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L.L.H Chapter 13: When The moon Crosses the Ocean

Initially, the reinforcements were marching to the coalition army camp, but upon hearing the explosion made by Masahiko’s Rasenshuriken, they shifted their destination to the battlefield.

The reinforcements consist led by the Senju third elder also informed the coalition army that the Uchiha has attacked Kaguya clan.

“So that’s the reason Taketori seemed so desperate to stop us pursuing their army…” Said Tobu.

“If we know this beforehand, we wouldn’t stop their retreatment. Let them kill each other,” Tobirama said.

However, It’s obvious that Hashirama wasn’t a fan of this.

“Madara, you really remember our promise. This must be some form of help from you. Maybe this will be the first step for our clan to coexist.” Hashirama said in his heart, he was so happy he didn’t have to fight Madara.

Seeing the coalition army manage to exit the bone prison, Hashirama took the initiative to say, “Elders, this time we really passed the point of no return with the Kaguya clan. I suggest we took this opportunity to join forces with the Uchiha and crush the Kaguya.”

“No, we don’t have too. The Kaguya clan has suffered heavy losses, and now their land is besieged by the Uchiha. Their fate is sealed.” Said the Senju elders.

Hashirama seemed disappointed, he doesn’t want to miss this opportunity to fight side by side with Madara, but he didn’t object to the elder decision.

Masahiko noticed the disappointment in Hashirama’s eyes. Thus he said, “Even though the Kaguya strength has been greatly reduced, I’m still not sure the Uchiha can defeat them in one go. Besides, if they really manage to crush the Kaguya, then they will get all the resources when it was us who fight with them to death for a whole month.”

As soon after Masahiko said this, the other elders of the Senju hesitated, “We can’t let the Uchiha take that from us! We still fit for battle. The reinforcements have just come too. We can’t just go back.

“Everyone, get ready to go!”

Hashirama seemed to be happy with this, “Madara, wait for me.” He thought to himself.

The coalition army took a short break, then they continued their pursuit.

After about an hour, the coalition army finally reached the Kaguya clan territory. They could see the battle between the Kaguya and the Uchiha in the distance.

The Uchiha forces were led by their second elder, Shinji Uchiha, and their third elder. Of course, Madara and Izuna are also among their ranks.

It was difficult to distinguish who was who during the fierceness of this battle, however, Masahiko could spot Izuna fighting the Kaguya third elder.

Izuna was at an advantage because one of the Kaguya’s third elder arm is broken due to his previous fight with Masahiko.

Even though the Kaguya still didn’t recover from their fight with the Senju and the Uzumaki, they fought fiercely.

Hirakimasu especially was fighting like a madman. The two Uchiha elders were helpless against his furious attacks.

Hirakimasu suddenly stopped, he seemed like he already noticed the arrival of the Senju and the Uzumaki, so did the two elders of the Uchiha.

“Hey, look who came, Mizuko Senju! I warn you to stay out of this if you value your life!” Shinji said coldly to Senju’s third elder.

“You dare to say that to me when you got your ass handed by him? How disgraceful to betray your allies!”

The Uchiha elders went silent; they were speechless against Mizuko words.

“Senju and Uchiha together? Is there no one who here dares to fight me honorably! All of you have to resort to such dirty tricks just to kill me?” Hirakimasu said angrily.

“Bone Flower Dance: Dance of Larch!” Hirakimasu took the initiative to attack.

“Water Release: Water Barrier!” Mizuko used a water barrier to repel Hirakimasu’s attack. The water barrier didn’t stop Hirakimasu, it deflects his attack to the direction of the Uchiha elders.

Now, Shinji and the other elder didn’t have any choice but join their forces with them.

As if a silent agreement was made, three elders from the Senju, two from the Uzumaki, and another two from the Uchiha attacked Hirakimasu together.

Hirakimasu was cornered, Facing seven enemies at once he fought furiously, but also recklessly, for some time, he managed to hold his ground against them.

On the other side of the battlefield, Hashirama decided to fight alongside his clansmen.

At the same time, the Kaguya second elder was engaging two assailants at once, with wounds covering his entire body.

Tobirama and Izuna fighting in different front, it was evident that they still resent each other. However, Tobirama, with his new Flying Thunder God technique, dominated his enemies.

Masahiko felt that they have an absolute advantage in this battle, so he thought he doesn’t need to join the fray. Beside his arm was still injured.

“Ha!!!” Suddenly, Hirakimasu break free from his encirclement. He looked around him to find his people has driven consumed by anger.

“Brothers! Hear me! The Land of Fire has no place for our family to live anymore! Everyone, regroup, we’ll retreat to the east, to the Land of Water! When the time comes, we will come back again and retake our land!” Hirakimasu shouted loudly.

“Second Elder, after I die, you will be the patriarch. Lead them to thrive and strive. If the opportunity show itself, avenge us!”

“No, patriarch, I can use the forbidden technique too, you’re the leader, you go with our people!’ The second elder said in desperation.

“No, I’ve already used too much of my power. The damage has gone deep into my bones’ marrow. I will die soon! Don’t worry about me! Quickly retreat with our people, we cannot afford to have any more casualties!” Hirakimasu said as he returned to the battle.

“Senju! Uchiha! I will hunt you even after my death! Forbidden Technique – Bone Transformation!” Hirakimasu shouted as he unleashes his final technique.

Hirakimasu’s body got quickly covered with bones, layer after layer, except for his eyes.

His speed and strength increase magnificently. He leaped toward the seven elders. While the formers threw everything, they got at him.

Hirakimasu didn’t dodge any of it. He took everything the elders throw at him head-on, without even fazing.

Fighting against the unbreakable bone armor, the seven elders didn’t stand a chance and got all defeated by Hirakimasu.

Upon noticing their elders defeated, Hashirama and Madara stopped their chase and engaged Hirakimasu.

“Boys! It’s still 100 years early for you to face me!” Hirakimasu rushed toward them, then shoot a bone out of his hand. If it weren’t for Hashirama’s Wall of Eternal Forest, Madara would surely be impaled to death.

In the warring states period, there are four people known to be the strongest, Butsuma Senju, Tajima Uchiha, Hyuga clan patriarch, and of course, Hirakimasu Kaguya.

“No, at this rate, Hirakimasu will win, he’s truly worthy of being called the strongest of the four…” Masahiko muttered as he watching the battle from afar. “Such a display of power is truly fearsome. I wonder when I will be as strong as them and not get spiked by a flying bone…”

The battle lasted for half an hour. If it were not for the bone disease which claimed Hirakimasu life in the end, Madara and Hashirama would have surely died. This was Kimimaro all over again.

Masahiko entered the battlefield during this fight. He went back and forth four times and took the Senju and Uzumaki elders, who were gravely injured, out of the battlefield,

Hashirama and Madara were also got injured. Their chakra got almost exhausted. This is was the cost of stopping Hirakimasu.

The battles on the other sides were also finished. The Kaguya third elder got killed, and the rest of the Kaguya have already escaped to the sea.
Masahiko saved four people and gained everyone’s gratitude. However, deep inside, he was sad.

He still felt disappointed, his arm was injured, and he couldn’t put an excellent performance in this battle, and it’s difficult now to claim everyone to call him Uzumaki Yang Guo.

(T/N: Yang Guo, courtesy name Gaizhi, is the fictional protagonist of the wuxia novel The Return of the Condor Heroes by Jin Yong.)

But a smile quickly got drawn on his face, when some familiar Chinese words suddenly pop in his mind. “Participate and Witness Major Events in this world: Kaguya Clan Extinction (1/2). Reward: 50 witness point.”

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