrives at the village, Masahiko’s expression was even more dazed.

A palace-like structure has risen in the middle of the village, and the environment was completely different from what he knew.

Some people from the clan finally noticed them and came to greet them.

“Great Elder, and elders!” One of them greeted. Masahiko nodded and left the others to settle down.

“Yuna, come with me. I found your mother’s chakra.” Masahiko sensed Yuriko’s chakra coming from that palace.

The moment the two entered the palace, Masahiko heard a quarrel inside.

“Gensuke! Sensei’s house can’t be taken down!”

“Yuriko, I already built a better house for the Great Elder, and he even has a room inside the palace. His old house has been ruined!”

“No! It can’t be relocated! Maybe Sensei likes that old house!”

As he listened, Masahiko gradually understood what was going on.

Masahiko then walked through the hall to the inner room. The two people who were in an argument then turned around, while beside them Nanako sighed helplessly.

“Mother!” Yuna shouted, then she ran to Yuriko and quickly hugged her.

“Uh… Great Elder.” Gensuke hesitated, “Y-You’re already back!”

Masahiko glanced at him, “Yes, but I’m afraid that I don’t have a place here to call home.”

Nanako looked embarrassed, “Sensei, Gensuke didn’t mean that. It’s just that your old house is damaged badly. It can’t even be repaired…”

Masahiko was shocked, “My house…”

Masahiko spent most of his life in the clan when he was less than 20 years old, his parents died, and his elder brother, who became the patriarch, built that house for him. Sixty years have passed, and that’s a long period for a home to survive.

“I don’t want to talk about my house. But tell me first, Gensuke, what are you going to do with such a big palace?”

Gensuke was surprised for a moment, then he looked puzzled, “Didn’t you say that you want to build a country? Doesn’t a country need a palace?”

Masahiko sighed helplessly, “I went to the Land of Fire more than twenty years ago,
There was, of course, a palace for the Daimyo, but it was about the size of your current palace. We’re not as strong financially as they were back then, nor do we have a bigger land than them, don’t you feel this is a bit ridiculous?” Gensuku felt speechless and had nothing to say back.

“Gensuke, do you see? Sensei doesn’t agree on building such a big palace too.” Yuriko next to him said.

Nanako sighed helplessly. Her little sister is always arguing with Gensuku recently, but she’s trying no to meddle in.

Masahiko could sense that too; thus, he decided to move on with a smile.

“Gensuke, can the name of our country be the Land of Whirlpools?”

Gensuke was stunned for a moment, “Great Elder, you want our country to be called the Land of Whirlpool? It’s a good idea, I will do it!”

Masahiko nodded, “You will become the Daimyo. It will be your responsibility to take care of the country’s affairs. But you can’t also be the Uzumaki clan Patriarch.”

Gensuke’s expression changed, “Great Elder, but I have Nanako to help me manage…”

Masahiko smiled and shook his head, “Let Yuriko be the patriarch, and you and your wife will take care of the country.”

“Okay, Sensei,” Yuriko said, but Gensuke hasn’t said anything yet. Upon seeing that, he sighed and didn’t object it.

Masahiko nodded. Even if it was under his supervision, he wasn’t sure about handling such power to Gensuke, but with Yuriko there, he felt that there will be fewer things for him to worry about.

“Okay then, continue your work. Build our own country, I won’t meddle in your work. Oh… don’t expect me to stay in that room.” Masahiko waved his hand and went out.

“Great Elder! I was also preparing a new house for you. It’s not that far, the old patriarch also lives there. Let me take you there!”

“My nephew… Forget it. I will see my old house first!”

Masahiko took a few turns, then finally came to his familiar house. The cracks were all around the house, which made Masahiko frown slightly.

“I… really can’t live here anymore…”

“Doton – Heavenly Clay!”

Masahiko performed a series of hand signs, and then clays fell from the sky, that he used to cover the damager parts of the house.

Masahiko still frowned, “Hmmm… It’s too ugly. Is there any Ninjutsu that I can use to build a beautiful house?”

It turns out that it’s not possible yet.
“Ah, forget it! Doton – Erupt!” Masahiko raised his house from the ground and then sealed it with a sealing scroll.

“I will keep it like this for now…”

“As for a place where I can stay…” Masahiko frowned. He didn’t really want to go to the new house because he felt that he needs to be ready for the troubles that will come looking for them.

“The countries begin to learn about the importance of the Jinchuriki, I’m afraid they won’t be afraid to attack the Uzumaki Clan. Well, I’m also not afraid of them. As long as I’m here, they won’t defeat us, but I don’t think that I would be able to live with myself if anyone else died under my watch.” Masahiko murmured, “Kumogakure is in the north, and Kirigakure in the east, but were separated by the sea. So it would be better if I stayed on the northeast side of the country. Fortunately, our land is not that big…”

“I will stay near the sea, and wait for the aftereffect of the Hachimon to be gone. Then I can start practice a little more, and there are also 300 witness points ready to be spent…” Masahiko wanted to get stronger to prevent things from his previous battle to ever happen again.

Time passed quickly, and in the 14th year since the establishment of Konoha, the Country of the Whirlpools was officially established!

Masahiko watched Gensuke announcing the official establishment of the country excitedly, but he on the other hand was disappointed.

“So, once you obtain witness points from an event, no matter what you do, you won’t be rewarded again?”

The establishment of the Whirlpool Country didn’t grant him any more witness points, proving that it’s not feasible to repeatedly gain witness points from one event.

“Forget it. Take me back I don’t want this anymore…”

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