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L.L.H: Chapter 106: The Power of Cells

As soon as the Land of Whirlpools was established, a grand ceremony was held. The mask festival was still a popular thing among the clansmen, and of course, that old mask with Masahiko’s face was still there.

Both the shinobi and the civilians were immersed in joy and peace.

Masahiko walked on the streets of the new country, and there was an emotion-stirring in his heart. The Uzushiogakure can be more prosperous than Konoha.

“Then how could such a powerful clan like the Uzumaki get destroyed in the original story?” Masahiko remembers that during the Second Shinobi World War period, the Uzumaki Clan was already destroyed, and only a few people survived.

“Who attacked them in the second war?” Masahiko whispered, he only remembers that most of the time, Konoha was fighting on the Amegakure’s lands.

“Huh, who cares, with me, Yuriko, and Nanako, Uzushiogakure won’t be destroyed… But if that happens, then the Edo Tensei will always be the answer. We just need to change the name of the country to the Land of Deadpools…”

At the same time.

Deep underground inside a cave at the Mountain’s Graveyard.

It has been more than five years since the Battle of the Valley of the End, and Uchiha Madara, who awakened the Rinnegan, finally mastered the Yin-Yang Release with Zetsu’s help.

Madara looked deeply at Zetsu with his Rinnegan, “What kind of creature are you? The Yin-Yang release is not something that a so-called manifestation of my will can master.”

“Who I am is not important.” Replied Zetsu, who has decided at that point to gave up on the idea of convincing Madara that he was a manifestation of his will, “What important is that need my help now, and I will need your help in the future.”

“My help?” Madara raised his brow, looking at the vast Gedo Mazo behind him.

“With this thing, my movement is completely restricted. This ability of the Six Paths, can you untie it?”

Zetsu shook his head, “The Rinnegan is more than this ability.”

Madara felt stunned for a moment, then quickly replied, “Rinnegan?”

Zetsu nodded, “Yes, as long as you find someone who can carry your Rinnegan eyes after you die, you get reincarnated.”

Immersed by Zetsu’s answer, Madara fell into deep thought.

“This guy knows too much, but he still needs my help…”

“And let me guess, there aren’t a lot of people who can bear the power of these eyes and use that technique, right?”

Zetsu nodded, “Yes, there aren’t a lot of people like this. But they’re easy to find. Shinobi from the Uzumaki or the Senju will be fine due to their strong Chakra. But to utilize this kind of technique, it’s not easy.”

“Senju, Uzumaki…” A small Masahiko suddenly appeared in Madara’s thoughts.

“In fact, I found the most suitable person,” Zetsu continued.

Madara kept quiet, and Zetsu continued his explanation.

“Uzumaki Masahiko should be able to use this technique.”

“That old man? He isn’t dead yet? And are you sure that you’re able to control him to use this Ninjutsu?” Madara’s expression was solemn.

Zetsu shook his head, “He is not dead. That guy has a long lifespan. However, he started to look older a year ago, but I feel he will live longer than you.”

Madara took a deep breath, “That damned old man! Is there a way to make him use that technique to reincarnate me?”

Zetsu shook his head, “There may have been a way if you had a better relationship with him.”

Madara’s face went dark, then he extended his right hand, “Shinra Tensei!”

Zetsu was sent flying by the Shinra Tensei and hit the wall. Then without saying any more, he merged into the wall.

Zetsu teleported quickly toward the east while shaking his head.

“I’m not kidding… Uzumaki Masahiko seems like he can’t die. Even if he used the Gedo Art of Rinne Rebirth to revive Madara, he might not die. This man is very strange…”

Zetsu then teleported all the way through a wall and appeared in a secret underground base.

Inside the room, there are two rows of White Zetsu sleeping, eight in each row, making the total sixteen.

One row was injected with Hashirama’s cell, while the other was injected by Masahiko’s cell!

Black Zetsu then awakened these sixteen white Zetsu. And under his control he made the first and second row Zetsu fight each other one on one.

Seven of the results were expected,
The White Zetsu injected with Hashiram’s cell beat the Masahiko injected White Zetsu and almost killed them.

But in the last pair, Masahiko’s cell carrier won.

Black Zetsu then commanded the seven White Zetsu to attack the remaining one with Masahiko cell, but in an instant, they got slain by him.

“Sure enough, what I felt was right, it seems that this White Zetsu suddenly became very strong nearly a year ago.”

“But why?” The secret of Uzumaki Masahiko should be hidden behind the answer…”

Black Zetsu then thought about it for a moment.

“A year ago, I’ve sent this White Zetsu to collect some intelligence in the Land of Hot Water. He should have witnessed Masahiko’s battle there.” (T/N: hoooooo :o)

“Did this White Zetsu got stronger just by watching the main body fighting? Or is there some other restrictions?”

“If there are no other restrictions, then this guy’s cells are too strong!”

“I would like to test this theory. But it’s a pity that Masahiko’s cell is difficult to obtain. He has strong perception ability, and rarely fights with other people.”

“Even during his battle in the Land of Hot Water, he didn’t shed a drop of blood. The only sample I managed to get was when he fought Madara fourteen years ago.”

With every test, Black Zetsu was getting more and more pleasantly surprised.

“Both the strength and agility are much stronger than before. The effect is almost ten times that of Hashirama’s cell.”

“It seems that the secret behind Uzumaki Masahiko is not that small after all… This must be tested more.”

After a pause, Black Zetsu whispered, “If he can be enhanced without any restrictions, then I’m afraid that this can become the biggest help for unsealing mother. Madara… might become unreliability.”

Black Zetsu then extracted Masahiko and Hashirama’s cells from the White Zetsu’s corpses and sank into the ground.

Deep underground, the room became very quiet.

After Black Zetsu left the room, Masahiko’s White Zetsu, suddenly showed strange, sad expression, then murmured:


At this time, in the Land of Whirlpool, the sky gradually dimmed, and the lively festival was finally over. After that, except for some civilians who were cleaning, no one could be found on the street.

Masahiko also returned to his new home. It was a beach cottage. As for the cold sea breeze, it doesn’t really bother Masahiko.

“After such a long time, the side effect of the Hachimon is finally gone… The Land of Whirlpools has also been successfully established. Next is practicing. My Mind’s Eye of the Kagura will always be activated. If Kumogakure or Kirigakure shinobi ever approached the village I will intercept… as long as they are not too far from my location…”

Masahiko then glanced at the remaining witness points, frowning slightly.

“This time, rescuing Tobirama has caused a lot of changes in the back plot. From now on, there will be lesser ways to obtain witness points.”

“It’s better to improve with training first. I only need to use my witness points at critical moments. It’s estimated that I will only reach the SSS-Level when all the seven attributes are at LV9. Only then, I will be considered as a strong player in the fourth war…”

“However, how can a gap of witness points close to 2800 be filled up…?”

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