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L.L.H: Chapter 108: The Deadly Recoil

“I wanted to save Tobirama, but it’s not my fault that I also ended up meddling with Kagami’s fate…” Masahiko shook his head bitterly.

Ten years ago, Masahiko unintentionally saved Uchiha Kagami when he tried to suicide by jumping from a cliff. And two years ago, Kagami managed to become the Uchiha clan patriarch. Under his rule, the Uchiha has become somewhat different…

“This way, I think the Uchiha won’t be eradicated. Well, even though this is a good thing, but… what about my witness points?” Masahiko initially planned to save the Uchiha clan in the future, thus changing the history once again and get a lot of witness points.

“And there’s one more problem…” Masahiko sighed.

Because Mito intervened in the battle against Sunagakure, and because Tobirama didn’t die, Konoha took a significant advantage, and almost had no adversity. Thus, two more people who should have been killed in the First Shinobi World War survived.

“Of course, I don’t want them to die. But, this will make things even more difficult for me…” The two people that should have died is none other than Orochimaru parents. Without their death, Orochimaru will never embark on the path of studying eternal life, which will make Konoha less fun for Masahiko.

“No, I have to think of another way…” Masahiko sighed. He still has a lot of things that he would like Orochimaru to help achieve them in the future.

“Fortunately, even though there are a lot of changes, the important characters are still being born one by one…”

In the fifth year of Konoha, Kagami’s nephew was born, and his name was Fugaku. In the ninetieth year of Konoha, the Hyuga twins, Hizashi and Hiashi, were born.

In the twentieth year of Konoha, Uchiha Mikoto was born. And in the twenty-third year of Konoha, Inoichi Yamanaka, Shikaku Nara, and Choza Akimichi were born…

“This way, the main plot is not completely ruined. It’s estimated that some events will still happen…” Masahiko could only comfort himself.

While Masahiko was thinking, suddenly, he feels a familiar chakra approaching, and it made him feel even more helpless.

“Grandpa Masahiko! I made it!”

This girl was the 17-years old Yuna, who has perfectly inherited Yuriko’s talent. Now she’s a… Masahiko didn’t know why, but when she was ten years old, she saw the Chakra Diffusion Cannon. And from that time she’s been out of control indulged in scientific researches…

Next to her is a black-haired boy, about ten years old. When he saw Masahiko, he shouted, “Grandpa!”

This boy was the second son of Hashirama, his name is Senju Mishirama.

Compared with Kenji, who seemingly inherited Mito’s character, Mishirama is more like Hashirama and even inherited his insane physical strength. “My Yang Release is LV8 for years now, and I still cannot be compared to his father. Now Mishirama’s Yang Release is estimated to be level 5 or 6. When he’s fully mature, he will surely reach my level, and maybe even develop his own Sage Mode.”

“Yuna, did you go to Konoha a while ago?”

Yuna sighed helplessly, “Yes, grandpa, but Mishirama came back with me…”

Maihirama was smiling.

Masahiko didn’t really know for sure, but since the first time Mishirama saw Yuna at the age of five or six, he has become very clingy to her.

“Love at first sight? Hmmm… more like lack of maternal love?” Masahiko chuckled. He always felt that Mito can only give Mishirama a grandma-like love…

“Hey, did you go to Konoha to see Sakumo?” Masahiko chuckled.

Yuna’s face turned bright red, “Grandpa! If you say that one more time again I will get angry! I just went to Konoha to see the Weapons Department for inspiration. Then I quickly returned to make a new weapon.”

“Oh? A new weapon?” Masahiko was surprised, “Are there any finished products?”

Masahiko has been following the scientific researches of the Konoha Weapons Department. Over the years, they managed to increase the firing power but didn’t bother studying how to reduce consumption.

Masahiko heard that the last model has nine-tail firing power. But when they tested it, the cannon could only fire two full shots, then the Chakra reserve was completely drained.

On the Uzumaki side, there was a little improvement from time to time, related to Masahiko’s suggestions, but the progress was still too low.

Yuna smiled and took out a scroll from her pocket. After unsealing it, Masahiko’s expression became strange.

Masahiko frowned, then picked it up, he weighed it, but it wasn’t too heavy. But this shape, is this a cannon? It’s more like a gun!

Masahiko touched it and investigated it. Then he found a point where he can transfer his chakra. He faced the sea and fired it.

“Grandpa!” Yuna shouted. The blast threw Masahiko back a few meters, and within a few seconds, Masahiko found himself sitting on the ground.

After brushing off some dust on his shoulder, Masahiko stood up with a wry smile.

On the side, Yuna felt guilty, Masahiko has really hit the ground hard, “What is this? The power is okay, the lethality of this thing is on par with my Rasengan. And the consumption of the chakra is not that much, it also has a long-range… but what’s up with this recoil, you almost killed this old man.”

“I haven’t finished it yet… but isn’t it very useful? Is it good? But it made you fall, which proves who powerful it is!”

Masahiko sighed, “I fall, why don’t you dare and try it yourself? But I won’t try it again, go and ask your uncle Kenichiro, he’s one of the people who won’t mind getting bombarded…”

“Grandpa, I will grow up strong, so I can use my sister Yuna’s weapon in the future!” Mishirama on the side said.

Masahiko felt speechless, this kid he’s really into Yuna. How did Hashirama’s second son ended up in Siscon relationship, Naruto’s world doesn’t need more of this, we already have Brocon…

“However, it’s really impressive that Yuna can make something like, she really has a gift for science.” At that moment, Masahiko seriously started considering matching her with Orochimaru…

“Uh, forget it…” While thinking of this, Masahiko suddenly sensed several Chakras approaching quickly.

“Tsunade and Nawaki? And the others tow with her…” Masahiko has some speculation, which made him feel a little bit excited.

Sure enough, when they got, Masahiko saw for the first time little Jiraiya and Orochimaru.

“Great Grandpa, I’m here! Last time you said you want to meet my two teammates, right? I brought them here!”

Masahiko nodded.

“Big Grandpa! I’m here too!” Nawaki run over to say hello to Masahiko

Before he could even reply, Nawaki saw Yuna and run over toward her.

Masahiko couldn’t really know why Yuna was so popular around the children, especially those from the Senju Clan.

Back to his senses, Masahiko looked at Tsunade and young Jiraiya and Orochimaru in front of him.

Despite his pale complexion, fourteen years old Orochimaru, looked handsome. Facing Masahiko, he politely greeted him, saying, “Hello.”

Jiraiya had the most powerful form, he looked like an adult.

“Orochimaru, why do you have to be polite to him, it’s not like he’s the Hokage or some hotshot anyway. Why would anyone come to see his grand grand graaaand grandpa? And yet here I’m in this ghost hunted place. Now that we’ve seen it let’s go back already!” Said Jiraiya.

Masahiko’s face became black, he felt really irritated, as he muttered, “This damn brat! The first step in the training of these three-legendary Sannin will start with politeness and respect…”

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