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L.L.H: Chapter 107: Mortal Limit

Time passed by quickly, it has been ten years since Masahiko started living in seclusion.

On the seaside, Masahiko’s expression seemed dignified as he was surging his Chakra.

“Chibaku Tensei!” The ground trembled, and the surrounding rock and debris floated and gathered in the sky, forming an orb with a diameter of five meters.

“Release…” Masahiko gasped, then the rock sphere fell on the ground.

Masahiko shook his head with a wary smile, “This cannot be called a star. I won’t be able to trap a single person with this, not to mention a Bijuu.”

He called it Chibaku Tensei. However, Masahiko didn’t awaken a Rinnegan or anything. It is actually just a combination between his L8 Earth Release and his LV8 Thunder Release. When it is combined with gravity and magnetic manipulation, Masahiko then can emit an attractive force for a short time.

Masahiko’s ability to imitate the Rinnegan technique, the ChibakuTensei, BanshoTen’in can be regarded extraordinary, but also incomparable; the enemies must be within the radius of 20 meters so the force effect can be applied on him. Apart from the enormous amount of Chakra consumption, there’s no side effect, as long as he doesn’t maintain it longer than five seconds. However, reaching the power of the actual Chibaku Tensei is kind of impossible, the power of these two techniques are far from being close.

“Katon – Fireball!” Masahiko gasped a few times, then once again used some hand signs, and released one of the most basic Ninjutsu.

Although it was only a Fireball technique, the scope was almost the same as that of Madara. The sea in front of Masahiko was boiling and evaporating.

This was the combination of the LV8 Fire-Wind Releases of Masahiko, which significantly improved the effectiveness of the technique and…

The Fireball kept on going forward a few hundred meters on the sea, then suddenly rose up to the sky and exploded.

This was another combination. Masahiko used the Wind Release to steer the Fireball, and change its course. Although he can only change its trajectory only one time, it can turn the tides of battle if used right.

“Water is useless, but the combination of the 8LV Water and Thunder Release creates Storm Release.” Masahiko sighed.

As for the LV8 Water Release, it seems to be the most useless one for Masahiko. It allows Masahiko to dive underwater at high speed, which is no different from the Earth Release.

“What’s the use of this ability? Catch fishes?” Masahiko muttered, “However, it’s been two years since I’ve leveled up my Seventh Attribute to LV8, and since then, there wasn’t much to develop…”

In the past ten years, Masahiko endured 8 of them and didn’t use any witness points. Before he finally ended up using 50…

Mostly it’s because of Masahiko’s age. The age of 60 years and above is not suitable for developing Ninjutsu. And he really needed to make some progress.

Masahiko couldn’t help but reduce his age directly, but god knows when he will ever have the opportunity to get some witness points again.

“These 50 points are a waste of money. The entire event of the Valley of the End granted me only 50 points. Why do I have to waste it on time, when all that I got in is time?”

Masahiko then looked at his status windows,
Name : Uzumaki Masahiko
Age : 56 (-)
Chakra : 3000 (+)
Physique : 986 (+)
Technique : 8000 (+10) Convertible
Dust Release : LV 8 (3000000/15000000) (+)
Water Release : LV 8 (1000000/5000000) (Fuseable) (+)
Thunder Release : LV8 (1000000/5000000) (Fuseable) (+)
Fuinjutsu : LV 8 (1000000/5000000) (+)
Yang Attribute: (Can be merge with Yin) : LV 8 (1000000/5000000) (+)
Yin Attribute: (Can be merged with Yang) : LV 8 (1000000/5000000) (+)
Special skills : …
Rank : SS
Witness Points : 150

“Only 150 points are left?” Masahiko sighed, feeling that these points will not be enough.

Two years passed since Masahiko maxed out all of his attributes to LV8.

Leveling all of them to LV8 didn’t give Masahiko a new fusion combined between the four or the fifth basic releases, but only significantly enhancement in his Ninjutsu control.

For example, before he could only make himself fly, but now he can levitate things or objects as long as it’s within 20 meters’ radius from him.

“However, something seems wrong…” Masahiko shook his head, feeling helpless.

Since then, Masahiko used his attributes a lot and practiced all the time, but these five attributes didn’t improve at all.

Masahiko always thought that as long as he’s talented enough and his lifespan is long enough, he can reach the highest level by training.
However, in the past two years, Masahiko discovered that limits exist.

For example, Masahiko’s body has a limit and its five attributes of LV8. It might be because he’s an Uzumaki, and average shinobi usually can’t handle that many elements.

“Is this the limit of the mortal?” Masahiko smiled bitterly, “If there are no witness points, I’m afraid that even if I lived forever, I wouldn’t be able to break these limits, it will always be this level. No, maybe…”

Masahiko suddenly remembered Orochimaru’s various human transformation in the original story, the bloodline limit transplantation, and Hashirama’s cells…

“I may become a freak, but it may be able to break the limits of the human body…”

“Fortunately, I don’t have to use such despicable methods.”

Masahiko whispered and felt a little bit lucky.

“It’s a pity that I didn’t get any witness points earlier. If I had reached this level in my twenty or thirty, then I would still have time…”

“Forget it, all of my five attributes are at LV8, and my rank has finally reached SS. And if I’m guessing right, the human body limit can be broken. When my Yang attribute reaches LV9, I think I will be able to get a Sage Mode similar to Hashirama…”

“So what important now is, how do I find another 250 witness points. Eh, 400 points?”

While thinking about it, suddenly, a row of words appeared before him, “Witness and small Participation in a dramatic change of the main storyline of Naruto World: The First Shinobi War, witness points obtained (+50) (/8)(*8).”

“Wow, this is a new thing, I guess?” Masahiko’s face became stiff for a moment, then he smiled.

“Well, I only participated in the beginning, so I think it’s divided by eight due to that reason. But I also saved Tobirama, which changed the war process dramatically, so I think that’s from where the eight multiplications come from. So, in the end, it’s still 50.”

“And the First Shinobi World War is finally over.”

Over the years, Masahiko lost track of the news from the outside world.

After saving Tobirama, the rest of the first war was a bit different. Mito’s intervention in the war made Sunagakure stop its aggression toward Konoha. But in the 14th year since the establishment of Konoha, Tobirama took the initiative to attack Kumogakure, if they didn’t release the Nibi and the Hashibi at that moment and defend with their lives at stake, Konoha would have wiped their entire village from the map, and the Five Major villages would have become Four.

Even so, Kumogakure finally paid the war reparation to Konoha. And in the words of Masahiko, their economy went 20 years backward.

At that point, it was only 16 years since the establishment of Konoha. Masahiko though that this was the end of it, and things should calm down now; after all, Kirigakure and Iwagakure gradually subsided after their two Kage killed each other. Masahiko was still angry for forgetting to find Muu.

However, the thing that Masahiko didn’t expect is the “last rebellion” launched by the small villages.

Amegakure wanted to take Kumogakure position as one of the great shinobi villages, while Takigakure and Kusagakure wanted to replace Iwagakure’s seat.

“Well, obviously, they failed…” Masahiko sighed. Well, Amegakure didn’t lose much. After all, Kumogakure got hit so badly by Konoha. However, Takigakure Village got almost wipe out by Onoki, who has finally learned his Dust Release. The wars continued one after another, and it was not until now that it completely ceased.

“The Five Major villages remained the same, except that Konoha is now significantly stronger than the original, the story didn’t change much. However, what troubling me are the few changes inside the village. I don’t know where the story is going anymore.”

Masahiko let out a sigh and was lost inside his thoughts, forgetting that he needed to find a way to get more witness points.

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